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Each week, Kathy had a different assignment. For as much as Kathy was making progress, I couldn't push her back into her body, and these sensory items were able to accomplish that in a non-threatening way. I did a lot of work on Kathy's brain stem, which is where fight or flight resides; Michael moved to the edge of the steps, where he could clearly see the two women and the throne above them. No one seemed to notice him slipping through the crowd. He felt invisible. Seeing the women clearly for the first time, he noticed that one of them held a newborn baby. Every eye in the room was looking toward the throne. Michael felt like he was the only one breathing. Then, with a movement of his hand, the man on the throne indicated the second woman, who was alone, and said softly, Tell me your story. The woman bowed and said, Your Majesty, this woman and I live in the same house. Not long ago, my baby was born at home. Three days later, her baby was born. Also, when a person is being manipulated, they do encounter different challenges. The main question that arises, in this case, is, how people manage such a situation. Some of the best ways to handle manipulative individuals include: Make Sure You Are Conversant With Your Human Rights When dealing with a psychologically manipulative individual, make sure that you know more about your human rights. It would be easy to recognize when any of your rights are being violated. Also, make sure that you are not harming other individuals.

Every person has a right to stand up for themselves while also defending each of their rights. If you harm other people, you may be violating each of these human rights. Some of the important rights include; I worked to bring more circulation back in there and, all of a sudden, Kathy was able to mobilize without fear. We also did a lot of breath exercises, which regulates heart rate variability and also the vagus nerve when we are in parasympathetic shut down. Today, Kathy lies down on the floor and does breathing exercises every single day. Kathy made a commitment to invite her kids to do an activity with her once a week. They were super into this because they loved their mom, but just hadn't understood how to handle her. They went line dancing one week and, in general, there was a sense of play that they had never collectively experienced before. Kathy even began to ask her kids for what she needed. She was using her voice and developing a sense of identity, which was huge. As Kathy learned to nurture, she decided to get a King Charles puppy. She brought him into a session with her one day and it was so amazing to watch her nurture this animal. No one was with us. Last night, while we were all asleep, she rolled over on her baby, and he died. Then while I was asleep, she got up, took my son out of my bed, and put him in her own. Then she put her dead baby next to me. The crowd murmured as she continued, In the morning, when I arose to feed my son, I saw that he was dead. But when I looked at him in the light, I knew he was not my son. He was your son.

My child is alive! The dead baby is yours, yelled the woman who told the story. You are holding my child. The right to be treated with respect. The right to express opinions, feelings, and wants. The right to set your own priorities. The right to say no without feeling guilty. The right to get anything that you pay for. The right to have a different opinion from that of your colleagues. The right to protect yourself from being mistreated mentally, physically, or emotionally. The right to always create your own happiness while also living a healthy life. All these human rights are meant to represent a boundary that should never be crossed by the manipulative individuals. It is evident that our society has many people who do not respect the rights of others. It was really exciting when Kathy's nervous system calmed to the point where she was able to socially engage. Of course, this didn't come easily at first, because it was a new behavior, but Kathy was willing to put in the work. By the time she came to see me, Kathy did not have a lot of hope for her future. And Kathy did want to live--it's just that her current situation was no longer tolerable. Kathy joined a dog club with other King Charles dog owners, and it served as a way for her to socialize. She started spending time at the dog park and also getting out every day and walking. Suddenly, Kathy was mobilizing in healthy ways and mobilization was to combat her depression.

While I encouraged Kathy, my sense was that she in some way intuitively knew that in order to feel more joy she was going to have to feel a sense of herself in movement. Since Kathy wasn't working, she decided to take a course at the local college. She also began taking yoga classes. My baby is alive! The women argued back and forth until the king raised his hand and silenced them again. Michael saw the king look into the eyes of each woman. In a measured tone, he commanded an attendant, Bring me my sword. Michael watched without moving as the sword was brought from behind the curtain. It was nearly five feet long--shining silver with a golden handle. The king took it in his hand, stood up, and said, Bring the baby to me. I will cut him in half. That way, each of you can have a part of him. A guard approached the two women and seized the infant. Some of these psychological manipulators always want to exploit people's rights so that they may take advantage of them in every way possible. The main important thing to note is that we all have the right to declare that you have the power since most people might assume that the manipulator is the one with the power. The manipulative individual does not have any power over you whatsoever. Keep Your Distance One of the most effective ways to identify a person who is a manipulator is by observing how various individuals behave when they are around you and when they are around other individuals. If the individual happens to behave differently when they are around different people, then that is a character trait that symbolizes they might be manipulative. Everyone has a degree of social differentiation, and some psychological manipulators may prove to be extreme in different instances.

Or starters, they may be polite to various individuals while being extremely rude to others. They may also seem helpless, and in other instances, they will showcase some aggressiveness. When you observe such character traits regularly, you should always keep your distance. She began to connect with different kinds of people in varied settings. As Kathy grew safer and safer in her own system, she realized that she had the capacity to feel joy, and understood that joy came through mobilization without fear and connection. I could hardly contain myself when, about a year and a half after we started treatment, Kathy met someone. They hiked and did a lot of activities together. She took it very slowly because she was still scared. Sometimes she still sensed danger where it was not present. And, for understandable reasons, she still had a difficult time trusting. Because of all of this, Kathy would bring her boyfriend in close, then push him away. Then, after a while, she came to realize that she had her own life so, if this relationship worked out, that would be great. But, if not, it wasn't the end of the world. He placed the baby on a stone table before the king, and the king raised the sword as if to strike. Please don't kill my son! She fell to her knees. Your Majesty, give him to her, but don't kill him! Cut him in half, the other woman snarled. Then neither of us will have the baby. The king put down his sword and said softly, Give the child to her, pointing to the woman who was on her knees, weeping.