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In the first session Simon described not knowing who he was any more, that he'd lost his way, that he had, he said, become his work', that this was hisonly identity'. We began working together looking at past experiences of anxiety that, at the time, he hadn't recognized. Before he trained as a veterinary nurse, Simon worked in the ambulance service, which he found stressful. He eventually left and trained to work as a veterinary nurse - a job he loved. Simon realized that amongst other things, what made him most anxious at work was saying no to others' requests and demands; Simon wanted to be proactive in making positive changes. His work had dominated his life. He was approaching 40 and concerns about getting older were contributing to how he felt. Simon made a personal action plan that would help him have a more balanced life. Gould seemed interested enough, but as with everything, Guerrero had the impression he would soon forget it all and go his own way. As the years went by, Gould began to argue with his teacher more and more. He found Guerrero's ideas and approach to music too Latin, too mired in another era. Finally, at the age of nineteen, Gould announced that he was going to proceed on his own. He had no more need for a mentor, a fact that Guerrero graciously accepted. It was clear that by now the young man needed to work through his own ideas about music and performing. Over the years, however, as Gould slowly established himself as one of the greatest pianists who has ever lived, Guerrero began to realize how deeply his former pupil had absorbed all of his ideas. He would read reviews of Gould's performances in which the critic would note how he seemed to play Bach as if it were on the harpsichord, something soon echoed by others. His posture, his way of crouching and leaning over the instrument made him look like an uncanny double of the younger Guerrero; In interviews, Gould would talk about the importance of learning a piece of music on paper before performing it, but he would say it all as if it were his own idea. She returned to her seat and exchanged gentle smiles with Dr Matt.

Patty inhaled deeply and sighed, So, you can see there were a bunch of things that sent me back onto a path carved out by passion. These little events had big impacts, and I consider them to be part of the best things that happened to me this year. She paused and, for just a moment, Bossy Patty returned when she addressed Dr Matt in her teacher voice: I'm telling you now, Scott, I don't care if I go over the limit of three. I've learned that Little and often make much,' and I'm going to tell you about the little things that added up to my progress. <a href=''>He</a> merely crossed his arms and smiled broadly, so Patty proceeded, using her fingers to tick off all the significant events in her past year: 1, Dr Matt made me shut the hell up when I got nervous. <a href=''>As</a> a result, I realized how much I had lost who I was. <a href=''>Even</a> that time I checked out in Group, which was a wakeup call for a need to rediscover myself. <a href=''>2,</a> I often felt jealous of you guys when you reported progress. <a href=''>I</a> was dead inside so long, I wanted some relief but didn't have the strength to actually do anything about it. <a href=''>Stopped</a> drinking alcohol during the week which meant no more hangovers and he had more energy. <a href=''>Put</a> boundaries around his working day; <a href=''>He</a> started to sayno' to colleagues' requests if it meant more work and stress for him. Left the work WhatsApp group, telling colleagues he was doing this to ensure he got a break from work but was happy to join them for social events that took place once a month. Used his annual leave allowance to article regular time off which gave him something to look forward to at regular intervals. Returned to the gym but with a less punishing schedule. He realized that he also needed to recharge his battery and not just drain it! He began Pilates and continued to practise the mindfulness meditation and breathing he'd been introduced to in the psychotherapy sessions. Met up with two friends he hadn't seen for a while and started seeing them more regularly. Recognized the need to listen to his physical and psychological clues' that something was wrong; <a href=''>Strangest</a> of all, Gould played particular pieces of music as Guerrero had always imagined them in his mind, but with a verve and style that he could never have matched. <br /><br /><a href=''>It</a> was as if his former protege had internalized the essence of his style and transfigured it into something greater. <a href=''>As</a> a child, Glenn Gould intuited his great dilemma. <a href=''>He</a> had an uncanny ear for music; <a href=''>At</a> the same time, he knew that he was a peculiar young man with very distinct tastes. <a href=''>He</a> had the ambition to become a master performer. <a href=''>If</a> he listened too closely to teachers and other performers and picked up their ideas or styles, he would lose his sense of identity in the process. <a href=''>But</a> he also needed knowledge and mentorship. <a href=''>This</a> dilemma became particularly acute with Alberto Guerrero, who was a charismatic teacher. <a href=''>It</a> is often a curse to learn under someone so brilliant and accomplished--your own confidence becomes crushed as you struggle to follow all of their great ideas. <a href=''>3,</a> my son Kyle's girlfriendaccidently' informed me that I was even shutting out my own son from my frame of attention. 4, Dr Matt got me reading again. Well, actually, a behavior contract got me reading again. The article I read was about kids struggling to be heard, and it opened my eyes to something other than my own pain. 5, I was able to complete CPT in one week's time during spring break. I realized how useful those skills were to making good life-decisions and getting myself motivated to rebuild my life. 6, my principal was desperate to get someone to cover a class of forgotten teenagers. That class helped me create a life in which I'm useful again. I'm back on a growth curve. Patty flipped to the next article on her outline, inhaled deeply, and exhaled slowly, then dove back in. Learnt to be kinder to himself.

Took back the direction of his life! It may be that, like Simon, you are often the one to do more, give more, and feel guilty if you say no. It's important to set and keep to boundaries of how much you do for others or accept what they demand of you. It's particularly important that you set and maintain boundaries when you are feeling anxious or low. It may be very hard to do this at work. In article 4, on articles 93-94 we explain how to maintain boundaries, assertively. Wellness Action Plan A Wellness Action Plan (WAP) can help you map out what needs to be in place for you to manage your mental health at work (or if you work remotely, are a lone worker). By completing a Wellness Action Plan, you will have thought through: Many pianists become lost in the shadow of their illustrious mentors and never amount to anything. Because of his ambition, Gould found his way to the only real solution to this dilemma. He would listen to all of Guerrero's ideas about music and try them out. In the course of playing, he would subtly alter these ideas to suit his inclinations. This would make him feel that he had his own voice. As the years went by, he made this differentiation between himself and his instructor more pronounced. Because he was so impressionable, over the course of the apprenticeship he had unconsciously internalized all of the important ideas of his mentor, but through his own active engagement he had managed to adapt them to his individuality. In this way, he could learn and yet incubate a creative spirit that would help set him apart from everyone else once he left Guerrero. As apprentices, we all share in this dilemma. To learn from mentors, we must be open and completely receptive to their ideas. I have to thank all of you for sticking with me while I was a bossy wreck.

Kyle's girlfriend had no idea what she did for me, but I'm thankful she was clueless enough to give me a shock. Dr Matt always seemed to know when my OCD was healthy and when it needed to be redirected. My principal, Mr. Peabody, had no idea how big a favor he was doing for me by sticking me with the kids nobody wants in their classes, but he has my thanks, and I've convinced him that I can handle the English class--freshmen--which makes a lot of people cringe, but which I love, because they don't know what they're doing or who they are, and I get to help them discover that. Finally, and most importantly, I have to thank six goofy little kids for saving my life by surviving theirs, and allowing me to be part of beginning theirs. If the future looked any brighter, I'd have to wear shades to teach. Everyone laughed at the way Patty's enthusiasm for her new life blended with her natural tendency to take charge of a room, resulting in the transformed woman before them. Darrell hooted, Whew, woman! Ben exclaimed, Skew! Making a plan can reduce any concerns and anxieties that you may feel talking about managing your mental health at work and talking about it to others. By planning in advance you will know that there are things in place to support you in work. A Wellness Action Plan is thought through and written by you, the employee, and, if appropriate, with support from a health professional. It opens up a dialogue with your manager or supervisor, in order for them to better understand your needs and experiences and ultimately better support your mental health. You only have to provide information that relates to your role and the workplace and you need to feel comfortable with the level of self-disclosure being shared. The WAP should be held confidentially. However, do be aware that confidentiality also has to have its limits. If you have a crisis and you are at risk, then considering what happens in the workplace and how your privacy is respected is part of planning. In the event of your feeling actively suicidal, your manager might have to waive confidentiality; You can find out more about WAPS and get a free template at Mind's website. We must fall under their spell.