This forced me to drop into my kinesthetic hands-on perceptions. It also strengthened my ability to feel emotions and thoughts in the auric field. After a short while I was able to identify dozens of emotions and colors in my clients from just the feeling of the frequency. My vision gradually returned in the same manner it does when you go to the ophthalmologist to get a new pair of glasses. Over time, what looked like a blurry blob of color became more defined until I could see an outline. Then I started to see full pictures and connections and relationships between different layers of the aura. It took years to build up those abilities, but being able to feel the frequency, color, and connecting emotion or thought is far more accurate and useful than seeing alone ever was. Plus, delivery of information to my clients from a place of empathy and compassion allows them to feel seen and heard. So, you are not competing against anyone but yourself. The faster you take action and start opening those doors, the sooner you will get to the right one. Good News (4/4) The right door will not be your final destination. Instead, it will lead you to the opportunity of a lifetime, and if you take it, it will offer a new set of doors just for you--doors you had NO IDEA existed. All these doors and waiting rooms are making me feel pretty Nietzsche-like right now. I mean, where the heck did that come from? Am I like a total philosopher and had no idea? That'd be kinda cool and very unexpected. Aristotle or not, though, I hope the message was crystal clear: Let people know that if they want to have a meaningful conversation with you, it is best done in person. Preserve what we call the human moment, time spent face-to-face.

Don't let electronic moments replace it. Resist the temptation always to be doing something--reading something, watching something, talking into something. We often court the force of distraction. What then happens is, we spend almost no time thinking. Get regular physical exercise. Exercise is not only good for your body, it is great for your mind. When you exercise, your body puts out powerful chemicals that act as antidepressants, antianxiety agents, antistressors, mind-focusers, and mood enhancers. Instead of always having the radio or TV on when you're alone, learn to listen to your own thoughts. As soon as the woman complied, he asked her why she had laughed. The woman had no idea why she laughed, but rather than responding with I don't know, she made up a story. You guys come up and test us every month. What a way to make a living! Apparently she had decided that cognitive neuroscientists were pretty amusing. This anecdote illustrates an extreme case of a tendency we all have. We want explanations for why we behave as we do and for the ways the world around us functions. Even when our feeble explanations have little to do with reality. We're storytelling creatures by nature, and we tell ourselves story after story until we come up with an explanation that we like and that sounds reasonable enough to believe. And when the story portrays us in a more glowing and positive light, so much the better. I have observed many psychics over the years see clearly but without an open heart. This can cause fear or a feeling of being judged to arise in the client.

We will go more deeply into how to see and experience colors for the purpose of cleansing and healing your aura later in this article. FEELING SUBTLE ENERGY Subtle energy is a more refined frequency of energy, and even though the particles are moving faster, you have to slow down to be able to connect with it. The more present you are in your body, the greater the chance you have of feeling the subtle energy within and around you. This state is called simply the state of being. It can be a challenging state for many of us to achieve for any length of time as we are taught that doing is how we succeed and get our needs met in life. You are continuously perceiving subtle energy around you and reacting before your conscious mind can register it. Responding to subtle energy is instinctual because you are made of it and many layers of aura are attuned to it. Life is full of opportunities, and since we cannot (yet) predict the future, we can't possibly know which opportunity will be the right one or how to take full advantage of it. But, as long as we wait for things to happen to us, doors to open by themselves, or someone to guide us and tell us where to go, we might as well be waiting forever, in the comfy waiting room of life. Taking our chances can lead to failure, rejection, and emotional pain. But, when you know where you want to go, and you are committed to getting there, nothing else is as important. And suddenly failing is not the act of getting it wrong, it's the act of not even trying at all. A door can come in the shape of an email, the email that can bring you funding for your upcoming venture. It could be the person sitting right next to you on the plane who can become your next partner, coach, or sponsor, if only you would initiate a conversation. A door can be you signing up for a dating app, where you may meet the right one after knocking on multiple doors and having the patience to explore what's behind them. It can come in the shape of a question posed in class that you courageously decided to answer, taking the risk of being wrong and feeling embarrassed, but also of being right and impressing your classmates and professor. Not everybody wants to leave their comfort zone and go after big things. People can become so accustomed always to having some sort of electronic muzak playing, they forget what it is like to entertain their own thoughts. Then, one day, they don't have any anymore.

Unsubscribe to some magazine or list-serve. Don't always keep up with the news, unless your job depends upon it. The news is a prime source of distraction and feelings of overload. Get rid of leeches: people or projects that waste your time. People stay with leeches usually out of inertia or guilt. These are bad reasons to give away your time. Cultivate lilies. The opposite of leeches, lilies are people or projects that are worth your time, people or projects that repay the effort you put in. Cheating Myself In a commencement speech at Cal Tech in 1974, the physicist Richard Feynman told graduates, The first principle is that you must not fool yourself--and you are the easiest person to fool. As we have seen so far, we human beings are torn by a fundamental conflict--our deeply ingrained propensity to lie to ourselves and to others, and the desire to think of ourselves as good and honest people. So we justify our dishonesty by telling ourselves stories about why our actions are acceptable and sometimes even admirable. Indeed, we're pretty skilled at pulling the wool over our own eyes. Before we examine in more detail what makes us so good at weaving self-glorifying tales, allow me to tell you a little story about how I once (very happily) cheated myself. Quite a few years ago (when I was thirty), I decided that I needed to trade in my motorcycle for a car. I was trying to decide which car would be the perfect one for me. The Internet was just starting to boom with what I'll politely call decision aids, and to my delight I found a website that provided advice for purchasing cars. The website was based on an interview procedure, and it presented me with a lot of questions that ranged from preferences for price and safety to what kind of headlights and brakes I wanted. Have you ever had a gut instinct about someone that turned out to be right? Maybe you've walked into a room and gotten a bad vibe.

These are some of the ways you perceive subtle energy through different layers of your aura beyond your conscious thoughts. Learning to trust these sensations, instincts, and vibes as valuable information will assist you in reading your aura and perceiving these subtle energies. FEELING EXERCISE Comfortably seated with your palms facing up, sit for a moment and bring your attention to the skin on your palms and see if you can feel the air touching them. As you bring more awareness here, what sensations do you notice? Do you feel a pulsation, tingling, or warmth? Now briefly rub your hands together to create some friction and feel the energy you are creating. Open the palms of your hands and use the middle finger of the opposite hand to slowly trace the center of the palm, where the minor chakra is located, in a clockwise circle. But every time we hold ourselves back from taking a risk, trying new things, or venturing into the unknown we are one step further from achieving our goals. When we prevent failure, we are also preventing success. That simple. If I've learned one thing, it is that the real enemy of success is NOT failure; It's what keeps us from innovating or from raising our hand to suggest the next big idea. It convinces us to stay with people we no longer love and at jobs or in positions or cities that can no longer nourish our growth. Comfort begs us to watch one more episode, instead of facing the blank canvas on our blog. And it is what makes us stay in our cozy waiting room, with all the doors shut. Comfort tells us things like, Good things come to those who wait. But who reading this article is tired of waiting? Our favorite example of lilies are our kids. Whatever yours are, cultivate them!