Immerse yourself in the natural world. For example, go to a rainforest and stay long enough that you forget the regular world and you can actually start seeing the rainforest. Go have one of those experiences. I'm an animal guy, so if I'm not hurling myself down mountains at high speeds, I'm someplace where I can be in the wild with animals. If that isn't you, go anywhere that you can start to understand how nature works. One of the most amazing things you can see once you're immersed in nature is how the natural world changes over time. You actually get to see the forces that built the planet play out. For example, I've walked the same five to seven stretches of backcountry for the past ten years. I didn't use one for a majority of my life, because I'm only 25 years old and most 20-somethings can't even hold a job, let alone a calendar. Here's the kind of guy I was: I was the guy who did as much as he needed to in order to get acceptable, respectable recognition. That meant I was a B+ to A- student. Sometimes, I'd get an awesome grade, and, sometimes, I'd get a horrible grade. My philosophy was to study hard enough to get better than average grades, and don't work any harder than that. Because, why should I? I was still doing well right? This translated into most other areas of my life growing up. For instance, did you ever need to mow the lawn growing up? Get out in the hot sun, flare up your allergies in the grassy backyard and earn no pay? I was attracted to the image burned into my little psyche long ago. Over and over, unconsciously, I would try to solve the problem, fix history, and create a new ending.

I just added a new twist: change the ending by just being better, explaining the hurt effectively, and magically transforming the outcome for our families and us. Like other Women of the Lodge, the following partner readily identifies with the analogy of changing seats on the Titanic as it is sinking. She found that by recognizing a need to fill herself up from the inside with greater esteem and skills that there was a lifeboat available to her. My boyfriend and I broke up after a few years of his acting out. He was never willing to get help. I spent those years trying to be the person I thought he needed or wanted me to be. I did a lot of things that I regret today. When I left, I simply wanted out--I was running. Along the way, I've gotten to see how weather changes geology and how radically that stuff can happen. If you want to better understand yourself and nature, you have to be in nature. The Principles of Unplugged As we've covered so much ground in the previous eight articles, I think it's time we recap some of the main points. However, keep in mind that since this is not a cookarticle with 101 recipes or a dogmatic do-as-I-say rule article, you're going to have to interpret what I've presented to you and start your own self-experiment to see how you best can enhance your own health, fitness, and performance. A large part of what I'm recommending to you is present in the title, Unplugged. As an individual who is designed to be self-reliant while remaining part of a society that has become too dependent on technology, too disconnected from its human essence, and too far removed from nature, you will, I firmly believe, reap many benefits by simply unplugging more often. If you can become more aware, retune your instincts, and get back in touch with your intuition, you'll become a happier, healthier human being. And the way to do this is not by outsourcing more of your decision-making to technology as part of an indoor lifestyle but by reclaiming responsibility for your wellness and resensitizing yourself in unfiltered experiences in the natural world. Here are the two key principles that can help you do just that. Or how about doing your own laundry? It's a pretty simple task, but so simple that it's easily forgettable.

How about cleaning your room? Or even the entire house? Did the parents reprimand you for leaving your room looking like a nuke exploded? See, none of that happened with me. I've never mowed a lawn in my life. I also rarely ever cleaned dishes, did yard work in my mom's garden, swept the house or really anything responsible for taking care of a home. I did my own laundry, but it was always last minute and I never cleaned my room until guests were coming, and only after frequent commands from my mother. In relationships, I didn't try hard at all, because, why should I? Then I ran right into another one of him. He looked different on the outside, but within a few months I found out I was just one of his harem. Funny how things happen, but I was seeing things in magazines, on talk shows, and on other television shows about women who repeat their relationships time after time with different guys. I know I had heard this before, but somehow I heard it differently. I guess I was ready. So I threw myself into lots of self-help reading. You would have thought the authors knew me firsthand. It helped me not feel so stupid. I knew I wasn't alone. I have a lot of girlfriends like me. Don't Misuse Technology If, after reading this article, you think you might be overusing or misusing technology, you're probably right.

You should reduce your reliance on technology and change how you're wielding it if you use it to: Use Technology Judiciously Rather than going cold turkey on fitness technology, you can use it discerningly and in a deliberate, targeted way to: Tech to Consider While I firmly believe in the importance of stepping away from tech and devices--see: the rest of this article--there are some tools that I've found to be particularly helpful or that merit further investigation. I'm not even coming close to saying that you need these to have a fruitful and fun practice, but they may be items to consider as a way of enhancing your training. She's Electric Since Kelly Starrett and I became friends more than a decade ago, I've used his movement and mobility techniques to greatly improve my performance and recovery, and introduced his system to all my athletes. I found girls attractive, but I saw the dating activities, the cute things that couples do and the constant sweetness as kind of annoying, honestly. In working jobs, I would start a job and work for only three to six months, because the job would start to get annoying. I didn't need a job either, so why continue to be annoyed? In my physical fitness, I participated in sports, but I didn't care about being the absolute best in the sport. I would've liked to be great, but the dedication that's required looked intimidating. I didn't try hard in life, because I didn't need to. It caused me to leave college with no career path or direction, which led me to believe college was a waste. In the first six months after college, I got depressed and felt the world just pass me by. When I worked a job I didn't like, at home all day with no friends to comfort me, with an immense lack of clarity in life, it shouldn't be so surprising that I was depressed. I suffered from deep seated apathy, without knowing it. But I thought all this time it was the guys who were bad and we were just stupid. Well, I am not stupid.

I have made mistakes but I have come to realize I didn't know how to do it differently, and I had a lot I could work on that would lead me in a different path. So I set about learning how to trust myself. Figuring out what made me feel good in life. I developed my own interests so I wasn't just attaching myself to someone else. To do this I had to be willing to not date. That actually was a relief. And then one day I realized I wasn't going to hang on to my resentments, I didn't need them; Funny how once I took the focus off them, suddenly I knew in my heart they weren't bad guys. Kelly's line of mobility tools plays an important role in my soft-tissue practice and are very effective by themselves. He and I have both realized that we can recover even faster when we add electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) into the mix. EMS works in a number of different ways, including resetting the nervous system, improving blood flow, and helping the body flush out the waste products that are produced during exercise. This is one technology I recommend wholeheartedly to all my athletes because I've used my Marc Pro device for years, have seen immediate and lasting benefits, and haven't experienced any side effects. If you want to improve recovery, ask your coach about going electric. This isn't to say that EMS can't be misapplied. Some people can overuse it and get a false sense of recovery, or they're unable to function if their unit breaks or they have to travel without it. Using manual tools--like the MobilityWOD ones from Kelly Starrett--as well can help heighten your awareness of your range of motion and any restrictions you might have more effectively than electrical stimulation alone. Also, avoid blunting adaptation by doing too much EMS too soon after you exercise. It's best to incorporate this technology as just one tool in your recovery protocol. What I didn't realize is that I lacked an immensely important character trait that's found in anyone who makes anything significant out of their lives. The successful millionaires and billionaires in business, the acclaimed actors in movies and television, the musicians who are more than a one-hit wonder, the athletes who not only stay in the professional leagues, but thrive in their sports, and any other person in your life who's an outstanding citizen.