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You understand that, at the end of the day, you can better control yourself. You understand that you are able to ensure that, at the end of the day, you are the only one that is in control of yourself, and you make use of that entirely. You take control of yourself. You ensure that you are the one that holds onto your own beliefs. You ensure that you are responsible for those mindsets that you take and how you allow them to control you. If you're driving other people to the venue, warn them that you might slip out early and they should be prepared to make their own way home. Tell your significant other that you may go quietly at some point, and not to worry, you'll see them at home. Again, there is no shame in leaving a party early and heading home to snuggle the cat and have a nice mug of tea while catching up on some late-night tele, knowing you're going to get a great night's sleep and wake up blissfully hangover-free. That never gets old. Brain retraining This one is crucial, and we all have to work hard at doing it because we've got so many beliefs hardwired into us about the supposed benefits of alcohol. Thoughts we've been thinking for so many years they've worn deep grooves in our grey matter. The ones telling us that alcohol is the treat' orreward' that we `deserve' for working hard. That alcohol is the best way to relax, have fun, host, celebrate, commiserate or grieve. So many lies that we've been constantly told by marketers and have repeated so often to ourselves and each other that they seem impossible to shift. When you start your day with a sugar shock, your blood sugar tends to fluctuate for the rest of the day. We Americans like lots of variety when it comes to dinner, but at breakfast time we seem to be short on imagination. We're content with the same old things--eggs, cereal, or baked goods like toast, bagels, and doughnuts. Of those choices, eggs are the only one that won't cause your blood sugar to shoot up. Unless you start eating a wider assortment of foods--meat, fish, cheese, vegetables--for breakfast, as people in other countries do, you're stuck with eggs.

Today, Americans are eating 23 percent fewer eggs than we did before 1970. One reason is we're in too much of a hurry to cook them, so instead we gulp down some orange juice, grab a bagel and a cup of coffee, and we're out the door. If time is a problem for you in the morning, I have a suggestion: Do as they do in Paris; Trust me, it's good. Here's how you do it. A s the end result, you then understand that you can trust yourself to do what is right. You trust that, at the end of the day, you can ensure that you are making the right decisions. You can do this with ease, and in doing so, you guarantee that you are better suited to controlling yourself. T his confidence can also be anchored, which is a method of teaching yourself how you can trigger yourself to feel something on a whim. You can essentially take control of the way in which you interact. You can force the point. You can make it so that you do decide that you should act in those manners and that helps you greatly. I t Can Help You Manage Relationships with Difficult People Another key point to remember is that when you make use of NLP, you learn how to understand yourself. You are learning to understand that oftentimes, the way in which we engage with other people is important to consider and that you can choose not to react to people with that same visceral anger that you may once have. They're not impossible to shift at all. You just have to do it in a very concerted way. Every time a hardwired belief or positive thought about alcohol pops into your head, stop yourself, identify the thought (see it clearly for what it is), challenge it, remind yourself of the truth and then reframe it. For example, if you find yourself thinking, How will I possibly enjoy this party if I'm not drinking? Identify the thought and see it for what it is: I'm just feeling insecure and that's an old idea about what constitutes enjoyment.

Then challenge it: That's bullshit. Brief and to the point. Then reframe it: I'm going to enjoy this party because I've got new shoes on, my sister's out for the first time since she had her baby and Dan's bringing his guitar. Stop, identify, challenge, remind, reframe. That's not a fancy acronym (SICRR? Break a couple of eggs in a bowl, add a glop of milk, and whip it up as if you're going to make a regular omelet, then stick it in the microwave. Cook it for 3 minutes 30 seconds at 40 percent power, then take a peek. If you see liquid, nuke it another 20 seconds on full power. Take it out, plop a little butter on it, add salt and pepper, and enjoy. The good thing about microwaving eggs is that it's precise. You can cook them perfectly. You can add other ingredients, such as onions, cheese, tomatoes, and meat. However, you'll probably find that when the eggs are cooked to perfection, as you can do with a microwave, you enjoy them without all of the other goodies. If you must have toast with your egg, stick to one piece and make sure that you don't eat the toast before the egg. As discussed in article 7, the protein in the egg will improve the efficiency of your insulin response and reduce the blood surge from the toast. We all have people in our lives that we do not like, whether they are people that we have to see regularly at work or people that we only see occasionally. No matter the situation, however, it is crucial that you understand how you can best deal with yourself. When you understand how to cope with yourself and how to best deal with your own emotions, you can essentially reframe the way that you see the people in your life, including those that used to annoy you. You can learn to tolerate them, and in doing so, you can usually also learn to respect them better. F urther, NLP is all about encouraging the development of rapport--that very important, essential technique that you will require to ensure that, at the end of the day, you are able to control the way in which you behave.

When you look at NLP, you are better able to see that typically, you can learn how to connect with people that are difficult, and you can also use those methods to build up a rapport with someone else that may not like you. This can aid you greatly in ensuring that you can facilitate a good relationship with them as well. I t Can Help You Lead NLP is also great for any sort of leader. If you are going to be leading or controlling other people in any sort of aspect at all, being able to understand and utilize NLP is a great way to ensure that you are developing the right abilities that will help you. I'll put it a little more simply just to ram it home. Thoughts aren't facts. Challenge what you're thinking about alcohol and actively work to turn your thoughts around. Get help by reading blogs and articles on this very topic. Jason Vale's Kick the Drink . Anything by Annie Grace is also very powerful. Brain retraining takes hard work, determination, time and practice, practice, practice. Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it. But never stop believing that you will turn your thinking around. Because the truth always wins out in the end. If you're really missing your cereal, try an all-bran cereal. As I mentioned in article 6, wheat bran is the best source of insoluble fiber in the American diet and has the lowest glycemic load of common American cereals. A lot of folks don't like the flavor of bran, though; This is probably because bran cereal is short on oil and protein. A good fix?

Add a few tablespoons of chia seeds or a handful of chopped walnuts; That can make bran cereal into a much heartier and tastier breakfast. You can also add berries or a spoonful or two of another cereal to make it tastier. Also, as you learned in article 9, you can still have the occasional muffin or pancake as long as you make it with nut flours to block the effects of whatever starch it contains and add other sugar blockers like berries and nuts. A Typical American Lunch You are able to develop the abilities that you will need to ensure that other people see you as worthy of respect. You develop the abilities that you need to ensure that people around you start to recognize that, at the end of the day, you are worthy of that respect by developing your own rapport with them. Further, you are also able to develop the ability to read other people, understand where they are coming from, and also be able to ensure that, at the end of the day, you can better cope with the way that you deal with other people as well. These processes lend themselves heavily to a leadership position and by mastering them, you can ensure that you are better positioned to lead effectively. I t Can Help You Problem Solve The use of NLP is all about creative thinking. It is about taking a problematic thought and then thinking of a way that you are able to think about it differently. It is being able to see a dog and decide that actually, you are going to think about it differently and instead of defining it as a dog, you are going to define it as a four-legged household domestic mammal that is also known as man's best friend. When you change the way that you get around defining something, you are able to then change the reaction that you have to it, and that is precisely what it is that NLP wants to do. T hose skills, however, also lend themselves well when it comes to creative problem-solving. Sitting with uncomfortable emotions There's no getting away from this one. Alcohol numbs emotions, so taking it away (or reducing it greatly) means you will have to feel them in all their raw glory. And, boy, can that hurt. Sadness and anger--they suck.