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The reality she thought she knew wasn't real at all. Some thing had altered her reality and it had control over who she met and what she saw. It had the power. In her nightmare, AR was the tool that was altering that reality. This was made even more frightening for her by the fact that AR is a real technology. Ultimately, however, Audrey's dream was about her not having power over her own future. It would help if you were mindful in life. Whenever you think that you cannot do something in life, remind yourself that you are limiting yourself. The Biggest Secret To Attract Money In Life Easily Many people want to attract money in life and want to know the great secret about attracting money. People mostly focus on the lack of money or are concerned about not having enough money in life. It will be tough to earn income and be financially free with this state of mind. In society, you have given a norm that to make lots of money you need to be very educated and smart but let me tell you this it is not true it is a simple lie. If you look in history, you will find people who have never been to school in their life and were not smart, but they still made massive amount of wealth for themselves. I will tell you the most critical money-making secret. If you want to become rich in life, you need to have two things within you. I have fallen down many times. But that is always what happens when you are in massive action. Failure is just part of the process. The key to taking massive action is being willing to feel all the discomfort that brings.

To feel discomfort, on purpose, over and over again. To learn that you can overcome anything. To never stop, and to continue to manage your mind when your IC is screaming the loudest. When you are creating your future, whether it is in the realm of your health, business, or relationships, ask yourself, In the face of my future vision, am I willing to fail as many times as it takes? If the answer is yes, then you are ready to take massive action. Most people don't take massive action because they don't know that they are separate from the voice of their IC. In this article, we're going to take a closer look at the future, to show how this notion of the future--dark, dystopian, fear based--is a charade, like a special effect in the movies. Just as in the movies, when you see the ghoul for what it is, the fear becomes almost laughable. To help pull the mask back on the future and turn the full power over to you, I now want to zoom in on a few key truths about it. Truth 1: The Future Is Not Fixed I want you to close your eyes and imagine the future. What do you see? Maybe you picture yourself as an old person, walking along the beach or through the streets of some faraway city. If you have kids, you might picture them as adults, perhaps with children of their own. Or maybe your mind's eye imagines a cityscape altered by time or an environment ravaged by the effects of climate change. Whatever your vision of the future, the point is, it's a fixed outcome in time. Mindset is the key to making money. Gratitude makes your life more positive, productive, and centered. You can add value to the life of people by solving the problems people have in life. The more people benefit from your solution, the better your life will become as a result.

When you look at rich people's lives, you can see that they provide value and solve problems with their products and services. It is excellent to think about what kind of service you can provide to people. What sort of problems you can solve with your unique talent and quality. What type of talent you have that you need to share with the people around the world. You can ask yourself this question in life whenever you think about the lack of money in life. The question will help your mind to focus on adding more value to the life of people. So when their IC starts talking, they quit. They give up and say, This isn't working. But you know that you don't have to listen to your IC when she's screaming at you. You know that if you have the urge to stop taking action, it's because your IC is trying to prevent you from feeling an emotion. Shame, inadequacy, embarrassment, failure, rejection, these are all feelings that your IC's habitual thoughts will create. If you are willing to feel those emotions and use them to learn and grow and figure out what's next, this is how you stay on the journey. Because you know that the worst that can happen is that you get uncomfortable. But not taking action is just as uncomfortable - and often even more so. Because at least when you are uncomfortable but taking action, you are in the process of designing your future. It is exhausting and emotionally draining to know that you want something different, and to do nothing about it. Because that's what you've been conditioned to believe, that time is unfolding into a clearly defined future. Think destiny, or the idea that fate is something predetermined. You know what I say to that? Fate is for suckers.

At best it's a cop-out and at worst it's a lie. That may be how you've been taught to think about the future, but think again. The purpose of this article is to show you how to imagine, design, and reach the future you want. In the process, I'm also going to help you figure out how to avoid the futures you don't want. For many people the future is a blind spot. They know it's out there, but they feel like they can't see it. The question is, how can I provide service to the people, or how can I solve a problem that people have? There Are Three Types Of People In The World They wish they can change their circumstance. They feel that change is not possible, and it is not easy to change their circumstances. These people also think that changing something is not in their control. They believe that they are doing the best they can to change the situation. But in reality, they are not doing much to change their situation. These kinds of people also wish the change to come into their life by itself without working for it. Wishing people have problems in their lives because they cannot see the opportunities around them. They are focused on thinking that change is hard, or not possible, or it will come to them itself. Inaction literally sucks the life out of people. Massive action does come with its own discomfort and exhaustion. But it also comes with exhilaration, aliveness, vitality, and pure joy. Step Three: Access Your Authentic Self

Pay attention to what you will focus on, then steer your life in the direction of your focus. If, in the past, you automatically focused on what was missing rather than what you already had, you likely found it impossible to feel happy. After all, what you focus on determines how you feel. My suggestion is that you make it a daily practice to put your focus on gratitude. The more you know you are blessed, the more your energy changes. You can't experience anger and gratitude simultaneously. I'm here to tell you that you can. You can see the future. The first step in the process is to understand that everything you have been told about the future is wrong. That's a pretty big, sweeping statement, I know, but hang with me and I'll explain. The way people--especially those with any kind of power or prominence--talk about the future is all wrong. How many times have you heard some cable TV pundit or government official say some version of the following? In the future, robots will take all of our jobs. By the year X, you won't be allowed to drive your own car. Self-driving cars will be mandated. In the future, insurance agencies will mandate that we all have monitoring chips implanted in our bodies. These people think they can't change their circumstances, so they go to the blame game. These kinds of people blame everything and everyone they can because they never take responsibility for their situation in life. They also think the reason for their failure is someone else. The common phrase used by these types of people is as follows.