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In her mind, her body had failed her and no longer deserved any respect or consideration. This disconnected relationship is quite common with chronic pain and is one of the most important things to heal in order to begin the process of recovery. Lying on the table was uncomfortable for her lower back and neck, so I knew right away that restorative yoga would be one of the primary tools we would use in our therapy. Since it utilizes mindfulness, movement, reframing, and breathwork, yoga checks all the boxes. And after that, it'll be all right. Therapist: Things will turn out O. Henry: (Nods affirmatively. From here on, the topic of conversation changes to his family). It was obvious that Henry was speaking of his own experiences. His previous therapy contacts had been characterized by remarkable frankness, and rapport was excellent. Hence it does not appear likely that his failure to identify the frankfurter or its owner was a purposeless avoidance reaction. Perhaps the use of the frankfurter served as an anxiety-reducer, for it was possible physically to manipulate, cut, and sew it, and hence to objectify his feelings. It may be that this is also why children often appear relieved after making a gruesome painting. Perhaps it is this neutralization of fears through their concrete physical representation that is a basic aspect of play therapy. Then refocus on your dreams and deepest heart longings. What dreams are still hidden? Begin to focus on those new goals and honor them as they begin to surface. Continue to contribute to your short-term and long-term abundance as they grow and move you along the river out toward the ocean of abundance. Be at peace. The Ocean of Abundance

Take a deep breath, smell the ocean's scent as it enters your nose, feel the breeze caressing your face, taste the salt on your lips, and feel the water's spray on your exposed skin. Close your eyes and listen to the ocean waves as they break upon the shore. Do you feel the pull of the waves deep inside your body? This is the dance of the wind and the water, the basics of feng shui, the interplay of yin and yang and the Five Elements. And, most importantly, Joanie was willing to give it a try. I started with the concept that healing isn't always about being out of pain. Physical impairments and the constant chatter coming from her joints and muscles were her normal way of living. In order to get back into her body or become embodied, Joanie needed to restore the sacred connection between her body, mind, and spirit. Her treatment started off very slowly. I began by simply supporting her ribs and neck with pillows and lifting her legs up onto a big therapy ball. I then opened her chest by placing a foam roller underneath her spine. I also supported her at the sides, adjusting with extra towels and extra lift to reduce any of the nerve pain coming from her neck. Bit by bit, we adapted and adjusted until her body was at complete rest. From there she began to work with diaphragmatic breathing and affirmations. It may help to understand the apparent successes when there is little evidence of insight or verbalized attitude change. The Silent Case Perhaps the child will sit in silence. If the therapist is truly convinced that the hour belongs to the child, he will not feel the necessity of urging the child to play or to talk. As a matter of fact, one of the most perplexing problems is that of the silent case. The child comes and sits down and continues to do just that.

The therapist remarks that he may play with any of the toys if he wishes, or he may talk about anything at all, or he may just sit through the hour. The total silence may continue for one hour or for twenty hours. There is no apparent catharsis, no reflection of feelings, there are no verbalized insights, no self-searchings -- in short, none of the phenomena generally believed characteristic of a psychotherapeutic process. Not infrequently, however, these cases must be adjudged successful, on the basis of reports of altered behavior from adults who deal with the child. Feel the energy of the ocean waters and the wind as they dance with each other, creating flow. Using feng shui principles, you now understand why and how to realign the energies in the Wealth Areas in your home and work space to harmonize with the vibration of abundance. You know how to be honest to the penny and flow with whatever emotions you are experiencing in the moment. With your own deep abundant breath you inspire your body, your mind, and your spirit. You've learned to refocus your rational mind to look for abundance and appreciate what works and what is harmonious. Setting clear intentions is now a way of life, and you're more aware of your underwater intentions. Your imaginative mind has created and set forth visions of your heart's desires and energized them with your actions and your most positive emotions. You have taken steps to create a collage, actually work through the various action steps, and create an amazing Travel Log of your inner journey. Your spending plan now sits in a place of honor and actively guides your daily spending choices, creating a new pattern that includes a sense of safety while enlivening and funding your dreams. Step-by-step you have become the source of your own ocean of abundance. By doing breathwork and mindfully noticing her body using affirmations, she was able to find places on her body that had resisted change and movement because of fear and anger. Joanie was upfront that she didn't want to meditate, but she was fully committed to breathing with intention. She knew the two practices were very similar, but for some reason the only way she was going to do her exercises was to call them a different name. That worked for me. Almost every time she tuned into her body with compassion and love, tears flowed. She told me that this type of exercise was like a mental balm.

It eased her anxiety, decreased her pain, and allowed her to find new ways to move without fear of increasing her pain. The more time she spent breathing and resting in these restorative poses, the greater her forgiveness and compassion became. She realized that grief was a large part of her pain experience, and that learning how to grieve was a new skill. With plenty of tissues, laughter, and creativity, Joanie was able to begin doing her own self-massage and daily exercise to increase her endurance and joint stabilization. A fourteen-year-old boy is referred because he waylays and robs smaller children, hits strange adults without apparent provocation, uproots fences, does unsatisfactory schoolwork, and executes cats by hanging. He flatly refuses to discuss anything with the therapist, and spends most of his fifteen weekly sessions reading comic articles, methodically searching the closets and desk, raising and lowering the window shades, and looking out the windows, in silence. In the midst of these seemingly unprofitable contacts, his teacher reports that he has performed an act of unsolicited generosity, the first ever noted in his eight years at the school. His teacher tells the therapist that he has used his printing press to print programs for a class skating party, and has distributed these to his classmates, although no one has suggested it to him. As she puts it, This is his first social act. For the first time, an interest in his schoolwork is noted. His teacher says, Why he's actually one of us now. We never even notice him now. Another twelve-year-old is referred for attempted rape, and for schoolwork so poor that he has been taken out of his classroom in order to be tutored individually by the adjustment teacher. During the therapy sessions, he does his spelling homework, or describes the latest movie he has seen. The ocean of abundance is a symbol of the source and flow of water and of money in our lives. The ocean is beyond our full comprehension, yet we can come into harmony with its patterns of flow through feng shui. It accepts the waters that come to it and integrates them, and together they become the waves and the tides that come in, go out, and create flow. The ocean flows freely and freely gives of its abundance. This is the source of true abundance. When you look out upon the ocean, you can see, smell, taste, and feel its abundance.

And when you come into harmony with its patterns of flow, you come into harmony with the vibration of abundance. Tune in, harmonize, and float with the ocean of flow. Fighting against it creates scarcity, fear, contraction, and perhaps disaster. Now you can see the Ba-gua in a new way and realize that money flow is connected to all that we are and experience. She learned how to recognize fatigue and understood that rest is medicine. Joanie continues to have ongoing episodes, pain, and periodic surgeries, but the biggest change is her attitude toward her body and her pain. She told me that she's breathing, laughing, and resting her way through life. Restorative Yoga Restorative yoga is the ultimate mind-body connection practice. It involves movement and thought all rolled into one. As I mentioned before, yoga comes from a Sanskrit word that means to yoke, dissolving the separation of body, mind, and spirit by integrating with the breath. Restorative yoga can be transformative for people who suffer from persistent pain, because it allows the body to be fully supported while the breath helps guide them into a deeper state of relaxation. Restorative yoga is different from other yoga practices, which often create a competitive striving to work on your poses. In the supported poses, you use your breath to release tension and stress, and become aware of the places where you grip and hold on to that stress. Once, he brings a deck of cards, and he and the therapist play war. This is the overt extent of their relationship. When the semester is over, he is returned to his grade, where he is reported doing very well. Months later, he is walking along the street with a friend, when he accidentally meets the therapist. He introduces them, and says to the friend, You oughta go see her on accounta you can't learn to read. She helps kids who are in trouble.