So I thought I would create a document that could act as a catalyst for people seeking to complete the 100 Goal Challenge. I wrote an e-article with 400 examples of goals that you can review, use as thought provokers or copy in eight key areas. The e-article is called Discover Your Passion and you can download it from www. Here are 200 examples you can look at right now to assist you as you create your own Lifetime Dream List and take the 100 Goal Challenge: Surprise my partner with a weekend away. If you smell turkey and suddenly feel warm and tingly, you can go to the filing cabinet marked turkey smell', play the video back of Grandma stooped over the oven on Thanksgiving and relive the whole experience; <a href=''>Get</a> on a bicycle and your motor memory will take over, informing every part of your body of what to do. <a href=''>You</a> don't ever have to consciously think about it. <a href=''>So</a> where we direct the spotlight of our attention defines whowe' are in that second, and whatever we imagine or experience becomes a physiological reality on our neuronal map, and that is who we' is. <a href=''>Every</a> feeling, be it fear, love, lust or hate, is expressed in our neural wiring, and therefore in the chemicals which result from these connections. <a href=''>If</a> you're in Hawaii but your mind is still working late at the office, that is the place your mind resides: in the office - so you may as well still be there. <a href=''>Or</a> if you're in a cinema, watching a chase scene, the wiring of your brain manifests a pattern of terror and thrills that produces rivers of adrenaline. <a href=''>After</a> a minute or so you shove some popcorn into your mouth and your attention refocuses, signalling to the saliva glands to start pumping, and in this second your whole being is the essence of salt and crunchiness. <a href=''>So</a> what this all proves is that when you recognize that your mind always leans to the negative, you can learn to shift it intentionally to something more positive or fulfilling. <a href=''>You'll</a> have moved to Happyville. <a href=''>The</a> sooner we awaken to this great lesson--that all of us are at cause for the creation of our lives--the sooner will also pass away all of the conflict in this weary world of ours. <a href=''>If</a> we must dream, let us long for that life beyond ourselves, for who desires things already known, or otherwise imagined, in forms reconfigured from fantasies too well worn? <a href=''>It</a> is the unknown life that calls to us from a desire untold--too distant and dark to be seen, but nearer to us than the very light in which we dwell. <a href=''>Spiritual</a> Secrets With the Power to Help Set You Free <a href=''>When,</a> centuries ago, William Shakespeare wrote the now famous words of Hamlet, To be, or not to be, that is the question, his words touched upon something deep in the human psyche. <br /><br /><a href=''>The</a> proof of their stirring sentiment should be self-evident, for this same self-inquiry causes those of us who hear these words today to also pause and ponder our own being. <a href=''>Perhaps</a> the true staying power in this question, To be, or not to be, is found not so much in what it says to us in words, but rather in its hidden spiritual implications. <a href=''>What</a> this passage doesn't state, but nevertheless implies loud and clear is that to be, or not to be, is not our choice. <a href=''>We</a> are conscious creatures--whether we choose to be or not! <a href=''>In</a> other words, to be or not to be conscious is not up to us; <a href=''>As</a> I drank my second cup of coffee after lunch, I closed my coffee position. <a href=''>I</a> had made L30. <a href=''>It</a> was nearly two thirty now, and the Chicago livestock market would be open soon. <a href=''>Two</a> twenty-eight, two twenty-nine, two thirty. <a href=''>The</a> numbers began blinking, moving up and down. <a href=''>After</a> only a few minutes, the cattle price had plunged and I had lost nearly L200. <a href=''>I</a> was rushing off for a meeting, but I wasn't ready to let go of the cattle yet. <a href=''>A</a> few hours later, when the meeting was over, I checked on my platform. <a href=''>Fuck</a> no! <a href=''>I</a> had lost about L350 on the cattle, about L60 on the wheat, and L90 on the corn. <a href=''>Short-Term</a> Effects <a href=''>Your</a> brain processes emotions. <a href=''>When</a> it senses a potential threat--say, a car screeching to a halt right in front of you or your beet-faced boss flipping out--it poises the body for protection, a primitive, lifesaving instinct. <a href=''>The</a> amygdala, your brain's emotional center, goes on high alert. <a href=''>It</a> sets off a fight-or-flight response. <br /><br /><a href=''>This</a> stimulates your adrenal glands (capping the kidneys) to produce the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. <a href=''>In</a> the blink of an eye, you're transformed into your hyperattentive superself: your eyes dilate, and your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, and muscle tension increase. <a href=''>Long-Term</a> Effects <a href=''>Your</a> body is brilliantly adaptive to sudden threats, but chronic emotional stress can make it degenerate. <a href=''>Your</a> superself inevitably poops out. <a href=''>Montgomery</a> and the other mental-health workers call for detainees to come up one by one and be evaluated. <a href=''>Give</a> me one out of five! <a href=''>A</a> young man emerges from the cage and approaches the counter. <a href=''>Let</a> me see your number, Montgomery instructs, and he holds out his forearm, revealing a grid of red numbers that have been drawn onto his skin with a marker. <a href=''>Those</a> you don't need anymore. <a href=''>Those</a> are Chicago PD, she says. <a href=''>This</a> one, she says, pointing to a black 42 inked on the back of his hand. <a href=''>Yes,</a> DeJuan says, confirming his name and date of birth. <a href=''>What</a> are your charges? <a href=''>Montgomery</a> asks. <a href=''>That</a> is, the deficits were caused by the most significant connection in our lives. <a href=''>And,</a> just as a relationship can break a person, a relationship can also restore a person. <a href=''>It</a> can be difficult to move from the symptom phase to the relationship phase, particularly for those with absent and detached mothering issues. <a href=''>If</a> you have experienced absent and detached mothering in the past, you have probably become autonomous and independent. <a href=''>You</a> feel you can depend only on yourself for safety and success. <br /><br /><a href=''>The</a> idea of going to another person for help is not only scary, it would also involve unlearning the very survival techniques you have perfected to help you cope and maintain order in your life. <a href=''>Val,</a> whom we met earlier, was the self-styled Queen of Self-Help. <a href=''>An</a> information junkie, she had a huge article and tape library at home on emotions, success, relationships, marriage, and spirituality. <a href=''>But</a> even with all this helpful data at her disposal, things kept breaking down inside. <a href=''>It</a> was when she finally realized that she needed something besides information that she began to seek relational help. <a href=''>So,</a> before I turned 12, I was back to lobbying my parents -- this time for a horse with morego'. Call it good luck, the law of attraction or the power of a child's prayer, but just after my twelfth birthday we won a horse in a raffle. Twenty cents a ticket, or six for a dollar. Smokey (ingenuously named because he was the grey colour of smoke! Needless to say, he had more go' than Roby. <a href=''>So</a> I had to dig deep and dial up my courage yet again. <a href=''>Within</a> a few months, and after numerous falls and close scrapes with trees, I'd mastered Smokey and began winning those barrel races. <a href=''>I</a> don't share this story to impress you with my horsemanship. <a href=''>In</a> fact, by the time I was 17 I had largely given up riding because I was too busy finishing my high-school studies and flipping burgers in the nearby village cafe to earn money for university. <a href=''>Rather,</a> I share it because learning to ride Roby, and later Smokey, taught me early on that the more often we act bravely, the braver we become. <a href=''>There</a> are two steps in the SORT phase: <a href=''>Let's</a> work through each step in detail together. <a href=''>Step</a> 1: Identify <a href=''>First</a> up, who's in your network? <a href=''>You</a> might be surprised at how hard this simple question can actually be to answer! <br /><br /><a href=''>This</a> isn't about doing a brain dump of everyone you know -- or getting out your phone to check your contacts or your Facearticle feed (as a lot of people in my workshops do). <a href=''>As</a> you will soon see, there is a big difference between people you know and people who add value to your life and career and therefore have a right to belong in your current core network. <a href=''>When</a> assessing your network, think about the individuals you currently go to or rely on for support, information, advice, inspiration or simply as a sounding board for your thinking. <a href=''>This</a> might include your partner, colleagues, friends, family members, or your existing or former boss. <a href=''>As</a> you think about your network, consider how you interact and connect, and what exchange of information or support happens. <a href=''>Have</a> family and friends over for a dinner party monthly. <a href=''>Travel</a> every year to visit family members overseas. <a href=''>Call</a> family and friends on their birthdays. <a href=''>Take</a> children on an annual family holiday. <a href=''>Organise</a> my school reunion. <a href=''>Each</a> year complete a personal development program with my children. <a href=''>Shout</a> Mum and Dad a trip around the world. <a href=''>Trace</a> my family tree. <a href=''>Frame</a> the family pictures I adore. <a href=''>Reconnect</a> with my brother and sister. <a href=''>So</a> there you go. <a href=''>The</a> next time you think attention is just an abstract concept, think again: it's as real as you are. <a href=''>In</a> the Zone <a href=''>Being</a>in the zone' is said to be one of the greatest feelings we experience. It's when we're in one, single-minded, pinpoint focus;