Who do you need to help promote you, teach you, support you or just plain kick your butt? Is there anyone around you who could fill the gap if you connected with them and asked? Think about people you trust, people you know from LinkedIn, who live outside your department, your company, even your industry. Are there individuals who inspire you from afar? Start following them online, reading their stuff and absorbing their work before you attempt to connect with them. Emotional Mental Physical Your asset Passion Plans Progress Your challenge Easily distracted Over-thinking it Busy being busy You need to Maintain focus Take action Create strategy described as Always excited Always planning Always busy To move forward Plan and progress Passion and progress Plan Organised Decisive Proactive Tenacious When you are strong and consistent in all three areas, you will attract, adapt and achieve your goals so much more easily. Putting the Feel -- Think -- Do process to work Recent developments in neuroscience have demonstrated that the structure and function of the brain is by no means fixed in childhood, and that brains remain neuroplastic', ie changeable, throughout our lives. <a href='http://www2.medizin.uni-greifswald.de/gani_med/index.php?id=602&url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>An</a> increasing number of brain imaging/ MRI studies of the impact of mindfulness suggest that it reliably and profoundly alters the structure and function of the brain to improve the quality of both thought and feeling. <a href='http://www.anpost.ie/AnPost/Mobile/MobileRedirect.aspx?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Mindfulness</a> meditation appears to reshape the neural pathways, increasing the density and complexity of connections in areas associated with both cognitive abilities such as attention, self-awareness and introspection, and emotional areas connected with kindness, compassion and rationality, while decreasing activity and growth in those areas involved in anxiety, hostility, worry and impulsivity. <a href='http://www.banan.cz/goto.php?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Not</a> to push the point too hard, but here are a few more reasons to think about practising mindfulness. <a href='http://www.gov.pe.ca/advertising/redirect.php3?adnumber=290&url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>The</a> US National Institute of Health published the outcome of research on meditators versus non-meditators. <br /><br /><a href='http://app.jumptools.com/redir.do?preview=&language=en&listingId=6342645&type=VIDEO&brandId=Jump&colourCss=/templates/places/metropolis/WEBSITE/colours1.css&url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>The</a> meditation group showed a 23 per cent decrease in mortality over a nineteen-year period. <a href='https://www.infonu.nl/c.php?u=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>There</a> was also a 30 per cent decrease in rates of cardiovascular mortality. <a href='http://cutephp.com/forum/redirect/?q=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>Other</a> ways to live longer (if mindfulness isn't for you) is to have a lot of friends around, marry someone who makes you laugh, keep learning, exercise, eat broccoli and don't smoke. <a href='http://b2b.chinapower.com.cn/extend/redirect.php?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>A</a> Depressing Interlude <a href='http://demo5.directorzone.cyberlink.com/member-settings.do?updateLanguage&dzLocale=zh_CN&referer=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>I</a> wrote the last few words up to about here in my article on 9 November 2014. <a href='https://lakemedelsverket.se/Tpl/HitCounter.aspx?resid=2025904672&q=test&ilang=en&hitnr=7&url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>The</a> chattering is as endless as one's fear of feeling empty. <a href='http://srv-dide.tri.sch.gr/sxsymboyloi/go.php?http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>And</a> the more of these pieces of peace we juggle, the more anxious we become, all the while hoping that life won't break up what we would assemble. <a href='https://accounts.cast.org/register.php?home=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>Even</a> though this approach has proven itself fruitless, still we cling to the hope that next time things will be different. <a href='http://avbypass.millercoors.com/Gate/?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>What</a> we must see is that our lives cannot change until we do--from the inside out. <a href='http://shingakunet.com/net/redirect/?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>To</a> succeed in our quest, we need a new and higher understanding of our own being. <a href='https://accounts.mthai.com/logout?ref=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>For</a> this peace that we seek resides within us; <a href='http://www.howard.edu/asp/linkcounter/resourcesondemand.asp?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>To</a> enter the silent world of peace requires that we learn the secret of being still. <a href='https://www.ncleg.gov/Redirect?sUrl=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>We</a> must discover and enter into our own still being. <a href='http://lacplesis.delfi.lv/adsAdmin/redir.php?uid=1439888198&cid=c3_26488405&cname=Oli&cimg=http://lacplesis.delfi.lv/adsAdmin/i/preview_610959355.jpeg&u=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>The</a> task before us is not an easy one, and anyone who tells you differently lies; <a href='https://www.asicentral.com/login.aspx?returnurl=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>Before</a> us goes the Light of Truth. <a href='https://ref.gamer.com.tw/redir.php?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>What</a> good had I done in my life? <a href='https://manida.awi.de/redirect?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>I</a> was still asking myself this question when I woke up this morning. <a href='http://r.czin.eu/?u=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>The</a> previous evening, I had realized just how pathetic my do-gooding had been. <a href='http://www2.rhino3d.com/common/cookies/setcookie.asp?language=it&return=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>I</a> took part in a debate about eudaimonia held at the central London YMCA. <a href='http://ad.itweb.co.za/adclick.php?bannerid=30982&zoneid=&source=&dest=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>Afterward,</a> a group of people took to the stage who had actually done something good with their lives. <br /><br /><a href='https://www.top50-solar.de/newsclick.php?id=109338&link=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>There</a> was a doctor who had developed a new type of surgery, two people who had started a fencing group for Muslim girls, and a guy who was working for a design agency that was trying to stop poor people from eating so much unhealthy food. <a href='http://e.groupspaces.com/out?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Hearing</a> their stories made me feel ashamed. <a href='http://puma.nerc.ac.uk/trac/UM_TUTORIAL/search?ticket=on&wiki=on&q=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>This</a> month, I was trying to do good, but all I had been able to muster was sitting around in deck chairs pretending to think. <a href='http://kokoko-soft.x0.com/goa/link.php?seq=108&url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Carl,</a> October 15 <a href='http://mail2web.com/cgi-bin/redir.asp?newsite=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>It</a> was my mom's birthday, so I decided to take a break from my life of frugality and invited her for lunch. <a href='https://wyng.com/r.psp?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>With</a> both observe how your words and tone affect your body and emotional state. <a href='http://csmsl.brinkster.net/default.asp?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Spend</a> at least a few minutes trying these words on. <a href='http://dbpedia.org/HtmlPivotViewer/?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Scenario</a> 1. <a href='https://www.uniovi.es/-/el-exgerente-de-la-universidad-pide-al-juez-que-identifique-al-autor-de-los-anonimos-contra-el?redirect=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>Stand</a> in front of a mirror and sincerely say to yourself in a loving, appreciative tone, I look terrific and I'm a fantastic person. <a href='http://m.hicbc.com/i/files/acj/?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Stay</a> focused on your positives. <a href='http://www.studivz.net/Link/Dereferer/?http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>Then</a> feel, don't think. <a href='http://opensesame.wellymulia.zaxaa.com/b/66851136?s=1&redir=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Notice</a> how your body reacts. <a href='http://clinchem.aaccjnls.org/cgi/adclick/?ad=42764&adclick=true&url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Are</a> you breathing easier? <a href='http://home.vicnet.net.au/~tarnagul/guestbook/redirect.php?www=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Do</a> your shoulders relax? <a href='http://www.golfgenius.com/session_setup?redirect_to=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>Does</a> your gut untighten? <a href='https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/Redirect.aspx?link=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>When</a> the men press their faces to the metal, press their eyes close to the holes, their brains adjust and they can see us fully. <a href='http://catalog.dir.bg/url.php?URL=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>No</a> matter what angle I strike, I can only see them if they are standing back from the grate. <a href='http://www.obq.ufba.br/redir.php?tb=links&id=24&url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>If</a> they stand up against it, I see only shadows. <a href='http://tapestry.tapad.com/tapestry/1?ta_partner_id=950&ta_redirect=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>We</a> have come here because one of the men in the pod has requested a psychiatric evaluation, and Montgomery walks over to his cell door to see how he is doing and let him know when the formal evaluation will occur. <a href='https://www.symbaloo.com/out.do?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>As</a> in the receiving area, the questions about his symptoms--suicidality, hallucinations--are being asked through the cell door with no privacy whatsoever. <br /><br /><a href='https://www.aerolineas.com.ar/en-us/asppage/open?link=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>Both</a> the questions and the answers have to be shouted in order to be heard through the doors, broadcasting every word of the exchange to the other imprisoned men and COs who stand nearby. <a href='https://anonym.to/?http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Of</a> all of the prison environments I've been in, this room is the single most hostile. <a href='http://www.interempresas.net/estadisticas/r.asp?idsector=129&e=221083&c=195&d=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Verbal</a> threats and displays of strength and aggression fly in all directions from prisoners and officers alike. <a href='http://popn.skr.jp/ym4/rank.cgi?mode=link&id=1611&url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>I'm</a> aware of how exposed the men who share their psychiatric symptoms with us become and of how both officers and other detainees might make cruel use of those overtly expressed vulnerabilities. <a href='http://vz.ru/redir/?source=vz_teasers_main2&id=917154&exturl=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>And</a> then, in an instant, I am the target. <a href='https://benjamins.com/cgi-bin/redir.cgi?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>This</a> mother has difficulty setting limits and controlling herself and her environment. <a href='https://share.sitesell.com/average.html?http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>She</a> is unprepared to handle the adult world, especially the mothering part of her life. <a href='https://ams.ceu.edu/optimal/optimal.php?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>This</a> translates then to her mothering style; <a href='http://hirlevel.mediacenter.hu/click.php?hirlevel_id=12405549102322&url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>This</a> is especially true when the child expresses intense emotions. <a href='http://ads.advanceweb.com/Redirect.aspx?IL=1207973&HT=43&IID=-1&IN=&HS=3&TT=0&TID=-1&F=0&SOID=-1&U=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Though</a> she loves her child, the China Doll Mom becomes quickly overwhelmed with his panic, rage, sadness, and fear. <a href='https://pro.tonkosti.ru/novosti_turoperatorov/link.php?nid=577938&to=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>The</a> strength of these feelings frightens her, and she feels at a loss to deal with them. <a href='https://www.marketbeat.com/URL/?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Thus,</a> she handles them in several different ways. <a href='https://buscador.recolecta.fecyt.es/dnet-web-generic/redirect.action?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Catastrophizing.</a> <a href='http://ig4vkm.yext-wrap.com/plclick?pid=3H63IHuJoK&ids=2529620&continue=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>The</a> China Doll Mom may catastrophize the baby's feelings. <a href='http://clixgalore.com/NoRedirect.aspx?ID=11387&AfID=225385&BID=111815&ER=1&RU=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Stephanie</a> read more danger into Vicki's tears or yells than was really there, and she overreacted. <a href='http://www.economia.unical.it/prova.php?a[]=<a+href=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/>oliveandblack.co.uk</a>'>Remain</a> in this posture for five minutes. <a href='http://qos-web3.exigo.ch/phpinfo.php?a[]=<a+href=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/>oliveandblack.co.uk</a>'>Makarasana</a> can be done as many times and for as long as one wants (in case of an adult, the duration should be increased gradually). <a href='http://qos-web6.exigo.ch/phpinfo.php?a[]=<a+href=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/>oliveandblack.co.uk</a>'>PADMASANA</a> (LOTUS POSE) <a href='http://es.catholic.net/ligas/ligasframe.phtml?liga=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Padmasana</a> is known as the destroyer of diseases. <a href='https://www.unifrance.org/newsletter-click/6759094?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>It</a> can be done any time and any number of times during the day. <br /><br /><a href='http://cimerr.postech.ac.kr/votal/jump.php?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk'>Sit</a> on the floor. <a href='https://www.unclaimed.org/link.asp?pageto=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Put</a> the right foot on the left thigh, and left foot on the right thigh. <a href='http://eoasr.vl.ru/?goto=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Place</a> hands on the knees. <a href='http://engine.pitchengine.com/v1/util/link?c=PitchLink&a=/v1/pitches/e829965b-ded0-4c0a-9ffe-757942058364&v=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/&l=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Sit</a> in this position for as long as you can. <a href='http://ssp.send.microad.jp/cc?ep=3WkB-sR7-kgCUB3oC4dc3s608eSsloN9K9NHq6iY9RsN0FgxwNmpck0T4k-9LLI9yuidcEtEYotIEUzjREa-S5R4v2nHvcF0QtXiQsDdubYMYrJ_XftQVRNkmURGNS6aGMDFcsiCQl_lNKo507iRUEbVxoJ8HW2yDEKqX54dvXTI&r=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Bhramari</a> is a yogic breathing technique or pranayama. <a href='http://app.streamsend.com/c/16064521/327/tracking_hash_merged_here/urb99fh41u?redirect_to=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>Often</a> finding the people who are missing from your network really is as simple as thinking about who you know and then connecting with them to see if they can help you in some way. <a href='http://l.core-apps.com/go?url=http://oliveandblack.co.uk/'>This</a> is not about connecting and asking people if they can bein your network'. Rather, you need to think about what you can offer someone and what value they can offer you in exchange. We'll explore this in more detail in part III. really important you understand this properly before you skip ahead and just start connecting with people you think can help you, so I'd encourage you to keep reading until you're ready. before you make any attempts to connect, let's expand on your Core Four and meet the 12 key people and personalities who will really accelerate your success. Multiple sources, eg Forbes. out your 12 key people and personalities you've started on the path to building a strategic network that works for you. your Core Four -- Promoter, Pit Crew, Teacher and Butt-kicker -- is the essential first step. I would like to share with you some examples of the Feel -- Think -- Do process at work and provide some soft-copy and hard-copy downloadable resources for you to use to plan out your key goals using this process. The first principle is before you establish what you want to achieve, you need to decide how you want to feel. In the next article I will share with you a simple process for determining your three driving emotions. Combining all three driving emotions into one goal creates an even greater connection to your goal. So how do you want to feel?