Or shall I say, how scarring what one learns to define as love can be. When I was throwing my articles on my bed, and dashing to Vinny's house a few blocks away because he was timing me to see how quickly I could get there after school, I believed I was loving him. When Vinny took off from work early, and called me to come over and I ditched Rosey and Karen to meet him, I thought I did that because I loved him. And when I found myself unable to think about anything else but how to please him, I believed that too was love. About a year into our relationship, I felt our relationship change. I was stunned and deeply hurt when Vinny made his first negative comment about my weight. He implied I should drop a few pounds, and told me to consider eating salad more often. It made me feel as if I were suddenly not good enough for him, and as if he were placing less value on me because of my weight. I was five foot seven and perhaps one hundred and thirty pounds at the time. General Eisenhower had a great quote about plans and planning. The quote came from a 1957 speech, which Eisenhower began, I tell this story to illustrate the truth of the statement I heard long ago in the Army: Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. There is a very great distinction because when you are planning for an emergency you must start with this one thing: the very definition of 'emergency' is that it is unexpected, therefore it is not going to happen the way you are planning. These young men and women need to understand that the future is complex, Hammerland continued. They can't get caught thinking one thing is going to happen only to have another thing come along and catch them off guard. It can be anything, turning a hobby or a skill into a big-time money spinner or some planned side hustle. There are various ways in which one can add direct income levels to the existing ones. Salaried people can look out for better-paid jobs. If they have been working with an organization for a long, it's probable that they can have better perks and emoluments in the market with some other better option. By thinking about it and making a planned move or getting some professional studies done, this can add more value to the profile and help get better pay, that will have a long-lasting and life-changing impact on the person's financial standing. Self-employed people can add an ancillary system or some side vocation to their current ones, adding another revenue stream to their income, multiplying its profitability and income manifold.

Transforming a hobby into a money-making instrument. We do multiple things as a hobby and never think of converting that into a medium of income source. One should always be looking out for such options, especially today with globalization and opening up of the economy in this online world. There are many options where a person can turn their hobbies into a big-time opportunity to have sustainable income generation sources. Soon after he started commenting about my weight, he began making negative comments about my hair. He didn't like how thick it was, and told me he wished it looked more like another girl's hair. Our relationship changed dramatically after Vinny's first year of college. While he had always had an air about him, he seemed to grow increasingly arrogant and pompous once he was in college. He seemed to enjoy speaking to me about all the college girls he had met since he had enrolled. He'd smile his way through telling me about the lunches he would share in the cafeteria with his new classmates, and how he had even driven a few home from class. Vinny was studying to be a nurse, and at the time, he was the only male in the program. It was growing more difficult to ignore the way Vinny was changing. At competitions, he would ignore me as if I didn't exist, and talk to pretty girls on other teams. Back at the ambulance corps, he would deny he had ignored me, and tell me it was all in my head. I understand what you're trying to get at, I replied. At least as a futurist I look at it in a different way. You always have to have a vision of the future, I explained. We know that nothing great ever happened that wasn't first imagined. That's true for the Army and it's true for regular civilian life. Seeing the future is essential to reaching your goal.

Adding a new revenue stream by entering into multiple affiliate-based product or services. A person can add value to his income, the amounts may be small initially, but every penny counts. And if things go well, it can be converted into a big-time revenue source. An important but sometimes ignored way of adding to the profit level is saving while buying. One needs to ensure that whatever expense one incurs, one should have the best negotiation utilization, and one should get the best price possible; Unnecessary spending of money or overlooking things can make the purchase ten to twenty percent costlier. A small series of negotiations and asking for some special incentives and discounts can help save a hefty amount, which, when interpreted as a part of life, can have considerable differences in the income levels and savings in long years. Similarly, when opting for investment options and using financial instruments, you will find varied options to invest, with each having different levels of costing structures attached to it. Various modes of buying can have a significant impact on your investment cost structure. One should always be careful and not be influenced by the crafty market practices applied by numerous businesses. He would accuse me of being insecure, and tell me I was crazy. He would insist it wasn't his fault if girls talked to him, and that I was being unreasonable. On more than one occasion he told me that if I lost some weight and did my hair differently, that I would feel better about myself, and probably wouldn't worry so much about whom he spoke to. And I thought that love meant sticking it out no matter what, even if the person I loved was hurting me with his words and behavior. In a very short time, and unbeknownst to me consciously, I willingly awarded Vinny the role of boss over me. More concerned with feeling accepted, validated, and worthy by another human being, I lost sight of the glimpse of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth I was just beginning to discover before I started dating Vinny. The romantic feelings I had for this boy took me over, as if in my mind, he was to heal every psychic wound I had ever suffered as a child, long before I ever knew he existed. Vinny and I were together on and off for almost six years. We dated steadily for three, while it took almost as long to disentangle ourselves from the elusive web our relationship became. And if you can see your future, you can make a plan to get there.

That's what I do with people and companies all the time. Yes, well, it's still the plan part that I disagree with, the colonel interjected. But the plan is important because to get to it you have to do the planning. And planning is the act of looking into the future and figuring out what will get you there. Yes, the plan will change because our lives change. All documents should be read carefully and possibilities that can help provide a better negotiation or deal should be explored. One keeps spending all day and all year, whether it's a product or service, investment, or a saving. All these things, if done carefully, can help save a lot of money. Be vigilant, and you will have a tremendous impact on your pocket and capital growth. As per the researcher and specialist, it's a perceived opinion that to be financially independent, you need a fund that can fetch you the earning that can match your livelihood and secure the current standard of living the way it is. But it is essential to do backward and forward calculations and channel energies to attain this goal of financial freedom. Once you have a blueprint of your financial freedom model, it becomes much easier to follow and achieve it. Our relationship evolved into a roller coaster of ups and downs. When we were up, it felt like I was floating on a cloud, and as if some kind of mood-elevating drug had lifted me there. But when we were down, it felt as if my entire world teetered on the top of a pin, and as if the slightest shift to the left or to the right world cause my world to stumble and crash to the ground. All too quickly, the self I had just recently come to know began to fade. During those years, our relationship was more off than it was on. Once in college, I found myself surrounded by the opposite sex, most of whom were more than happy to get to know me better. It just means being in a constant state of reexamination. Everything will work out if you keep looking into the future and planning for it.

Because when things do change you'll be ready for it. Because you will already be adjusting, planning, moving forward. There is no hardcore formula or principle to attain financial independence. Still, if you keep these things in mind and follow the aspects stated below, you will become better equipped to face the hardships seen during your voyage on the path to success. One should know the fixed and variable expenses one has to meet in a year. If accounted for, one has better control over the finances. It helps in setting long-term and short-term goals with the expenses. If one knows how much one needs to spend to maintain a specific standard of living, it helps the person plan other things. Also, one should keep a provisional amount for miscellaneous or uneven items that can crop up anytime. I was no longer a lanky, frizzy-haired, awkward teenage girl; When I was sixteen I traded my old-fogey glasses for contacts. I also studied fashion magazines for tips on make-up and hairstyles. While I wasn't what most would consider drop-dead gorgeous, I could no longer be mistaken for a boy, not even by a long shot. The attention I got at college took me by surprise. When we'd pass each other on campus on our way to our own classes, Vinny never went out of his way to acknowledge me. The boys who were in classes with me would inevitably point out my boyfriend's disregard toward me. More than once, different boys told me that, from their point of view, as a male, Vinny had no respect for me. They also told me that someone as pretty and as nice as I was should not tolerate being treated that way. The afternoon sun ducked behind a set of clouds, causing a sudden drop in temperature. It can scramble your brain, especially if you're a history buff.