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So, while most people can see, eyesight ranges from extraordinary to nonexistent. Athletic prowess ranges from the completely disabled to the weak or clumsy to the virtually super-heroic. Intelligence ranges from tragically low levels to unimaginably high levels. And each of us has our own, unique areas of weakness as well as areas in which we uniquely excel. Given these variations, in any ability or characteristic if we arrange all people along a scale according to the quality of that characteristic or ability, we will in every case find people who fall far outside the norm. They are unusual in the weakness or strength of that characteristic, possibly in ways which have enormous practical effects on the way they function. Sometimes such an eccentricity is due to a developmental problem or a disease of some kind, sometimes due to environment, and sometimes due to inheritance, but most often multiple factors are involved. When people observe differences so significant as to affect the way a person functions, they begin to ask questions. What is causing the difference? Can a limiting difference be resolved or compensated? Tell them how bad you feel and how life seems to be such a drag at the moment and how you just have to get this crap off your chest. Imagine how they are going to respond. They will look at you as if you're insane and they are unlikely to take you seriously - if they do you're in big trouble! Rather than taking it out on the person that you love, it makes sense to treat your nearest and dearest like a stranger or an acquaintance when you are in a bad mood. In truth you would never go up to a stranger and give out to them the way that you do to your partner or your best friend. So wouldn't it make sense just to be a bit more stand-offish rather than just going off on one? Feeling free to attack, criticise or nag doesn't help you, it doesn't help your partner, it doesn't improve your relationship, it doesn't do anything constructive whatsoever. This is the time to say f**k it! <a href=''>I</a> call this theFk it Factor' - the moment you decide to let negative thoughts go. It's rarely that important, at least not as important as your love for one another.

Once a person has been doing well for a solid three months, it's reasonable to see if the improvement can be sustained at a lower dose. This can help you get to the root cause of your immune problems. You can find the assessment online at https://d162een1idlb9q. Nutrition Intensive Care BFF Summary Begin with the Energy Revitalization System and the Smart Energy System. This one drink and two pills a day can give outstanding nutritional support and dramatically increase energy after one month. Most people with CFS/FMS do best with a high salt and protein intake and avoiding sugar. Beyond that, eat the diet that leaves you feeling the best, while keeping it fairly whole and healthy. Many find a ketogenic diet improves symptoms. But there's a third category of relationship for the entitled person (and for the rest of us, too): growth relationships. This means peers, friends, mutual strugglers, and equals who are willing to walk down the journey of life, together. At some level, everyone wants and needs growth relationships. Relationships which promote growth require the presence of grace and truth in each person, two qualities exemplified by Jesus himself (John 1:14). For both individuals, this means accepting each other's frailties and hurts while continuing to challenge each other to grow, change, and get better. The entitled person generally knows that the helping relationship makes him or her into a dependent child -- a painful position to be in and one that erodes the small amount of self-respect that may yet exist. The fun, let's stay entitled relationship becomes a permanent party that feels good for a time, but that bears no real and substantive fruit. In fact, over time it deteriorates and degrades the life of both individuals trapped in it. I was working with a man in his late twenties who had been described as a classic slacker. He still lived at home, showed little ambition, and Mom and Dad paid all his expenses (though they regularly nagged him to get his life together, a habit that kept everyone miserable).

Should there be some accommodation made for the difference? At this point a label is given, and some diagnosis may subsequently be made. Sometimes this can be helpful. Perhaps the affected person will be better able to understand himself. Perhaps he can better adjust to his difference(s). He may receive some kind of helpful accommodation. On the other hand, sometimes the label takes on a life of its own and is more detrimental than helpful. Such may be the case with labels like learning-disabled, dyslexia, hyperactive, attention deficit, bipolar, and many, many other labels. Such labels have definitely served their purposes, but they can at times be more burden than advantage to those to whom they are applied, a fact which is clearly illustrated by the constant updating of well-intended labels In order to escape the stereotypes which have naturally built up around them. So, when we begin to investigate a significant personal difference, we always need to go with our eyes wide open. I always say reach the F**k it Factor' faster because you are going to get there anyway sometime. <a href=''>There</a> will come a stage in your day, or some stage in your life, that you say,F
k it! The stress is just not worth it. All the giving out, all the moaning, all the complaining. F**k it, it's just a waste of time. It doesn't do anything for you. Silence the Kangaroo Courts of Your Mind Many of us spend too much time criticising ourselves, moaning at ourselves, complaining to ourselves and being down on ourselves. Then we ask ourselves why we are not happier. So you've been doing all of this self-abuse stuff and you wonder why you are still not happy .

Take Recovery Factors (www. This has resulted in dramatic benefits, usually seen in one to two weeks. See the dosing and other information on the website. For four to six months, consider adding 200 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 a day, 500 milligrams of acetyl-L-carnitine twice a day, 500 to 1,000 milligrams of NAC a day, and one capsule of Vectomega a day. I add iron if the ferritin blood test is under 60. A subset of people feel markedly better on a gluten- and dairy-free diet. I usually don't begin with this because it is a nuisance for people to do, but it can make a big difference. Lauren Hoover-West's website (www. Genetic testing for methylation is not very reliable, and most healthy people are positive. A guest article by Dr Neil Nathan discusses how to tell if you have methylation issues and how to address them. Eventually they asked for help. The young man wasn't excited about trying to change his life, but he did know at some level that he didn't respect himself and that his perpetual party relationships were getting him nowhere. The case of entitlement in this family was not as severe as in the earlier example. But frankly, the situation is common enough that I could cite several other cases from my own experience that would, on the surface, sound nearly identical. As we addressed the young man's problem behaviors, he cooperated -- he began developing different habits and made gradual lifestyle changes. Eventually, he discovered that he was a talented numbers guy, great with finances. He got training, found a good job, and finally got his own apartment. Sometime later, he told me about an encounter with his old friends: It was really weird. They were actually boring. Same old parties and stories.

We should seek to obtain every credible information and helpful advice, but not get too carried away with the label. Because a person is far more than what can be summarized by any label. And while it might be helpful to see himself as a person with a small label or labels attached, it is not healthy for his person (self) to be overshadowed by a label or for her to be identified primarily by the label. So it is with the term empath, one whose specific meaning is not yet settled, which can refer to anyone on a spectrum ranging from unusually empathetic to highly sensitive to extrasensory to psychic. A label can assist if it enables you to improve your human functionality. But if it reduces your functionality as a human being it is a hindrance. So before you embark on any path of self-discovery, resolve to keep both feet on the ground. You are a unique individual with specific tendencies, preferences, sensitivities, gifts, strengths and weaknesses that make you who you are. Avail yourself of that which may be helpful, and leave the rest alone. Hypothetical Empath You know self-harm is not helpful and that's what you have been doing. Each and every time you put yourself down you are being cruel and violent to yourself. You wouldn't dare speak that way to your children or to your best friend because you know it just doesn't bode well. It takes you nowhere that you want to go. In fact it takes you exactly where you don't want to go. One of the things most of us have little difficulty in doing is pointing out our shortcomings. Some of us do it silently through the mental chatter of self-deprecation that rants on and on in the kangaroo courts of our minds, incessantly judging ourselves with extreme prejudice and vitriol. Self-manufactured slogans are conjured up and fired at will - I'm useless, I'm an idiot, I'm not good enough, I'm not able for this - each one perfectly placed to sabotage our efforts. Others take it a step further and announce to the world the findings of their own special court appearance, where they have been both judge and jury, tried and hung out to dry. Cloaked with false humour they announce they can't do this, they're not good at that or that's not the kind of person they are.