Doing this will lead to alternative results and thinking ahead to see how each decision will end and weighing the options. Leo owns a catering company, and he needs to hire another employee but, isn't sure where to create the money for one. He starts to ask himself where he is wasting money or could save money. When and if he does hirer another person how much more money would that bring in because he could add more events to his calendar. creates a list of all the pros and cons of hiring another person. he make more money even if he is paying another person to help? the income could be beneficial as well. looks at the data and facts on hiring a new person, and now he can decide what will work best for him. boldly said, I felt pumped. even thought about being in Afghanistan when the barracks blew up--like I could get a do-over. was ready. is awesome, young man, Dr Matt said admiringly. those of you who may not know, Ben has been feeling badly since the time he was unable to help in an IED tragedy while he was in the Army. this stress episode as redemption is a very, very important step for him. Matt bumped fists with Ben, then returned to his seat. an example of thinking that helped. everyone else have positive thoughts during this event? Oh, heavens, no! After reading some of the stories above, one might think so, but in truth, the short answer is no. Narcissists run the gamut from those who don't understand why they do, say, and feel the things they do, people who really want to be good to those in their lives, all the way to people who simply don't give a damn who they harm or how they do it.

Like the rest of us, most people fall between the extremes. The good narcissists tend to view their narcissism as a handicap that distorts the way they see their relationships. The bad ones will just go with it. The question for those who have to deal with them, is do they have a good narcissist on their hands, or a bad one? Believe it or not, if you have a narcissist in your life, it can actually be tricky to determine where they fall on the spectrum. On the one hand, their narcissism can be benign in so far as their pride, even arrogance comes from some real accomplishment. On the other, it can also be malignant in those who see themselves as special or superior for no other reason than they need to believe it's true and will do whatever it takes to make sure that delusion is not broken. Or perhaps you've been told that you are narcissistic, but you just don't see yourself in any of the examples above. Weighing the options and getting a clear understanding of the information and facts will help make the right decision for the situation. Consider the facts and try to keep your emotions out of the decision if you want to make a clear conscious decision that will serve you. Make a list of the pros and cons of the situations. Listings the good points and the bad points will be helpful in creating a rational decision. all the alternatives and the consequences and how it will affect others along with yourself and then pick the best one. decision making is more of a decision based on how you feel. It is a knowing inside yourself, and you have no doubt about the situation or issue and what you should do. There isn't a doubt you are making the right decision. The facts and data and rational thinking doesn't make a difference in this process or even help. Sometimes it's a voice that will tell you that it is the right decision or it is a feeling in your body like butterflies in your stomach when you think about the choice you need to make. Patty blurted. I feared I might be tied up with ropes, probably because I felt helpless.

and restless. Then I realized that all these other brave people--you guys--were doing all that could be done, and, you know what? I relaxed a little. Ashley offered an air high-five. Very nice, Mamacita. Then her mask of enthusiasm fell away, and Ashley's voice quivered. I'll be honest, y'all: I kept thinking of my big ole pine dresser in my room at home--my hidey hole--and wishing I was closer to it, because I gotta tell ya, I don't like drunken men. Even the smell of beer on a man's breath triggers fearful feelings in me. Let's take a moment to find out. Ask yourself the following questions, and be honest: Can you pass a mirror without looking at yourself? Narcissists tend to look at themselves in every mirror they pass. How much time and money do you spend on grooming? The more you spend on your appearance, the more likely you are to be a narcissist. Are you addicted to selfies? Narcissists tend to fill their phones with selfies, especially ones that show off their bodies. Do you post your every move on social media? It's narcissistic to think the world needs or even wants to know what you eat, what you are wearing, where you went shopping, what you just downloaded, etc Intuitive decisions are made quickly, not a lot of thought goes into making these decisions. The situation presents itself, and you respond by the way your body feels or the voice that speaks to you at that moment.

It feels right to you, so you go with the flow of how you feel. It is hard to explain because the facts are not a part of the equation, and you don't rely on the data and facts. There is nothing to tell you if it is right or wrong, you just feel that it is the right thing to do for you at the time. You can't explain this feeling that comes over you. is just in your knowing. Ericka knew that she would find true love, but she wasn't sure when it would happen. A co-worker set her up on a blind date. Ericka was hesitant to go, but she heard a voice that told her to go out with this guy. Nothing more dangerous, in my experience. I'm glad I was back here instead of at that front door; I--I-- Ashley took in a shuddery breath and blew it out. there, done that, bought the T-shirt, as they say. No more for me. You guys can have it. and, uh--I knew you would. She and Dr Matt locked eyes a moment. She waved him off, crossed her arms over her chest, and looked away. He prompted, Darrell? Trust me, we don't care. If it really matters to you that people like your most recent picture of you in another new pair of shoes, you might be a narcissist.

Do you irritate or disregard the rights or needs of others, but you don't notice or care? If that describes you, you're a narcissist. Do you deserve special treatment? An overweening sense of entitlement without something real to back it up is a sure sign of narcissism. Do you feel that the people in your life are reflections of you? If you're obsessed with how people will see you based on the appearance, words, or actions of your friends and family, you are a narcissist. Do you see everyone in your life as a potential rival? If you distrust those close to you, can't easily their successes or need to strike back when they outperform or annoy you, you're exhibiting a highly narcissistic trait. After spending 10 minutes with Todd, she was convinced that he was her soul mate. They couldn't explain it, but they just knew they were meant to be together. Six months later, they were married. They both felt the certainty and Ericka heard her inner voice telling her Todd was the one for her. A person can increase the listening factor to their intuition. When you listen to the intuition more often and realize what is going on, you are in tune with it. You understand what is going on and are willing to listen to it. It will take time to know when your inner self is talking but, the more you listen and practice, the better you will know when it is talking to you. You will begin to learn what the signs are for you. Be sure to pay attention to your first impulse, that initial feeling, voice, knowing will be the answer that you are looking for. I was thinking about you, Doc. I was going to do whatever was needed to protect you.