Eat what is good for YOU and your body will tell you what is not working. Make your window a vault! When it's closed nothing gets in except coffee and water. It's closed. An oil--stained, cluttered garage--or an ornate armoire filled with luxurious linens? Are you surprised by what you find when you associate this corner with abundance? A long--time financially suffering friend of mine laughed when she saw that her Prosperity corner was the corner that always leaked when it rained. Her money was always leaking out away from her. Sometimes feng shui answers are quite literal. Is this corner outside the house because the shape of the room or home was designed to have this piece missing (as in Figure 7)? If this or any other corner of your room or home is missing, complete it by employing one of the cures for missing pieces. If not, just make a note that you need one here--you'll definitely learn about it later. Prosperity location in bagua. For now, let's assume you actually have a regular and complete corner to work with. For that reason, I participated in a consensus conference in 2015 to identify new types of continuing medical education that will challenge doctors and help them maintain and improve their skills. We will discuss this in detail in article 5. Perhaps my favorite example of this lesson is the case of Ben Franklin's chess skills. Franklin was America's first famous genius. He was a scientist who made his reputation with his studies of electricity, a popular writer and publisher of Poor Richard's Almanack, the founder of the first public lending library in America, an accomplished diplomat, and the inventor of, among other things, bifocals, the lightning rod, and the Franklin stove. But his greatest passion was chess.

He was one of the first chess players in America, and he was a participant in the earliest game of chess known to have been played here. He played chess for more than fifty years, and as he got older he spent more and more time on it. While in Europe he played with Francois-Andre Danican Philidor, the best chess player of the time. And despite his well-known advice to be early to bed and early to rise, Franklin regularly played from around 6:00 p. The park or outdoor area will be where you will complete the additional As so choose a place with Academics, Art, and Advocacy in mind. For Academics, pack a article, a notepad and a pen or pencil. For Art, make sure to have your favorite dance music or use the same notepad. Finally, bring something to pick up trash. Cleaning up around you isn't the only way to do Advocacy but it works for this example. When you're ready, begin. Not taking breaks between exercise, adventure, learning, art, advocacy or improving yourself is critical because the easiest way to stall progress on learning is take too much time off between learning sessions. Ideally you should practice for six consecutive days. Some A's are easier to do daily than others, but it is our intention and in the consistency in the actions that makes discovering our Human Algorithm possible. Here are a few examples . It might be so much that you need to keep bringing your mind back to the staircase when it wanders. Do so as gently as possible. Aim to perform a reality check when you finish counting- be aware that you might not even notice that you've transitioned into a dream at first. If things feel odd at any point during counting, do a reality check. Sometimes I've found myself doing a reality check before counting up to 8 and have found myself in a dream. It really can happen that fast!

If you're not lucid already, wait a couple of minutes and try again. Space out the amount of time you wait between attempts and if you've tried a few times, it's unlikely that it'll work this time so just go to sleep normally. A note on sleep paralysis: With SILD, there is a chance that you'll experience sleep paralysis. Hunger isn't an emergency. It won't kill you. It's temporary. Pretend you are somewhere with no food and push through. I've realized sugar really is THE WORST for me. I don't deny sugar entirely, but I'm way more conscious of it and the way it makes me feel. I'm so much less bloated (reduced inflammation), and even my mood is so much more stable and elevated. I used to sip sugar-free drinks all day, thinking I was being healthy, but now I realize I was just confusing my hormones all day. Our bodies are not as evolved as we'd like to think . Our culture and food availability has shifted rapidly and significantly over the last century. Here are some of the best items to place in the Prosperity corner. Use one, all, or however many work with your decor. If one is good, more is better isn't necessarily true when you use intention to create feng shui power. Plan view of house or apartment with most of the Prosperity gua and some of the Family gua missing. Power Tools for Prosperity Purple Purple is the best color for the Prosperity corner.

Put a big chunk of purple amethyst there and look out! Dig out and fire up that purple lava lamp and watch the money start to ooze up and bubble over into your life. Dare I say it? Make sure Barney's place is in the Prosperity corner of your child's room. So Ben Franklin was brilliant, and he spent thousands of hours playing chess, sometimes against the best players of the time. Did that make him a great chess player? He was above average, but he never got good enough to compare with Europe's better players, much less the best. This failing was a source of great frustration to him, but he had no idea why he couldn't get any better. Today we understand: he never pushed himself, never got out of his comfort zone, never put in the hours of purposeful practice it would take to improve. He was like the pianist playing the same songs the same way for thirty years. That is a recipe for stagnation, not improvement. Getting out of your comfort zone means trying to do something that you couldn't do before. Sometimes you may find it relatively easy to accomplish that new thing, and then you keep pushing on. But sometimes you run into something that stops you cold and it seems like you'll never be able to do it. Athletics . Whether you do aerobic exercise (eg running) or anaerobic exercise (eg lifting weights), your intention and consistency are key. John has been hospitalized a few times. It always frustrates him because his workouts are interrupted. His response? He counts the tiles on floor while walking around the hospital.

He sets a goal of walking 100 steps. He counts laps around a ward. Later when he has been discharged from the hospital, he often looks back on these workouts. Any workout outside of the hospital is harder, but few are as important as his hospital walks. Sleep paralysis is actually excellent, if a little scary, proof that you're on the cusp of entering a dream. If you find yourself unable to move your body, just relax. Tell yourself it's a dream and will yourself to become lucid. Keep visualizing your stairs or even try changing the dream scene at this point. If your sleep paralysis turns nightmarish (you may see dream figures around you or find yourself seeing strange patterns) remember that it's nothing to fear and that you can't be hurt. If it's too much to bear, hold your eyes closed tightly for a few seconds and tell yourself to wake up. A note on false awakenings A false awakening is when you wake up, get out of bed, do some activities and then wake up again with the realization that it was all a dream. These are some of the most vivid, tame and realistic dreams you will ever have! It is even possible to get caught in a loop of recurring false awakenings. We should really strive to eat as our grandparents and great-grandparents did: mostly homemade, real food, one large meal a day, unsweetened drinks to hydrate. Having one primary meal a day allows me to focus on quality and gives me freedom the rest of the day. I'm saving time and money while losing weight and improving my health! First, it gets easier. Day by day, bit by bit, even if you only extend your fasting window by 15 minutes, you can get there. Second, everyone's journey is different.