But so is excitement. Step Eight: Visualize the Steps Visualizing yourself doing the steps it takes to reach your vision makes you more likely to succeed. Interestingly, research shows that people who visualized themselves studying get better scores than those who simply just visualized getting a positive grade. You can apply this research to your own visualization and goals for the future. Visualization is a woefully underutilized technique, but it's always available to you. This was the video kicking off the opening ceremony. I've seen some version of the vision video, as it's known in the industry, dozens of times. Sponsor companies and show promoters love to produce them to get the crowd excited about the world of tomorrow and show how cutting-edge they are in their long-term strategic thinking. In case you couldn't tell, I'm not a huge fan of vision videos. Self-driving cars will pilot you to work and take the kids to school, the video continued, showing images of attractive people with perfect smiles and mildly futuristic clothing. This usually means bland and monochromatic. I don't understand why everyone thinks that people will not like bright colors or denim in the future. Autonomous drones will deliver you packages and medicine . It's not that I don't believe the technologies in these videos are coming. It isn't even that I worry they'll negatively affect our lives and cities. When we forgive someone, we feel pure love in our hearts. Love is the nature of our hearts. You might be thinking at his point, how can someone love humanity like this. The answer to this question is to look at the history of the world.

You will see examples of many many people who gave unconditional love, and because they gave unconditional love to humanity, their name is still alive in the world. People like Mother Teresa were filled up with love and kept radiating love for their fellow beings. I have been asked the question many times by different people. What is the cause of pain in the world? The answer is when there is a lack of love; The pain comes in your life when you lack the beautiful feeling of love. Visualization can't, of course, guarantee results in your life. Life has no guarantees, unfortunately, and success is a combination of hard work, grit, and even luck. But the more you stay the course, the more likely you are to propel yourself further down the line and learn a hell of a lot about yourself in the process. So let's have some straight talk about visualization. Visualization doesn't come easily for everyone - like anything, it takes practice. To start you in your visualization process, here are some adapted questions from Mel Robbins for you to ask yourself and consider. Each question is designed to support you in the visualization process to get you to where you want to be. For the purposes of this exercise imagine first that it's five years from now, and you are living your ideal life, and then do the same for one year out from now. Five years from now: How do you respond when you first meet someone and are asked, What do you do? My problem with these shiny, high-production vision videos is that they try to paper over the dirty little secret about the future. When people talk about the future, not only do they get it wrong by thinking it's a fixed destination from which we are powerless to deviate. They also make the mistake of talking about the future in terms of sweeping, seismic change. Here's the dirty little secret about the future: it's going to look a lot like today.

If you were to go to New York City and take a picture of Fifth Avenue and then compare it to pictures taken from the same spot ten, twenty, even thirty years in the past, you'd see that over the years it has looked pretty much the same. Sure, the cars are different, and the way people dress. But the general look and feel of the place is pretty much the same. And this is a good thing! Because, as it happens, civilizations don't do well with huge, seismic change. As Alex said, if we were to wake up tomorrow morning and find ourselves living in a science fiction movie, that would be a nightmare. What is the process of forgiving someone? The Easiest Way To Forgive Someone Is As Follows Imagine white light is coming from your heart into the heart of that person who bothered you. Do this for a minute, or when you feel that you are done, finish this process by thanking the person and saying good bye. Once you finish, you can count from 1 to 5 and slowly open your eyes. Feel the warmth and calmness of that beautiful white light in your heart. Once done count from 1 to 5 and then open your eyes. You are now free from that painful memory of that person's action. The question is, how do you know that you have forgiven the person? The way to learn is whenever you think about that person; Describe your physical surroundings in as much detail as possible. Where do you live? Where do you spend your free time? Where are you working?

Describe the people surrounding you in your personal life (and professional life if applicable). What is the atmosphere in your personal life? Your home life? Your professional life? How do you contribute to those atmospheres? What are you most proud of? Plus, if the future is going to look pretty much like today, that means there are just a few specific things you need to learn about how things will change. We'll explore these things in detail in the coming articles of the article. Knowing this secret about the future means that understanding what's coming and shaping your future is possible. With a limited number of things to worry about, the future won't seem so overwhelming. Before we dive in and get started, I want to give you one last tool to prepare you for the future. It's a bit of a defense mechanism. Because as you go about imagining, designing, and realizing your future, you're going to encounter people along the way who want you to believe some other version of the future. You don't have to listen and here's why. Beware of Predictions and the People Who Make Them Working as a futurist, people always expect me to make predictions about the future. You feel calm and relaxed when you feel calm and relaxed; What are laws of success? Laws of success helps you clearly understand your life and nature. These laws allow you to attract tremendous success and fulfillment in life when applied correctly.

To understands your life in a better way. It would be best if you had a greater understanding of the laws of the universe. These laws will guide you to move in the right direction--the direction of peace, calmness, excitement, and fulfillment. If you know how these laws work, you can use these laws to your advantage you desire. These laws are the manual for living a fulfilled life. A successful person is not the one who only has money and fame in life. What is your favorite way to spend your downtime? When somebody asks you for mentoring advice, what do you tell them? Describe the steps you had to take to get to where you are. Do you have any regrets? What would you have done differently to get here? Now, go back and run through these questions as if it's one year from now. Once you answer the questions and have your vision, write down or think about the steps that you'll need to take to get there. What exactly will you need to do? For the next thirty days, practice visualizing those steps by visualizing both your future vision and the steps you need to take to get there. Step Nine: Daily Meditation It comes with the territory. This makes sense, but as I always respond, I'm not that kind of futurist. In fact, I'm a futurist who refuses to make predictions. Because predictions are useless.