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Who says that compassion is a sign of weakness? Who says that I cannot find the courage to be who I really am? Make your personal list. Remember, these are investigations not opinions. The purpose is not to create new judgments of any person or thing. We are observing and learning. We do not need the ego's help to do this. I must warn the reader that it would be very risky to try to prescribe homeopathic remedies to oneself or to anybody by merely reading this or other articles of this genre without a full and complete education in the fundamentals of homeopathy and proper training in practice. Such an education takes several years of dedicated and systematic learning in an accredited college of homeopathy, followed by clinical training by experienced practitioners. Knowledge of the concept of the other song enhances and complements such a formal study but is not a replacement for it. We are going on a journey to find out what lies at the root of who you are and of your stress. This journey is not an intellectual exercise but aims to uncover your deep inner experience. To that end, I will be asking certain questions. I may ask the same question again and again, especially when it pertains to what you feel and experience. I will probably ask several times. It doesn't mean that you are not clear or that I don't understand you. It simply means that by asking the same question over and over again we have found that we are able to reach deeper levels. Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between, one of the main ingredients in any relationship is allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Within the past several years, the concept of vulnerability has become more widely understood and acknowledged as a key component in developing emotional closeness. Although therapists and counselors have discussed this concept on their couches for years, the concept of being vulnerable has become more mainstream thanks to social work researcher Brene Brown.

Brene Brown states that vulnerability is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. She puts forth that vulnerability 'is at the core of all emotions and feelings,'39 and she couldn't be more correct. If you want to connect to people and really get to know them, you must let them in to your innermost circle. Not only your innermost friend circle, but into the core of your inner self, meaning your heart and soul. This statement may sound cliche or cheesy, but for most of us, it sounds terrifying. Because we have been conditioned to protect our hearts and souls from being rejected, we are not open to vulnerability. To better understand the concept of vulnerability and the need for it in any relationship, I like to reflect on a commonly used metaphor--that of an armored warrior draped in plates of metal. Letting go of limiting beliefs and installing new and more positive beliefs can take place at any point in our lives. It is never too late to disconnect from limiting beliefs and take up ones that are more encompassing and flexible. It is always interesting to investigate the things that we blindly accept as truth. And as Socrates said, 'The unexamined life is not worth living. ' The Healing Time Finally on my way to yes I bump into all the places where I said no So each time I repeat a question, you simply need to answer me in different words, in a little more detail, and keep continuing in that way. This is not a test, and there is no right or wrong answer. It is your experience we are seeking to know.

(The word 'restriction' is important. It is the opposite of 'get out,' which she used with a lot of energy. This, we will find out later, represents the depth and degree of her desperation. This is the situation she perceives, one in which she is restricted and must get out. Victim/aggressor is the deepest sensation, underlying and giving rise to all the other expressions of violence: punching, blasting, exploding, and so on. She perceives and reacts to her father-in-law as an aggressor. That is her experience of reality. A metal helmet protects the warrior's head, with only a slit for the eyes and nose, and his hands and feet are protected by metal gloves and boots, a shield, and a sword. This armor is meant to prevent anything from penetrating to his core. Should penetration occur, the warrior may die. We tend to put on metaphorical armor when it comes time to show weakness or vulnerability. Consider why the common pleasantry, 'How are you doing? ' normally gets answered by 'fine' or 'good. ' The reality is that a more truthful answer might be more complex and emotional than a simple fine or good. But we have internalized the idea that showing vulnerability or our true selves is a risk and, moreover, a turnoff to others. Showing vulnerability is tricky. As I've learned in my work as a relational therapist, it is against our human nature to expose our true, vulnerable, feeling self, first. to my life all the untended wounds the red and purple scars

those hieroglyphs of pain carved into my skin, my bones, those coded messages that send me down the wrong street again and again where I find them To what degree, with what intensity does she experience the sensation of victim/aggressor? To the degree of feeling very restricted and wanting to get out urgently. She is the Claustrophobic Type in her coping mechanism. N. B. The sensation will almost always be accompanied by hand gestures, whereas the coping mechanism is almost never accompanied by hand gestures. In the dreams we see pursued and escaping, fear, snakes, beautiful surroundings that cause a reaction in her. We have reached the level of delusion. The next level is the sensation and the source itself. With the patient whose other song is so clearly from the animal kingdom, the insect subkingdom of the bee, we can clearly see the similarity as to how her entry into his house threatened her father-in-law's territory. It makes sense, as doing so comes with the risk of rejection, shame, and abandonment if what we are trying to share doesn't land well with the people we care about. To protect ourselves we end up playing a mind game of 'I will only share my vulnerability with you if you show me yours first. ' It takes a courageous person to show their vulnerability first and, in my opinion, this is why a lot of potential relationships, romantic and platonic, fail right from the start.

I am reminded of one of my own recent experiences when someone was courageous enough to take the first step. I had met this person casually nearly five years ago and, like any good millennial, Facearticle-friended them. After five years of liking their pictures, this person, who is bicoastal, reached out to me and had the courage to share that they would like to get to know me better, because they wanted to see what a friendship would look like. I was floored--this had never happened to me. How could I not embrace a gesture like this? This person had shown me their vulnerability first, no way I was going to reject it! Now that you really understand the importance of vulnerability in developing human connections, are you ready to challenge yourself to be more vulnerable? the old wounds the old misdirections and I lift them one by one close to my heart and I say Holy Holy. Persha Gertler[xxxi] The Wound You and all beings are equal in wanting to be happy; She was young and confident. In her this nonhuman song is that of me versus the other. It is her against her father-in-law.