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This is awareness, and every moment of awareness is a moment of being alive and healing. However, beware of people who constantly use the phrase I did the best I could as an excuse not to be responsible for their actions and who make no effort to be mindful and growing. This method can be restrictive for those clients who struggle with this form of framework or who want to know more about the root cause of their distress. Therefore, to conclude that if we are addicted to bad habits such as alcohol or internet addiction, cognitive behavioral therapy tells several ways to fix this problem. There are numerous concepts such as aversion therapy recovery program and social support groups to eliminate bad habits using cognitive behavioral therapy.The first quote I loved is still among my favorites: Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe. It's an oft-repeated American proverb of unknown origin that my maternal grandmother taught me when I was eight. All these years later it continues to strike a chord. I attached myself to it as a kid not only because it told me what I should do; At age twelve, when I came upon a sentence on article two hundred and something of Madeleine L'Engle's novel A Ring of Endless Light, I was so taken by it I had to stop reading. Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light, I scrawled in semipermanent marker on the inside of my forearm, where it stayed for the better part of a week (and in my mind for the better part of my life). I've been a quote collector ever since. From the comic to the profound, the simple to the complex, the sorrowful to the ecstatic, the inspiring to the stern, whenever I need consolation or encouragement, a clear-eyed perspective or a swift kick in the pants--which is often--quotes are what I turn to. The idea that someone can't be fired because he or she is in a protected class or union and because it will take an act of Congress to do so, creates a breeding ground for below-average performance. And until we hold people responsible for their actions, this type of behavior will continue and the results will be below average. People think responsibility is hard to bear. I think that sometimes it is the absence of responsibility that is harder to bear. You have a great feeling of impotence. Wall Street. No Accountability I love America, which gives us many freedoms.

But with freedom comes responsibility and accountability, both of which are lacking on Wall Street. The greed and pure selfish acts of several of Wall Street's influencers is what fueled our financial recession in 2008. The idea that there are people the world favors and ones that nothing ever works out for is false. This is self-defeating thought that causes people to take their hands off the reins in their own life. Another common misconception about life is that strength is about who can do the most vicious things. A person who has an unpleasant disposition and is easily annoyed will always say that life is difficult and that you need to be the one who strikes first before they get you. What they do not realize is that they create a lot of their own problems with their confrontational attitude. They make their own life difficult because they turn every interaction they have with another person into a fight. Because they do this, they are constantly having to fight, not realizing they would not have to do this if they did not approach others in a confrontational manner. This is also not the way to handle it when someone does want to start a conflict with you. In fact, that is what we will talk about in our final article. How to Handle Yourself When Other People Challenge You And we miss it by simply not paying attention. I would be willing to bet that we miss it nine times out of ten. But it doesn't have to be that way. Slowing down doesn't have to be complicated, and it can change everything about our experience in a positive direction. When we slow down, one bite can encompass a world. When we slow down, our food has the potential to excite our tongues and teeth and taste buds, and awaken us from the inside out. Any guide to good health will tell us that for optimal digestion and proper consumption, we should be chewing each bite of food twenty to thirty times. I challenge us all to do that--for only a few bites each day.

That will slow us down. And likely make us eat less, and appreciate the intricacies of food flavor more. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society agrees--advising, in its literature, that managing the disease, and your expectations for its inevitable progression, is healthier than hoping it will get better. The latter can lead to long-term depression, which does nothing to ameliorate symptoms or a patient's ability to cope. I wasn't ready to hear this, either. And so, when I received an unsolicited brochure for Social Security disability benefits in the mail a few weeks later, I threw it in the trash. In the midst of sorting through how to respond to my diagnosis with MS, a revelation came to me: As a naturopathic physician, I did know what I could do. I already possessed an effective tool kit for treating patients who have autoimmune thyroid diseases. Since MS is also an autoimmune disease, I reasoned, why not apply those same treatment modalities to myself? Early Lessons As it turned out, I was wrong and I did need help from the specialists my doctor recommended. And once again I was wrong: The specialists were very helpful. By alchemical transformation, I'm not referring to only outer physical processes such as the combining of flour, yeast, and water into bread. Alchemical transformation refers to processes that initiate and sustain growth, reverse entropy, and result in an upgrade on both outer and inner levels of experience. Alchemists sought to understand how structures, organisms, and systems could move toward more elegant, effective, and durable states rather than toward dissolution and degradation over time. Although the sole aim of alchemy is often said to be changing base lead into gold, its actual goal is to evolve a substance--whether metal, plant, or person--in order to extract or express its inherent divine nature. In other words, alchemists looked at how a substance or being moves closer to the fullest, most potent expression of its true nature. To understand the wisdom and contributions of alchemy, it is not enough to say that it was a precursor to modern science. Although alchemy's influence on the development of modern Western science cannot be denied, the two systems have their own values, agendas, questions, and attitudes. In the words of biochemist and philosopher Mae-Wan Ho, modern Western science [i]s dominated by an analytical tradition that progressively separates and fragments that which for many of us appears to be the seamless perfection that once was reality.

Alchemy, on the other hand, throughout its many centuries of existence in India, Europe, China, and the Arab world, was dominated by a tradition of synthesis and integration. Nathan Schwartz-Salant writes in The Mystery of Human Relationship, This was never more evident than when my 13-year-old self met a cute, tall, thin, well-muscled 15-year-old basketball star. Our family attended a homeschool outing to hunt fossils. When you are a teenager, however, that seems lame, so the older kids played basketball in the driveway instead. At first I was afraid of failing and felt too nervous to play. But then I noticed the tallest guy on the court. He was playing rough and tumble, doing whatever it took to beat his opponent in a game of one-on-one. When they finished, he walked off to get a drink and I grabbed the ball to lob some shots at the goal. The guy who had just lost (who I later learned was the tallest guy's friend, Jason) joined me and asked if I wanted to pair up to play. Before I knew it, we were playing an intense game of two-on-two. The only instruction Jason gave me was to stick to this cute, tall guy like glue. We're always responsible for our own actions. If you are thoughtless or hurtful toward someone and you don't repair it, you're only doing the best that you are willing to do. Be True to Yourself You Are Important Caretakers can find it hard to value themselves as important. In actuality, you're the most important person in your life. It is necessary for your self-esteem and healing to enthusiastically respond to your own thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. Doing so is your number one job in life.

If you don't take care of yourself, the only alternative is that you expect someone else to take care of you. When you're important to yourself, you're valuing your uniqueness and contributions to others. They've been tacked to the walls of every home I've made. I've written them down in my journals and kept them in files on my computer. I've scribbled them on the backs of ripped-open envelopes and drawn them across stretches of sand. They appear throughout all three of my previous articles. They were a part of my weddings and my blessingways (the hippie/feminist version of baby showers). I read the words of others at my mother's memorial service and had her own words--I'm always with you--etched on her gravestone. I've offered quotes as tokens of my affection to lovers and friends in good times and bad. It was a quote of my own making--I am not afraid--that carried me through my 1,100-mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail when I was twenty-six and a quote from my mother--Put yourself in the way of beauty--that motivated me to take the journey in the first place. A few years later, as I began in earnest to write my first article, I was driven on by my daily reading of the quotes by Flannery O'Connor and Eudora Welty that I wrote on the chalkboard that sat near my desk. As I labored for more than forty hours while birthing my first child, Ram Dass's advice to be here now was a life raft, and it has served me in a different way as I've watched my two children grow at what seems like lightning speed. What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? Watch the documentary Inside Job, and you'll get a financial picture that is disturbing and one that must change. The old motto, Well, everyone else is doing it, is a response of a coward, not a leader. Do you respect those who hold themselves accountable, or those who want money at any price? Whatever happened to earning an honest living? Life's Problems You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.