Overcoming the fear that you might have about your own role as an empath, and gaining a greater sense of confidence and self-worth, will help you continue to embrace what you are capable of doing. When you skip meals, that causes your blood sugar to drop. When you eat something sweet or starchy, especially on an empty stomach, that causes your blood sugar to spike. That crash-and-spike cycle is throwing your insulin out of balance. I didn't think I had to worry about insulin, Lara said. I know I'm not diabetic. I know, I said, but blood sugar and insulin imbalances affect us all. And imbalanced insulin also contributes to PMS symptoms. Plus, insulin imbalance is yet another type of stress on your system--which means it creates more stress hormones. Wow, Lara said. It's a vicious cycle. At the end of the exhale, return to upright. Perform this up to 10 times for each side. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Be with the breath. You can breathe normally or use ujjayi breath (drawing air in through both nostrils and breathing out with a slight constriction at the back of your throat, creating a whispering sound, like Darth Vader). Put all your attention on the third eye area, right between your eyebrows. You want to breathe in energy from the front of your forehead all the way to the back of the skull on the inhale and then reverse the process on the exhale. As you do this, focus on the third eye and connect the sound of your breath to creating a physical vibration or feeling in your forehead. Doing this, you can create chi (the circulating life energy that is thought to be inherent in all things) and observe the very essence of breath, prana.

It is highly recommended to include third eye breathing whenever you can during your daily routines. Confidence relies upon your ability to trust yourself, your feelings, and [why you are feeling them in the first place. When you are careful not to take on other people's unwanted feelings, you are even better at being empathic because you won't feel discouraged, worried, or anxious because of someone else's emotional jeopardy. Practicing being grounded and intuitive reasoning is very powerful and helps you connect more deeply to your emotional mastery. Accepting your gifts as an empath might feel hard at first, or not at all! You may feel empowered by reading this article and that you are ready to start practicing your emotional intelligence mastery and developing good empath skills. Either way, you are on the right track by considering all of this information and how it can affect you and the people in your life. You will find more and more reasons as you continue to grow and develop your skills. Emotional mastery is only one aspect of how you can gain confidence and overcome your fears. This whole article invites you to take a look at all aspects of being an empath and why it is such a useful tool in all societies and cultures. Your ability to engage with all people about any matter is what makes you such a special gift to this world and honing in on this ability is what will help you define the rest of your life experience. Exactly, I said. So between your stress hormones and your insulin, there are a lot of factors throwing your estrogen and progesterone out of balance. If we can rebalance your stress hormones and your insulin, a lot of your estrogen-progesterone issues will probably clear up by themselves. Sounds good, said Lara, cheerful again. So where do we start? I explained to Lara the basics of the 28-day plan in the second part of this article. Diet, herbs and supplements, exercise, sleep, and psychological support go a long way toward balancing both stress hormones and insulin. And when those master hormones are in good balance, the rest of your hormones are far more likely to fall in line, too. Lara embraced my 28-day plan with her usual enthusiasm, and the following month she saw an immediate improvement in her PMS symptoms.

She continued to eat, sleep, and exercise in a hormone-friendly way, and she also took time to explore some personal issues that were adding extra stress to her life. You will notice how much more you are in the present moment. Take a few focused, deeper-than-usual breaths. Allow your mind to focus and become calm. Bring your attention inward as you inhale through your nose. Make sure the inhalation is slow and long. Breathing in, contract your glottis (the opening between the vocal cords), making a snoring sound. Once your lungs are filled, hold for as long as comfortable and then release through your nose. As you exhale through your nose, make a soft humming sound in the mouth. This is a humming bee breath. Hum gently with your mouth closed but jaw relaxed. Evolving your empathic approach means giving yourself permission to enjoy it and live it! In the final article of this article, we will go over all of these concept to help you effectively align with your gifts and skills so that you are well on your way to living a happy, confident, abundant life as you give aid and assistance to your own feelings, as well as those of others. Embrace your gift now, and enjoy the fruitful results of empathy! All you have to do now is put all of these tools and techniques into practice. You are ready! If you have accepted your gift as an empath, then you can really get going with changing the way you process your own feelings and the feelings of other people. There are so many important things to remember from what you have read in this article, and this article will give you the information in a distilled format so that you can quickly reference all of the pointers and steps you need to set you up for empath success. Anytime that you feel like you need a quick reference, you can thumb through to this article to give you the resources that you need to feel supported and capable of any situation. Ask yourself what you are the most sensitive to.

Value your knowledge about your sensitivities, whether it is to noise, smells, certain places or people, certain foods or beverages, and so forth. She built in more quiet time for herself and added massage to her weekly schedule. Within three months, Lara's periods were completely regular and she was symptom free. And three months after that, she was pregnant. Balancing her hormones through diet, lifestyle, and psychological support had made all the difference. In an orchestra, some sections are more dominant than others at various times but the overall effect must be balanced and harmonious. If the string section goes astray, for example, it will quickly throw the whole orchestra off. As Lara discovered, if your stress hormones or your insulin go out of balance, that's likely to cause significant problems elsewhere in your system, including your sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA. These hormones regulate fertility, your menstrual cycle, and your transition into perimenopause, as well as your sex drive and your overall sense of sensuality. They also contribute to the development of muscle and many other important functions. Clearly, your sex hormones are a crucial part of any difficulties you might be having with PMS, painful periods, the transition into perimenopause, endometriosis, fibroids, and PCOS, not to mention any loss of interest in sex or feelings of being unsexy or unsensual. Continue the exhalation until the breath has completely exited your body. Try this for 8-12 complete breaths. Let the sound vibrate in your head. Then just sit quietly. Take a moment. Feel yourself as the breath. Let go of watching your breath and instead enter the breath with all of your being. Let yourself be centered by the breath. At first, be the swelling and receding, ebbing and flowing.

Then become the stillness from which the breath arises. Whatever you are sensitive to can be either avoided or mastered. If you are prepared to explore your sensitivities more, then you can have a better handle on any situation you are involved in. Your sensitivities are not a bad thing and can actually be incredibly helpful and useful in a lot of ways. Know what they are so that you know how to work well with them in the big, wide world of people, places, and scenarios. Knowing what your gifts are can help inform you of what kind of empath you are. You may be an empath who needs to work in a certain profession as a healer or a diplomat so that you can express your gifts to the world. Other empathic gifts are about the home, children, and family life. Some empaths become teachers to guide other people on their paths throughout life. Whatever your gifts are, they are helpful for you to know so that you can be more in touch with how you want to develop your gifts in your daily life. Only you can truly understand the depth of your gifts. But without balancing your stress hormones and your insulin, you will find it nearly impossible to balance your sex hormones. Because your hormones are a symphony, we can't just add one hormone at a time as if it weren't going to affect all the other players. Every hormonal prescription that we make will potentially have a significant ripple effect. To be successful in our treatment, we always need to look at the whole. Your mood, sexual energy, and overall energy are definitely affected, and I have even had patients tell me, My eyes feel funny or My taste buds are off. On the other hand, when your hormonal symphony is playing in tune, your whole body feels the benefits. Over the past few decades, we've learned to take a more nuanced approach to this villain of health care. We've all heard about the dangers of high cholesterol but it can also be a problem when it's too low. This is because without adequate cholesterol, the body can't make sufficient amounts of hormones.