Canned beans are very useful in a busy household, however. Canned foods do have salt in them as a preservative, which is the negative. Salt restriction is most important for people with heart failure, and some restriction is necessary if they have high blood pressure. Most people, though, can tolerate canned beans without difficulty. ELIMINATION #4: Sugars--Our Newest Addiction Processed sweeteners are the most common food additives worldwide. In 2009, Americans consumed an average of more than 130 pounds of processed sweeteners a year! This consumption is almost seven times the American Heart Association guidelines of 24 grams of processed sugar per day for women (approximately 6 teaspoons, which is a little less than 1 ounce) and more than four times the 36 grams per day recommended for men (about 9 teaspoons). Starting something is exciting. It's so exciting that most are willing to throw away the long-term satisfaction of excellence to continually ride an emotional roller coaster. It's a theme ride that soars high during honeymoon phases and catapults flat on its face during quitting times. Like an addictive drug, the dreadful lows are only alleviated by tapping back into the original high of the drug. Time and consistency illustrate the seriousness of our intentions. As a result of just a couple years of consistency, I've gotten good enough to record my own music and even teach beginner piano lessons! And, just think, because I've proven myself to be consistent with piano, imagine how much easier it will be to translate this to everything else in life? My relationships with friends and loved ones. As Luke 16:10 says from the Bible,One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. Do You Really Want This? Let me share with you how some of the Women of the Lodge addressed this. I journal because I need to get it out of my head.

Putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper has been a great tool for me. I catch myself and STOP--STOP--STOP. I see this as my scared little girl inside of me, and I speak to her. I thank her for sharing, for telling me how scared she is, but I tell her that I am doing well now and can take care of myself in a way I haven't been able to before. It's like setting limits with your child. I set limits with myself. I just stop. Sometimes it just does not work, so then I call another woman in my group and tell her I am struggling. Artificial sweeteners exist because they are supposedly low-calorie alternatives to sugar. People think that when they drink their coffee with artificial sweeteners, they won't gain weight. But is that true? In one population-based study, 474 people were followed for almost 10 years. Those participants who drank diet soda had a 70 percent higher increase in waist circumference than consumers who didn't. Those who drank two or more diet sodas per day reported a shocking 500 percent increase in waist circumference over consumers who drank something other than diet soda! Another study was done on rats that were fed the artificial sweetener aspartame. They subsequently showed an increase in blood glucose without a decrease in insulin-producing cells, suggesting insulin resistance. This study suggested that drinking diet soda could be a risk for developing diabetes. A more recent study in 2013 showed that diet drinks contribute to obesity. Think Long and Hard. Why was I able to actually keep this actually going, in particular?

In the past, I envisioned tons of passions or goals that never turned into anything significant. What was the difference between my passion for learning piano versus my passion for. I remember really wanting to get great at tennis growing up, to play professionally on the Wimbledon courts. I watched guys like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and so many others excel. I would actually try to imitate their movements in the living room as they played back the replays. I would play in competitions and actually won some matches. I would track how tennis players were doing competitively. I was INTO IT. I use the Serenity Prayer. Today it truly is not a problem for me. Oh, this has been a big one. I can get going in my head and that takes on a life of its own. One time on our way to the airport to take a trip, I had been thinking about things and suddenly I insisted he give me some details about what he did when he was with this last woman. I got focused on the sex act itself. Well, he refused to be specific. I got more and more mad, furious. By the time we arrived at the airport I refused to go on the trip, threw him his suitcase, and raced away in our car. He got on the plane and called me later. We do not believe in diet drinks. They worsen the obesity problem and should be completely avoided.

We are only fooling ourselves if we drink them. Most processed foods are bad for us. Cookies and cakes sit on store shelves for weeks, full of preservatives so they stay moist. Artificial sweeteners are added to our foods so they can be labeled as zero calorie. Artificial sweeteners are chemicals, and they make us sick. Learn to read labels and don't eat processed foods. Consider that if you want to eat cookies, make them yourself. Add fresh sugar, or change to dates, applesauce, and bananas for sweetening foods. My tennis career stopped short once my improvements became harder and harder. What's the difference between my desire to get good at tennis and getting good at piano? I actually wanted to do it. I wanted to make calls to piano teachers. I wanted to buy equipment for lessons. I wanted to commit to scheduling three hours of practice per week. I didn't need anyone else's financial support or approval for my decision. No matter what was going on, I never stopped. I had fostered a passion for this music by listening to it for years. Through previous choir classes, on-stage singing in musicals, recording sessions in my bedroom and casual listening while studying, the desire kept nagging at me. I was sure he would apologize. He called to let me know that I had thrown my own suitcase at him and he had my things.

Today when I start down that road of ruminating and obsessing, I just say, Take a hammer and hit yourself on the head because the only person you are harming is you. As Sara said, This has been a big one. Obsession and ruminating are major challenges. I don't know that I've ever worked with a partner who didn't struggle with obsessive thoughts. Vanessa found some answers in the use of a practice she called the God Box. I use my God Box. Left to my own devices I will only ruminate and obsess. I was introduced to this concept by other recovering women who told me that they keep an actual box for this purpose. Buy fresh ingredients, and you won't go wrong. Make pumpkin bread and cornbread using a mix, but just change the egg to applesauce with baking powder (one egg equals four ounces of applesauce and one teaspoon of baking powder) and cow's milk to coconut milk. You will need less oil when you use applesauce. If you want pizza, make the dough yourself and use red sauce with an abundance of vegetables. Skip the cheese! What Other Harmful Foods Do We Eat? Too many of us have absolutely no idea what is in our food. Often we see words on the ingredient lists that we've never heard of, but we just accept that they are safe to eat. Most of what we eat comes in a package, and we have no contact with the source of our food. Reading the ingredient list can be intimidating, so most people don't even bother looking at it. After all of this pent-up desire, I just HAD to take action. Look for this sensation whenever you're considering what to pursue.