As for how much nature is necessary to reap the most benefits, Finnish researchers developing antidotes to depression prescribe several short immersions per week, with a forty-minute walk showing significant benefits to state of mind. Meanwhile, trained forest therapy guides in the U. But rejuvenation can also be as simple as a lunch break on a bench in a botanical garden or lounging in a park looking at puffy clouds--two options for time-pressed urbanites. For the fullest benefits, let iconic nature writer Edward Abbey be your inspiration. He said, Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit. Venturing beyond everyday boundaries and entering unexplored wilderness is the deepest form of nature refreshment--one study showed a 50 percent increase in mental performance after three days of backpacking--and it also seems to deliver the most transcendent effect. Wilderness enlivens your very essence when you feel dulled or disenchanted, and reminds you that you are as much a part of the cosmos as the sun, moon, and stars. With a black dress, you can get away with very sheer black stockings or black fishnets. And if you dare, at least when wearing a short skirt or dress for evening, consider Isaac Mizrahi's Y&H option: opaque black tights with peep-toe pumps. Why wouldn't you wear black opaques with an evening dress? Isaac asks. Who says that's wrong? If you're freezing, it just looks younger and better to me. Leg sprays cover all your lumps and bumps, instantly giving you the polished look of stockings. LET US SPRAY: STOCKING SUBSTITUTES Leg makeup used to be the messiest thing on the market, and only women with really bad veins to cover up would even bother. But in the past couple of years, leg sprays have hit store shelves. Depression can cause a person to sleep either more or less. Sleeping too much can be almost as detrimental as sleeping too little. Ensuring you get a good night's sleep is an important part of recovery from depression.

Practicing the good sleep hygiene mentioned in article 2 will ensure your brain gets the rest it needs for renewal. Detoxification from heavy metals, mold, and EMFs. Some people are so poisoned by such things as having lead pipes growing up, having parents who cooked with aluminum pans, high fish intake, moldy environments, and exposure to high levels of EMFs that until they detox, they will continue to be depressed. Microwave EMFs activate voltage-gated calcium channels that are concentrated in the brain. Depression as a side effect of medication. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that over one-third of Americans take a medication that has depression as a known side effect. Users of these drugs have higher rates of depression. How to Get Your Green On Get on trails with community groups like Hike it Baby (which organizes free group hikes for parents and caregivers with children), Sierra Club, Outdoor Afro, Latino Outdoors, and the Natural Leaders Network. Participate in shinrin-yoku sessions in the U. Volunteer in an urban food garden, join a bird-watching club, get involved with an environmental activism and cleanup group, or join a naturalist-led hike or herb walk in your area. Go camping in beautiful and unique locations using hipcamp. Commit Daily Random Acts of Kindness Say a meaningful thank you to the conductor on the train. Let that other driver cut in front of you with a cheery wave. Check in on your elderly neighbor and share a coffee and a laugh. Small acts of kindness are more than just a boon to the recipient--they create a momentary connection between you and the world at large, an instant of intimacy that supports you while bestowing compassion on another. These next-generation stocking substitutes gorgeously cover all your lumps and bumps, instantly giving you the polished look of stockings without getting all over your clothes. I use them every time I go on TV to make my legs look flawless but still bare. Adding at least one of these products to your makeup collection is an absolute Y&H essential.

See Brilliant Buys for a few of my favorites. Michael Kors Leg Shine isn't full coverage or a spray, but rather a sexy, shiny shimmer in a deodorant-like push-up stick. The advantage is that you can apply it on the run, because there's no chance of spillage and no waiting for it to dry. GETTING YOUR LEGS BARE-ABLE When you do go stockingless, you need to make sure your legs look good enough to be on display. The appearance of your legs hinges on the appearance of your skin. It needs to be soft, smooth, and hairless, with a little color and no visible veins. Further, many people are taking more than one of these drugs, and the risk of depression increases for each additional drug taken. The drugs are commonly used medications such as: anti-acid proton pump inhibitors for acid reflux, beta blockers for high blood pressure, common antibiotics, birth control pills, antidepressants (ironically), and even prescription-strength ibuprofen. Many of these do not require a prescription and are sold over-the-counter. Another study links statins with depression, which shows the importance of cholesterol for healthy brain function and the cognitive impairment that can come when cholesterol levels fall too low. If you are taking one or more of these medications, don't stop but consult with your healthcare professional to see if other options exist that don't carry the side effect of depression. The Physical Side of Cognitive Decline The brain is always under construction. It is in constant movement, creating new connections and growing new neurons, pruning old neurons and cleaning up toxic residue, always modeling and remodeling itself in an ongoing cycle of slow-motion repair-heal-regenerate. To ensure this cycle works optimally means having the capacity to build new neurons and new connections between neurons, to carry out the garbage (autophagy, pruning, disposal of waste) and repair damaged neurons. High-quality building materials are needed to grow new neural cellular tissue and to repair damage. When you are kind to another person with no expectation of anything in return, you experience the helper's high--the pleasure and reward centers of your brain light up, as if you received the good deed. Your levels of serotonin rise and cortisol goes down, as does your blood pressure--thanks to the secretion of oxytocin, the love and bonding chemical, which also protects your heart by supporting your cardiovascular system--and your body makes endorphins, the natural painkiller. If you tend toward anxiety, choosing to do a kind act every day has been shown to help: Your mood becomes more positive, your confidence increases, and you feel more satisfied in life.

You might get an energy boost, too, a newfound sense of strength and empowerment. Perhaps the biggest benefit of kindness is that it can shift you out of a single-point perspective, in which it's easy to be consumed by personal problems and obstacles, into a shared experience of life. For that moment or few minutes, you remember that we're all in it together. Kindness is a universal language that crosses perceived boundaries and divides, and it's one of the easiest things to exchange--no backstory, explanation, or complex social dance required. It also becomes your teacher. When you commit an act of kindness, you are not thinking about the past or worrying about the future; Furthermore, with your kindness you show another person that they've been seen--you affirm they belong here--which, even if your intention was just to make a cup of tea, is a powerful gesture in a time when loneliness is rampant. HIGH, MEDIUM, AND LOW MAINTENANCE . DEFUZZING YOUR LEGS Zapping away the hair on your legs requires a different strategy than zapping the hair on your face (see article 9). Here's how to get hair-free, whatever your time, money, and comfort level. HIGH: Laser hair reduction is the gold standard for ridding yourself of unwanted hair, although you have to be either high maintenance or excessively hairy to choose it for an area as large as your legs, because it's time-consuming and expensive. Other reasons why you might not be an appropriate candidate: If you are suntanned or if you are taking certain medications (you need to stop several weeks before it's safe to laser). That's why it's important to go to a health care professional with laser experience, not just someone who took a weekend course in order to be able to rent the laser. If the technician says, `Oh, you have a suntan . Oh, you're on tetracycline -- we'll see you anyway,' that's how you get problems, says laser specialist Terri Levin. The upside to lasers is that after an average of six sessions, you may be done with the hairy leg problem -- if not completely, at least for a long time. The brain's blood-brain barrier needs to be intact in order to protect it from neurotoxins. Cleaning out the toxic residues means the brain's natural cleansing mechanisms must function at a high level. Diet has a major impact on all of this.

Healing Phase of Diet The brain changes associated with cognitive decline, Alzheimer's, and other forms of dementia begin decades before symptoms appear. Once you experience symptoms of cognitive decline, it's important to act quickly. There's no time to waste. Even better is prevention starting in your thirties, forties, or fifties, which is when the brain changes associated with Alzheimer's begin. If you do have signs of cognitive decline, implement as much of the Healing Phase of the diet as you can manage, and shift to the Maintenance Phase after symptoms recede. Again, do as much as you can, don't try to do it all or beat yourself up when you fall short. Compassion and mindfulness go hand in hand. Make a daily act of unsolicited kindness a health habit. The scale of the act doesn't matter. Surprise someone with an authentic compliment about how they handled something, listen closely to an acquaintance who's in need of being heard, lend a hand to someone you don't normally spend time with, or simply smile and make eye contact, even if you don't feel like it. Do something anonymous and unexpected, like paying the toll of the person behind you, or pick up trash when you see it (an act of kindness to your community and the environment). Kindness is a muscle you can start to flex and that grows the more you use it; One random act of kindness at a time, we help each other become more present and connected to each other--and healthier, too. Make a daily act of unsolicited kindness a health habit. Gathering around a table to share food with others is a simple but profound act. You may already do it, unconsciously eating your meals with family members or colleagues at work, or you may consume most of your daily sustenance alone, quickly, while standing at the counter or working at your desk. Average price for the lower leg only is $500 for a one-hour session, which is $3,000 for six sessions. MEDIUM: Waxing will leave your legs completely bare of hair for a look that's smooth and flawless. It's the method of choice for women who seek perfection -- swimsuit models, red-carpet celebs, and, of course, adult entertainment stars.