Be the one who is not afraid to take a test on' seriousness. It may seem an innovative approach once again, but traditional methods may stifle brilliant ideas and growth. Say what you want To get back to the Social Consensus will persuade us that it's unpolitical to say what we want. In the professional setting, that can be amplified. And yet, when we think about that-people just love helping. This can give them a sense of self-esteem, and they know that they have contributed to something. All too often, our inner chatter doesn't encourage us to ask for anything. Our imagination conjures up all sorts of not-so-good results. Or what people would think of me. I woke up fairly cheerful. I thought about what I would say to you and canvassed all sorts of politely apologetic phrases, but discarded them one by one. I finally found something that was close as I could come to leaving you free to reply in any way you chose. When I called you were so nice about it, and it was all so easy that I felt quite buoyant and hopeful. But my friend was packing to leave this afternoon, and as time wore on, I got more and more frightened at the thought of her going. Here, as with any client, the responsibility for reopening the therapeutic contacts is left with the client. There may be circumstances in which some modification of this point of view is desirable, but for the most part the keeping of the locus of responsibility in the client is far more therapeutic. Consider, for example, how terrifying it would have been to this client, if at the end of the fifth interview the therapist had suggested she return. It could only have meant that the therapist was concerned and emotionally involved in her struggle for health, and that he evaluated her progress negatively. It would have precipitated, in all likelihood, a much more serious conflict.

Water Hazards: Navigating through Financial Difficulties The greatest skill we can learn is how to navigate them. Everyone has had some challenges around creating a positive inflow of abundance. The goal is to recognize these challenges and your own responses to them and to glean the gifts. Rough waters are full-body experiences involving all five currents that show up as recognizable patterns of energy flow, like canyons, rapids, waterfalls, swamps, portage paths, and deserts. With each challenge some things are out of balance. Creating harmony begins with recognizing and resonating with the various frequencies that are present. Rough waters involve both wind and water. Remember, water symbolizes money, emotions, body sensations, tangible physical objects, and the flow of energy. We may still be following some of the parenting that we have been given-' asking is not polite. A habit is to ask for what you want, one that can be developed. Ask for any help or support you may need. Ask for the understanding to help you move to that next point. Ask for that introduction, the next chance to do this piece of work. If you don't ask this, it won't happen Be specific about your expertise sometimes Pride can get in our way, and we've said yes to something that isn't really in our expertise field before we know it. And then we are in a panic! Understanding what your specialty is can help you free yourself from these circumstances and help build excellent professional relationships.

Here she has herself decided to postpone her vacation in order to continue the difficult task she has set herself. Note, also, in the early portion of this quotation, how closely matched the struggle seems to be. In this client, as in most others, the hypothesis that one has the capacity to deal with one's own conflicts is not an easy or optimistic hypothesis. The forces which make for growth tend to overbalance the regressive and self-destructive forces, but not by some large margin. Instead, the outcome, both to the client and to the therapist, appears in many, many cases, to hang in the most delicate balance. I wandered around all last evening suffering all the tortures of the damned. I did a number of little chores, but none of them gave me any relief -- it's almost easier just to give in completely, and let the torment have its way with you. Finally I went to bed, where it came over me in waves of almost indescribably physical sensations. You can almost see and feel a wave of blackness washing over your brain, and there's a queer sort of ringing in your ears. It seemed to me that if only I could give in to it, if only the blackness would close over me and I could sink down and down into unconsciousness, then I would come out of it perfectly clean and healed and entirely new. Wind is symbolized by breath, inspiration, the Divine Spirit, movement, intuition, your mind, and intangible things. Rough waters also separate the dross from the gold in your finances and your life. They occur when what you think you want comes face to face with the deep longings of your heart, and suddenly you must make a choice. Then you discover whether you will be true to your own sense of self or whether you will follow someone else's heart longings out into the world. The first thing to do when you realize you are in rough waters is to take a deep full breath and begin to resonate with the experience. The second thing is to check out your intention and inquire of all of your currents whether you are committed to being on the journey to the ocean of abundance. The third thing is to laugh at yourself and the situation and take a time-out so your head can clear and you can get your bearings again. The order of the challenges in this section may have nothing to do with their sequence in your own life. Feel free to read them in whatever order seems right to you, and reread them from time to time to gain a deeper understanding of the energies involved. Use this map to give you a broader view of the possibilities and to see things from a different perspective.

When a customer contacts you or a friend asks for help, they will do so with the understanding that either you are going to do a fantastic job or you're going to let them know you're not doing that kind of work. It can feel a little counter-intuitive, especially when you start your own company. Thoughts about scarcity can sometimes contribute to the temptation to say yes to everything and then try to work it out later. Your honesty and integrity will bring these people back to you in the long term, however. Collaborate When the opportunity arises to work with other practitioners, seize the opportunity. The cross-pollination of ideas and resources would produce more significant results than independent individuals who work. Search for collaboration possibilities. Issues of trust can arise, and these are worth examining. Are they genuine? But though I tried over and over again, just at the last moment, when I'd think I was going to make it, I'd be swept back to full consciousness. I finally fell asleep. And this morning I woke up just as cheerful as can be -- I might even be somewhat euphoric if I'd let myself. I've tried to feel miserable (! I even feel rather provoked at being cheerful, entertaining the quaint conviction that I'm much more apt to get somewhere in our interview this afternoon if I'm good and miserable. Golly, what fools we mortals be! Written after the Sixth Interview Tuesday afternoon Miss Cam came in for the sixth interview. The material of the interview was much concerned with early and later sexual conflicts. It did not seem to the counselor to have as much concern with current emotionalized attitudes as some of the other interviews, but by some therapeutic orientations the material would be judged as very deep.

Continue to do the Penny Dance and keep your Travel Log close at hand to record your personal observations and insights. Even in the midst of rough waters you can tap into the larger flow of the River of Gold and the depths of the ocean of abundance. A canyon experience occurs when the financial walls are close together and tower high above you. Canyons may have water flowing through them all, part, or none of the year. There is always a subtle sense of pressure from the walls, from the water coming up behind you, and from the possibility of danger lurking up ahead or around the next bend. Allowing an arm or leg to dangle overboard invites an injury when you quickly pass through the canyon. When the river is flowing smoothly and quietly, you can drift along peacefully, enjoying the interesting view. However, when the flow speeds up, your level of anxiety increases with each incremental increase in the speed. In a canyon, your options seem very limited, and you can see only as far ahead as the next bend. And once you have lost your ability to navigate your vessel as it careens downstream, you may become terrified--your focus narrows and the walls seems to move closer. Are they holding you off, or is there a real concern? We can develop new skills in collaboration, learn how to build something brand new, sharpen our edge, and extend out our professional capacity. Engage in that field as a member of a profession. Participate--a willingness to serve. Learn to learn what is essential and add to what is necessary. Instead of being one of those sitting on the sidelines opposing and questioning the formal organization you might be associated with getting involved, let them know what you think, volunteer to be part of what's happening. Write an article, file a report, vote. Volunteering can often result in professional exposure, greater insight into what is happening on a larger scale, and new skills being developed. It also brings you into contact with like-minded people and helps to build up your networks. Be Grateful