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Daily Planning and Time Blocking So, we have a list of goals and interests, correct? We also understand that it's important to be fruitful, then multiply? We're on the right track. You ain't a grand master yet, though. We've only accomplished the easiest parts of converting your apathetic life into an invigorating, caring lifestyle. Doing exercises like writing down your goals are constantly recommended, but you should know by now that it's meaningless unless there's consistent action that's applied. You certainly don't want to be one of those people with a million great ideas with nothing to show for it, right? You need to live with the pain, accept its reality, and practice healthy behavior until the hurt begins to ease. It may be helpful to think of grief as a hurricane-force wind. If you stand rigid, lock your knees, support your back with a broom, and keep your feet together, the wind will surely blow you over. Conversely, if you stand and face the wind with balance and flexibility, with space between your feet, knees bent, and leaning into the wind, you may sway like a palm tree on the beach, but you will find your strength and durability. Peace comes by walking through the pain, not around it. The process of grieving and attending to your losses will take months, and you will periodically find yourself back in the grief process when a specific issue is triggered--even years into your recovery journey. The depth and span of your suffering is strongly influenced by the degree of grief you allow yourself to experience in early recovery. It is crucial that you have a support system, people you can talk with regularly about these feelings. Talking, rather than keeping the feelings inside, takes the power out of the feelings. It is essential for you to find other people who understand your circumstances and to listen to their stories, too. We hope to help you on this journey--not to give you a short-term diet but, rather, to help you change your way of life. For about the last 60 years in America, we've celebrated special occasions with sodas, sweet desserts, cakes, pies, candies, and ice cream.

As these foods have become readily available, many people have come to eat those high-calorie, nutrient-deficient foods every single day. But regularly consuming what used to be special-occasion, highly caloric treats is making us overweight and obese. Many people drink sodas or other sweetened drinks all day long, every day of the week. Add that to fast food, donuts, other pastries and desserts, ice cream, and other processed foods, and we are eating way too much processed sweeteners and flours, which are nutrient-poor, high-calorie foods. Specific diets can be very difficult to maintain in the real world. Most diet plans do not address food addictions, the dangers of processed sweeteners, the necessity of fruits and vegetables, hydration, or a proper balance of complex carbohydrates, healthy proteins, and fats. People are told to stop eating this and stop eating that, but they're not told what to eat instead. Many physicians say people cannot change and that we, as physicians, always recommend dietary changes, but most people do not comply. All of those great ideas are really just a distraction. This makes me think of my old undergraduate days at Oral Roberts University, where I studied business marketing. So many business students had these lofty dreams to create innovative businesses. There's a lot of hype behind creating businesses with a cause. It's awesome to see what businesses can do with their profits. Contributing to a charity and including givebacks with every purchase are both wonderful ways to defend a cause. Every one of us business students dreamed up ideas about creating innovative businesses and nonprofits during our time in college. Here's the thing, I guarantee you that 99% of us students, who had these giant dreams to create innovative organizations, social causes, businesses and nonprofits. I remember multiple startup ideas, where we had team members convinced that we could create the next men's custom-tailored clothing line. Or, how about creating a construction business that utilizes recycled plastics for low-income housing? Eventually you will be better able to share your story. Receiving validation from others lessens your pain.

Your Sexual Relationship While some couples insist their sexual relationship has been strong aside from the addiction, when both partners are in recovery, the emotional and relational tools they learned will enhance and change the previous experiences to one of greater intimacy. As article Five described, a celibacy contract is strongly advised in early recovery and before a sexual relationship is resumed. Our initial sexual relationship started with me bringing her into my addictions, so in recovery our sex life had to start all over. I had to learn the basics of holding hands; We went to ball games. During those times we held hands, we kissed on the lips, small kisses. We touched knees. We believe that people don't comply because they haven't been taught how to eat. People need guidance and support. We think if people were presented the information in a positive way, we would see more people adopting healthier lifestyles. There are also the diets that restrict one macronutrient: either protein, fat, or carbohydrate. Many popular restrictive diets suggest restricting carbohydrates. You can lose a lot of weight quickly on a low-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-fat diet. Recent studies show minimal difference in weight loss between a low-carb and low-fat diet. Low-carb diets put the body into a state of ketosis, which is known to accelerate fat loss, and this lures many people into trying it. For people who already enjoy eating high-protein, fatty foods, such as bacon, steak, cheese, and hamburgers, this sounds like the perfect answer. Eliminate or severely restrict carbohydrates and eat all the steak and bacon you can! Or, what about connecting with cashew farmers in Brazil to have them sell their products in the United States to address poverty issues in their country? Killer ideas right?

What we college students failed to see was the reality of creating a successful company like TOMS shoes. You remember TOMS, right? You buy a pair and they give a pair to someone without shoes. What does it take to actually make it a thriving business? It takes a lot of organization, a lot of research, a lot of personal investment, a lot of financial backing, a lot of sweat and tears, a lot of meetings with influential people, and a lot of YEARS of work. Actually, scratch that. DECADES of work. And, for Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes, this wasn't his first business. We talked about little things and big things. Then we talked about how we felt after the date. Some of this sounds silly but it was great. The steps the addict above described allowed this couple to develop a friendship; It created safe environments to be together and talk with each other. It allowed both partners and the coupleship to grow intimately. Like many women who have been socialized to feel sexually shy, the woman who shares below is learning to honor her needs rather than predominantly focus on her partner's needs. I always accepted what he said was good sex, what he liked. So while I had the physical part down, I needed to learn to tell him what I liked. I had to take risks by speaking up and taking ownership of what made me feel good versus focusing on his needs. Portion control is often not specified in these plans, so eating large portions may be encouraged. Some people may actually see elevated cholesterol levels on a high-fat, high-protein diet, even though they may be losing weight.

Do you know how many stents we have put into patients who eat like this? Ketosis is the result of the body burning fat for energy instead of burning the body's normal fuel, complex carbohydrates. People can actually test their urine to see if they are in ketosis. Consuming large amounts of animal protein may be hard on the kidneys to begin with, and a prolonged state of ketosis might possibly stress the kidneys even more. This can be particularly difficult and potentially dangerous for those who are diabetic, pregnant, or have been diagnosed with kidney disease. In these types of diets, the fact that the body needs the complex carbohydrates found in fresh fruits and vegetables is ignored. Complex carbohydrates normally provide fuel for the body and offer a huge variety of complex micronutrients and vitamins that can be lacking in most fats and proteins. Typically, once weight loss has been achieved, the dieter will return to his or her previous eating habits with no knowledge of portion control or balanced nutrition. He created multiple businesses before TOMS shoes, including a laundromat for his college. You don't hear many kids dreaming about building a laundromat, huh? When we have these innovative ideas, and we want to make a radical impact, our lack of work ethic inevitably kicks in. We want to take a break after an hour of studying to go to Starbucks or binge watch the next TV show. We create our list of goals and then go stop by the pool. We buy the article, but never finish reading it. There were several startup ideas that were bouncing around my head that never translated to anything significant. I remember I started a couple podcasts back in college and after college. In college, my buddy and I wanted to create a comedy podcast that was about student life, current topics and other dumb ideas. We convinced a college student to do a photo shoot for us, we wrote intro music, we put together show outlines. He had to deal with his insecurity about thinking he was supposed to know what pleasured me and that somehow there was something wrong if I redirected him. We read articles together about healthy sexuality and I think because we both really wanted to have this part of our relationship better, we stayed with it and today it is much better.