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Dating apps can't show us an infinite number of people. They have to narrow things down somehow. But most people aren't making these decisions carefully. You see, during the onboarding phase, users are in a rush to see potential matches as quickly as possible. They answer the questions with about as much forethought as they'd use when filling out a make-your-own sandwich form at the grocery store. And now, more than ever, the world needs you. It's selfish for us to say this, we know. Ultimately, each of us has to heal and resolve our traumas for ourselves. Yet we don't create this world and our experience of being human alone. Right now, there is so much pain and suffering. We don't think it's a coincidence that we're facing some of the most monumental political, economic, environmental, and social challenges in history. If we want a different future for the world--for our children and loved ones--then it starts with each of us, going in, facing the pain, and learning how to integrate it. Releasing that trapped pain leaves us feeling love and forgiveness. Imagine the individual and collective world we'd co-create if more people acted from this state of being? We need as many people as possible to wake up and say, No more. How many times have you said to yourself, please, God, help me to find more love. This is everyone's search. As you free your fellow travelers from the prison of judgment, you leave your restrictions behind you. You have the challenges that your soul believes will open your heart to miracles. You live these miracles by offering love, release, and forgiveness.

Since there are no restrictions on how full your heart can become, growth goes on forever. You are always in a state of acceleration. A broader experience is inevitable because you always create the match of your expansion. This Earth is hosting the manifestation of energy. You are one of these energy manifestations. But unlike smoked turkey, Dijon mustard, and extra-sharp cheddar, the ingredients we hastily select for our dating profiles may or may not make us happy. These decisions have a huge impact on our dating experience. The constraints we set filter out potentially great matches. This would be like rushing through your sandwich order because you're hungry for lunch, marking off a box that says Turkey only, and then finding that every time you went to get a sandwich in the future, you could look at only turkey sandwiches. Of course, we could change our preferences on the dating apps after we sign up, but most people don't. This is because of something called the status quo bias--our tendency to leave things as they are, to not rock the boat. That's why businesses with subscription-service models tend to be lucrative. If you sign up for a gym membership and it's automatically renewed each month, you're much less likely to make the call to cancel than if you had to decide every month whether you want to keep the service. The same thing happens when people sign up for a dating app. Once people set app preferences during onboarding, they're very unlikely to change them. No longer will I live with this pain and torment. No longer will I suffer from my traumas. No longer will I allow myself to make decisions and take actions from that pain. I will resolve this trauma, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many stops on this journey I make. Patricia chose this path, and she keeps choosing it every day, no matter how hard or dark some days and nights still are.

Everyone you met in these articles made the same choice. You hold the power to change your life for the better, and in doing so, you change the world. But it starts with you saying yes. Yes, I am willing to have a different experience of life. Yes, I am willing to go on this journey. As an energy manifestation, you exist as the essence you need to be for the journey you are on. Can you appreciate the love and dedication your soul embraced while creating this lifetime? To feel the magnitude of your essence, look around you. All that you behold has your imprint. Every mountain, river, ocean, valley, bloom, or beast is an idea that began within your collective genius and, then, reflected outwardly into the visual world. All that exists is a product of your imagination expressing love to make this world more enchanting. You, the essence of God, felt it into being. One act of creativity begat another until this planet became so appealing that you came here in a body for the sheer joy of experiencing the heaven on Earth you created. Thus began the era of Eden. You are not an upgrade from the ape. The apps show us people who meet our initial criteria--the type of people we think we want. If you believe that you'd hate dating a woman who's taller than you are, and the apps offer you only short women to choose from, you never get the chance to be proved wrong. Issue #3: Apps promote relationshopping--searching for potential partners like potential purchases. Many of us conduct extensive research before making a purchase. If you wanted to buy a camera, for example, you might compare and contrast along every potential axis--megapixel count, image quality, weight, battery life, cost, and so on.

Dating apps create the illusion that we can do the same comparison shopping with potential partners. In fact, while researchers once called the process of transitioning from strangers or friends to romantic partners as relationshipping, they now speak of a new phenomenon--relationshopping--searching for our mate like we'd search for a new pair of shoes. But treating potential partners like potential purchases gets us into trouble. A team of behavioral economists, including Michael Norton and Dan Ariely, explained in a research paper that many consumer items are searchable goods: things like cameras, laundry detergent, and big-screen TVs that can be measured based on their objective attributes. These differ from experience goods, which they define as being judged by the feelings they evoke, rather than the functions they perform. Yes, I am willing to release the pain. Yes, I am willing to free myself from my trauma. We have listened in awe (and yes, sometimes tears) to countless stories of people just like you who have faced their inner shadows and have recovered from their Big T and Little t traumas. With courage and conviction in their hearts, they have learned how to feel and finally release their stored pain. That's how we know that you can do it too. No matter what trauma you have faced, you can do this. No matter what you encounter along this journey, please don't stop. You can resolve your trauma and live a happier, healthier, more vibrant life. You can help co-create a brighter world. It isn't until we bring our trauma and what's happened to us into the light that we have the opportunity to heal on a deep and meaningful level.Since ancient times, astrology has been one of the most reliable sources of wisdom available to mankind. You felt the form that would thrive in this environment the same way you felt the forms that would thrive in nature. You are the energy of the whole trying to remember your origin. As that memory returns, you begin a new article into the everlasting exploration of self. Earthly existence is the result of an insatiable curiosity. Why wouldn't you want to see, hear, smell, touch, and feel all that your energy created?

Why wouldn't you want legs to carry you around, arms to reach for things, feet to balance your torso, eyes to see your creations, ears to hear the sounds, and a nose to smell the aromas in this unconditional paradise? Why wouldn't you take this experiment a step further by creating a brain through which you could direct more choices once you got here? You didn't question your place in the holy heart of God. Since your appreciation had gotten you everything you wanted in the past, you believed your appreciation would get you everything you wanted in the present. To bring your energy into matter, all you had to do was feel the beauty of being here. Examples include movies, perfume, puppies, and restaurant meals--goods defined by attributes that are subjective, aesthetic, holistic, emotive, and tied to the production of sensation. Most importantly, people must be present to evaluate them; We've all seen a movie that got bad reviews but made us laugh. Or tasted wine that earned amazing reviews but didn't taste good to us. We've been pleasantly surprised or surprisingly disappointed by experiencing these goods ourselves. The process of evaluation was more personal than just knowing that we wanted a wide-angle lens. People, the authors of this paper tell us, are experience goods. We are not like cameras. We are much more like wine. Yet dating apps have turned living, breathing, three-dimensional people into two-dimensional, searchable goods. I'm sure many of you have read articles about astrology, or received astrology readings. Perhaps to discover your unique talent and potential. Perhaps to find out when your next big window of opportunity will come along. Or perhaps to see how compatible you are with your beloved partner. And yet .