But to be honest, at some stage in my life I lost touch a little with the real value of these rituals. Although I could always appreciate the beauty of lighting candles on a Friday night, standing next to my mum as she marked the beginning of the Sabbath with a graceful, welcoming gesture of her hands waving over the candle-flames, after a certain age I feel like I disconnected from the real magic of ritual. It was only in the last few years that I've started to appreciate in a different way the two factors that together have the power to make rituals so magical: intention and attention. You see, when we do most routine activities in our day-to-day lives, we tend to have distracted minds. When I brush my teeth, for example, I often find myself planning my route to a meeting, thinking about emails I need to respond to, etc. We run in the hope that we will find ourselves along the way. When we live from our false self, we enter into competitions with the false selves of others. We decide that our authentic self will be found on the other side of winning such competitions. But that doesn't happen. We simply find more of our false self. We enhance the parts of our lives we are trying to run from. And we become even more familiar with the person that others think we are. The false self exhibits the same traits as anyone who is lost: it is anxious, competitive, desperate and survival-oriented, with highly-aroused sensations. We cannot create a meaningful life from the false self, because we are living in reaction to others. Our stories and actions do not transform through criticism, judgement or shaming. Do I really need to get attention in this way? ' By stopping the story before it comes out; by letting it go, we liberate ourselves from the talons of judgment. As a bonus, setting the example of not joining into judgmental conversation discourages others from doing the same. Gossip is often connected with low self esteem, as if by judging someone else we concurrently elevate ourselves.

We may be seeking peer approval. If we find ourselves continually being seduced by gossip, it might be useful to review our level of self esteem using mercy. Another form of casual, often accepted judgment. happens when we are with a group of people with whom we share some passion about an idea, like politics, philosophy or religion, and, through our 'acceptable' judgment, we close our mutual hearts to others. Within the group we feel safe to utter judgment and to support others in their judgment. Slowly, as he grows into old age, he finds his strength waning and he has to start letting go. He first lets go of his chosen tasks in life until eventually he has to let go of life itself. The formation of an organization follows a similar trend. Any organization originates as an idea or concept within a 'parent structure. ' This original concept gathers strength and form until it reaches the point of being sufficiently organized to separate from the parent organization and establish itself as a separate entity, an individual organization in its own right. This separate organization then explores different avenues of growth, branching into other areas and developing quantitatively and qualitatively. Then comes a phase of stability, a plateau. The period of growth and stability varies, but eventually there always comes a slow disintegration and diminishing of the organization's power, strength, and capacity. Finally, it ceases to be. Thus the growth of an organization is no different from the growth of a human organism. Our body forms those cells with building materials found in what we eat. If you offer your body inferior material (bad nutrition) for the building of the cells then your body can only make inferior cells. The health of your individual cells determines the health of your complete body. Eat only when you're hungry and stop eating when you're satisfied, not stuffed. Don't clean your plate just to be polite.

Always eat 'living' food such as fruit and vegetables, and only as long as you are hungry. Instead of eating at designated times, allow your body to find its own rhythm, independent of the hunger of others or times set by convention. Never starve yourself, especially to lose weight. Hunger emits stress hormones and discomfort, and long-term diets can lead to chronic stress with catastrophic results. Hunger and diets can lead to a deficiency of iron, vitamin C, calcium and electrolytes. Just bear in mind that it will take time to mature. If you have a TV in your bedroom, take it out. Replace any bright lights with bulbs that are softer and more diffuse. If you like the idea of music or white noise to fall asleep to, now is the time to get everything set up. How's your mattress? As a rule of thumb, you should replace your mattress every seven to ten years, but the life expectancy of a mattress varies considerably, depending on how good it was in the first place and how much of a pounding it has had. The main thing to watch out for is sagging. Take the sheets off and have a good look to see whether there is an obvious dip. If there is, a mattress topper will provide extra cushion and support and will be much cheaper than a new mattress. What sort of pillow is best? But when I'm practising mindful rituals, it gives me a chance to slow everything down, quieten my mind, and consciously decide how I want to be that day. Rituals guide us gracefully out of our auto-pilot mode, creating a magical space where something more beautiful can emerge. Wayne Dyer wrote so much about the power of intention. His philosophy could be summed up really simply in this one quote of his: our intention creates our reality'. <a href='http://ww2.shidareyanagi.com/Appear-in-the-first-line-of-the-results-by-paying-attention-to-nofollow-links-1584010203.html'>Intention</a> to me simply means setting out a crystal-clear plan in my mind of how I want to be and what outcome I hope for in a situation. <br /><br /><a href='https://www.darkreading.com/profile.asp?piddl_userid=382776'>So</a> often we don't do this, and our minds and bodies default to our unconscious intentions, those old beliefs we carry from childhood that are often limiting and don't serve our Highest Self. <a href='http://ww2.shinobiashi.com/Turn-your-keyword-research-into-a-high-performing-machine-1584012002.html'>How</a> often in your average day do you set a crystal-clear intention of how you want to be before engaging in an activity? <a href='http://ww2.shiriagari.com/How-to-focus-on-comment-spam-1584012602.html'>When</a> we set a clear intention and cultivate positive feelings so that our whole body is signed up to this intention, we can reverse our unconscious habits and influence our reality in quite miraculous ways. <a href='http://ww2.shirikakusazu.com/Education-is-the-best-legacy-when-it-comes-to-SEO-campaigns-1584013202.html'>It</a> can be relatively easy to set an intention (just think of New Year's resolutions), but if our mind gets regularly distracted then the intention will never be able to manifest. <a href='https://sansara.runnerspace.com/profile.php?member_id=286183&do=blogs&blog_id=13897'>There</a> have been so many times when I set an intention in the morning, to be kind, to be more patient, more loving, and then I have a million and one messages, phone calls, emails, to-do-lists and after an hour or so and an encounter with a moody shopkeeper, it's like I've completely and utterly lost track of my intention. <a href='https://sansara3.netboard.me/decasares/#'>Consciousness</a> is notfigured out' or analysed. It feels into awareness and truth, rather than rational and logical thoughts. Thank your old stories for the things they have brought you. Thank them for the learning, the relationships, the experiences and the strengths. Then shed your old stories in favour of some new ones. Think of some comparisons and competitions that are alive in your life at the moment. Then write down a list of the people you compete with and the areas of your life you compete in. These are the places where your false self is alive and kicking. These are the places that you scream to the world for acceptance and value, and you believe that the people you compete with are somehow taking this away from you. Consciously let go of your false identity. From this mutuality, a certain pleasant camaraderie is often created, and we may think we have gained a measure of emotional safety. What is the cost of such judgment? If the judgment of one person is harmful to the welfare of all, then the judgment of a group or an organization can be even more divisive. Consider that religious wars rely on this type of judgment. Eckhart Tolle tells us that unconsciousness is more pronounced in the collective than the individual.

When we judge a person or news or politics harshly, we experience, not only our judging, but stronger emotions that indicate deeper, more fearful beliefs are operating. Our conscious response is the same as with any other judgment. We have to take personal responsibility, turn the light back on ourselves and do our inner investigation. Because of the emotional content, working with our harsh judgments is more challenging, but the rewards are greater as we encounter and work with fearful beliefs that have been unpleasant, long term companions. When we feel strong judgment and fear, when we want to attack, when the ego is in full force, there is a powerful question from the Emmanuel's channeled material we can ask ourselves. The development of a relationship, or family unit, takes a similar course. Every relationship begins as a concept or mutual feeling between two people who would like to be together. As their relationship grows, they reach the stage where they separate from their individual families in order to create a separate unit of their own. Once they are established as a separate unit, their primary aim is to achieve stability and security. Then comes the phase where they want to branch out and have children. This brings a sense of responsibility. The family grows; the children are nurtured and grow to maturity. Then comes the time for the children to leave home and the family is scattered, as the old gives way to the new. This is how development and growth happen in general, but some of us get stuck at a particular point on the journey. But, eating too much food or junk food is just as bad. Be sure to supply your body with a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals through healthy choices like fruit juices, fruit and vegetables. Drink plain water whenever you're thirsty rather than soda, coffee, energy drinks, and so forth. Avoid mineral water because the minerals cannot be absorbed and digested by the body and it can tax your energy supply, while carbonated drinks have a corroding effect on the kidneys. Sleep is important for restoration, relaxation, health and the ability to work efficiently.