Judging from the perspective of the traditional Chinese medicine, she lacked the three treasures essential to human beings, that is, the essence of life, vital energy, and spirit. Based on her condition, I recommended for her diet the three white ingredients, rice, salt, and white turnips. White turnips. Bland and mild, rice invigorates the spleen and stomach, benefits the essence of life, and enhances the memory. A FEW CONSIDERATIONS Now, it's important to understand that just as too much beta is too fast, too much theta is too slow. Excess beta is associated with both PTSD3 and pain. Use the other, slower settings on the AVE if you're doing a stand-alone session instead. On the other end of the spectrum, lingering in theta brain waves all day is not healthy. The FDA now recognizes that too much theta and not enough beta is associated with ADHD. In 2013, a brain wave EEG test was approved to help diagnose this disorder. Students with brains that need to speed up and who used beta brain wave sessions of AVE had decreased inattention and impulsivity and improved reading scores. In general, healthy, healed brains should be flexible and experience the right type of brain waves at the right time. If you experience any of those symptoms, I'll help you to use sessions of AVE-enhanced SVT in the evening to see a happier, healthier you--enhanced with a theta brain wave. The natural light then helps to keep your circadian rhythms in tune with real time, potentially easing symptoms of phase advance (the need to go to sleep early). Of course, avoid caffeine, alcohol and other stimulant drinks before bedtime. If you need to nap in the afternoon, take your nap as soon as you can after lunch and restrict it to 20 to 30 minutes in duration. SLEEP CLINIC My elderly mother claims that she needs her nana nap every day, but then complains that she can't sleep at night. Is the nap the problem?

Elderly people do seem to nap more, but why this should be the case is not clear. Of the minimal amount of research that we've conducted, severe sleep-related breathing disorders (see pp. Whether or not the naps are good or bad remains the subject of much debate. On the good side, it seems they may help cardiovascular health, and improve daytime function, and may even improve nighttime sleep. Write down a schedule for it in your decluttering journal. Move on any furniture, rugs and other decorative items you no longer love. One of the most satisfying aspects of decluttering your home is how much easier it is to keep everything clean - yourself included. Give your bathroom a break Bathrooms are among the busiest places in our homes, particularly if we share them with family members or flatmates. They're often the smallest, too, so we invariably demand quite a lot from such cramped spaces. They repay any effort we make to improve them tenfold. A clearer, cleaner bathroom is a much more relaxing place to be and makes it easier to get out of the house in the morning, then do all the `admin' at night (see here). So toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo, yes, sunscreen in midwinter, no. Stick a note on top of the box and/or make a record in your decluttering journal of what you've put in there. Put the lid on the jar and shake the ingredients to blend them. Taste and adjust, if necessary, by adding more of any of the above ingredients as required. This quantity will be sufficient for one serving bowl of salad. You can vary the ingredients as you wish. Use red wine, balsamic or cider vinegar instead of white wine vinegar or lemon. Add a pinch of dried oregano or a grind of black pepper.

Try grainy French mustard instead of Dijon. Remember to give the dressing a good shake before you pour it over the salad as the ingredients will separate, or serve in a jug and give your guests a spoon for stirring. Any leftover dressing can be stored for up to three months in the fridge. CHOP AN ONION Will this then create purity of mind? That essentially is the science of physical yoga poses. We are using our body to influence our minds. This is why there is such a modern day need for meditation (more on this later). People are not gaining anything from meditation; They are gaining something from sitting still and from breathing. They just call it meditation. But the real reason this mediation works is because you sit still for 10 minutes. Here, you bring about what is referred to as the relaxation response (more on this in the meditation article). When you are sitting still, the monkey mind will slowly stop the mayhem that is brought about by jumping around from one thought to another. Do you keep jumping from one project to another without ever achieving anything significant? In this section, we'll see why you keep chasing the next new thing. We'll also discuss what you can do to overcome this tendency and focus on one thing until you achieve results. I believe the ability to stay focused on one project consistently over the long term is one of the keys to achieving your goals. We'll use the following definition for what is known as Shiny Object Syndrome: Abandoning or neglecting something you're working on to chase something else that looks more exciting or promising.

Why you keep chasing the next big thing Today, it has never been easier to find information. With only a few clicks you have access to billions of articles and millions of videos, and you can learn a wide variety of things, from how to make your own natural toothpaste to how to become a CIA agent. Every single day, thousands of new products enter the market, each promising you something you may or may not want, whether it is making more money, losing weight or finding your soulmate. In order to make this desired future happen, we looked at the maps of his leadership team and figured out how to form thinking partnerships with those members who excelled in the innovative domain, where he had a blind spot. Not only did this enable Nick to get support in tasks that were typically laborious for him, it also freed him up to use his relational thinking talents to mentor others. This was, and still is, unusual and courageous behavior for a CEO. It created true connective tissue for the other leaders, because, like the sports teams he admired, everyone knew how to be of real support to one another in achieving a common goal. The sum of something can be greater than a total of its parts. That's certainly true of thinking talents. When they are combined, aligned, and working well together, you have a sense of internal coherence, similar to a chord in music. A chord is a harmonic set of three or more notes that is heard as a simultaneous sound. The harmony of different notes creates the magnetism. When individual notes aren't combined well, they create noise rather than music. I was aided by a few heroic junior doctors who would spend every third or fourth night in the hospital only to kick off their daytime shifts the next morning as if nothing had happened. I have calculated that during my career I have effectively had no annual leave due to all the weekends worked. There was no time off in lieu or limit to working hours then, so that was my lot and I just accepted it. The historical context of such workloads is now lost from public consciousness. More tragically, such context is lost from historical inquiries. The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.

I must sound like a character in that old Monty Python sketch with the four Yorkshiremen whining on about the old days, getting up before they went to bed and being beaten and tortured. I worked to Jeremy Bentham's utilitarian principles - do the most good for the most number of people. Good old Jeremy Bentham. Any philosopher who has a pub named after him and wrote an essay on the use of dead bodies as garden ornaments is all right by me. And by admitting my fallibility--hell, you can too! The people who end up being right are the smart people humble enough to know when they're wrong. The people who do great on this planet are those who can see their mistakes and then share persuasively what the hell is really going on. Churchill had his Gallipoli. Spielberg had Hook. And I had that interpretive dance phase. Let's just move on. If you go over that list at the start of this article, you see that I must be wrong at least half the time. And that wrongness is due to what I call the prison of two ideas. I either had to be pro-nuclear, or anti-nuclear; Next, I played her a song from an audio math CD I'd discovered in which the chorus repeats trade 'em in, trade 'em in when you get to ten. Even the four-year-old got in on the action. And so we sang and were silly. But it made sense to both children: you could actually trade them in. So, I dubbed one the banker and one the worker. The worker came to me (the boss) for ten units of pay, but when asked to carry all those crazy little beads around the room, had a hard time keeping them together.