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Feelings are cues that signal what you need. If you pay attention to your feelings, you will become more adept at knowing your needs. Feelings also help you determine the boundaries you need to set to provide security for yourself. They are your signals to comfort, safety, discomfort, and danger. A mark of recovery is the ability to know what you feel when you feel it--to be comfortable with your emotional self, and then determine whether or not and with whom you share feelings. Feelings are most hurtful to yourself when they are denied, minimized, and when they accumulate. Prior to beginning recovery you may have been avoiding your feelings by eating, shopping, working, exercising, drinking alcohol, or taking other drugs. Maybe you did some sexual acting out yourself. It contains an abundance of vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium. It also has iron, calcium, and protein and a bounty of B vitamins, including folate, which helps in brain development. Kale also contains fiber, which is good for lowering cholesterol levels, as well as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a precursor to omega-3 fatty acids. ALA also has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease. Kale also has lutein, which helps to prevent macular degeneration. We try to eat kale at least three times per week. You can choose from three different types of kale: lacinato, green, and red Russian kale. They are all good! Eat them all. Remove the stems from kale (they are difficult to eat, especially raw); What's an easy thing I could do right now? Signing a lease on new office space, quickly hiring new team members, and diversifying with different services are typically next steps.

Too often, though, these moves are premature. What my boss will say is, Be fruitful, then multiply. The point is that you don't want to simply equate a successful business to more and more sales. If you only rely on more sales every month, slower months will inevitably come and cripple your business. If you simply rely on word-of-mouth business (people bragging about your company to friends and family), the sales will eventually fizzle out, since you aren't consistently advertising your work. During that slow time, you lay off half of the great team members you worked so hard to acquire, and you now have no need for the sweet office you signed a lease for. Before you go crazy about growing your business, our consultation dives into building the systems necessary to scale out your business. We put together tracking spreadsheets, so you know the status of leads coming into the business. The first step is identifying how you mask your feelings. Then pay attention to when you put that mask on. In the early stages of healing, your feelings will be all over the map and may seem very contrary to each other. You may feel sad and happy at the same time, or sad and angry, or loving and hateful. This is to be expected. You have not gone crazy. It only means you're sad and happy, sad and angry, or that you love and you hate. It's normal to have multiple and even contrary feelings at the same time. Thank heaven I quickly found a women's group with women in similar situations to me. I didn't feel so crazy. Juices and Shakes We often hear questions about juices and shakes.

Whole fruits and vegetables, rather than juices, are absolutely the best and should be encouraged. In their liquid form, as with juicing, all of the essential fibers are removed from the food. You have nothing to chew on to stimulate your gut enzymes, which are essential for good digestion. When we juice, we get vitamins and lots of sugar without that fiber. When we eat food raw, we get so much more. If you really like to drink juice, drink small amounts and think about pomegranate juice, which has many potent antioxidants. What about shakes? We do use a heavy-duty blender on occasion. We schedule meetings each week for staff training and strategic planning, so you are proactively moving one step ahead. How do you expect your staff to improve more and more each week if you aren't dedicating time specifically to make them better? We have our clients use a tight calendar and to-do list to make the most of their day. More importantly, we need to consistently be profitable. Our business owners aren't receiving millions of dollars of funding to create the next big tech startup, so we concentrate on what they need to do each week to sustain healthy profitability as they grow. Be fruitful, then multiply. This works the same way with your life. Did you magically become the kick ass person you are today? No, of course not! You had to grow up and mature. My feelings were all over the place. They would flip: in the beginning sometimes from one minute to the next, in time from one hour to the next, then maybe one day to the next.

But whatever I was feeling, the other women accepted me. They understood. They laughed with me; It was so liberating for me--me who had been Ms. Not now, and it is great. I didn't think the pain would ever go away. For a long time I was mostly numb. I would see other women in my recovery group so full of feelings. When you use these blenders, the fruits and vegetables are broken down, but the fiber stays inside the drink. That fiber content is good, but probably not as good as the whole food because the fibers are broken up. When you eat the whole food, you have to chew, which activates the digestive enzymes. Whole fiber brings down your cholesterol levels and decreases inflammation. At the end of the day, shakes are good because they are quick and allow an easy way to get in a lot of vegetables at once. Are whole fruits and vegetables even a little better? Do the best you can. If shakes work, go for it. ADD BACK #2: Carbohydrates--Legumes and Beans Carbohydrates (carbs) have gotten a bad rap lately, and we want to give you our two cents about the underappreciated carbohydrate. You had to learn some harsh lessons and get rejected by people. You needed to learn what it's like to live in the real world, rather than the fairytale world you saw in kids' movies.

Before you were able to run, you had to be fruitful with walking. Before you made your first group presentation, you had to learn how to communicate properly, as a child. Before you drove a long road trip across state lines, you had to get in an empty parking lot and have someone teach you. You were first fruitful in the smaller things so that you could be tasked to deal with bigger things. We need to stop setting ourselves up for failure here. Too many people want to go move a mountain, when they first need to clean up their messy home. Dr Jordan Peterson discusses this in his article, 12 Rules for Life. Rule #6 states that we should set our house in perfect order before we criticize the world. And then I started to thaw. And then feelings began to come: pain, raw pain, anguish, shame, and loneliness. I was so lonely. Fear ran rampant at all times. Then anger. All of this was so new to me. Like Jenny, sometimes you may wish you could just stay numb. Some partners do just that, but staying numb can lead to depression, forms of self- medication, and even illness. When you stay numb, the hurt continues to grow. Trust that there are reasons for the depth of your feelings. So many diets tell us to avoid carbohydrates because they are the reason we gain weight. This concept is the foundation for many low-carb or no-carb diets, which often focus on counting carbs to keep weight down.