They assist in setting up a vibrational energy field around you; Most important, they remind you of who you are, your truest self. Affirmations are something you work with. They also work on and with you, your thoughts, emotions, and consciousness. This basic rest pose is a simple restorative pose that is one of the first exercises I give to patients who are experiencing chronic pain. This is especially great to use when the lower back starts to get tight and there is excess tension or tightness in the psoas muscle, which is the muscle that gets tight when you sit for a long period of time. Props: A long, folded blanket or beach towel for back support, one strap or long belt, one small ball or foam block for leg support, and one large dish towel or hand towel for neck and head support Let's begin. If needed, place an additional hand or dish towel underneath your lower back to start. Place the towel near the top of your mat so that it's there when you're ready. You want to make sure that the strap doesn't cut off circulation and that it's just tight enough on your thighs to keep your knees from falling open. Your legs should be able to stay upright and slightly closed without any effort at all. Feet should be flat on the floor, hip-width apart and a comfortable distance from your buttocks, with your arms resting on the sides of your body. Trust that your props will support you. Therapist: Five more minutes, Dick. Dick (sighs very deeply): Ah, five more minutes all to myself. Therapist (very softly): Five more minutes all your own, Dick? He rocks silently for the rest of the hour. His eyes are shut, in apparent enjoyment of peace. Therapist: It feels good just to sit and rock?

Dick: (Nods. Therapist: That's all the time we have for today, Dick. They say good-bye, and he goes out. A minute later, he knocks at the door. Take one phrase and write it out longhand, ten to twenty times, and notice the comments that show up in your Rational and Creative currents. Write your affirmation on one side of a article and the fallout on the other side, or use two facing articles in your Travel Log. As you write an affirmation, you may experience a contraction in your body and your Rational Current may raise an objection. Simply write down the objection, getting it out in the open. You can then clearly see how your Rational Current is blocking your flow. Thank it for showing up and choose to entertain the more positive and expansive thought. Soon you will develop a new flow and be comfortable with a new vibration. You also can write your affirmations out on cards and carry them with you to refer to during the day. Here are some powerful affirmations for you to work with: I pay my expenses on time and with ease. Know that you are being held safely. Notice the changes in your muscle tone and energy. Supported Child's Pose Good for: chronic pain, headaches, joint pain, nerve pain, releasing tension, stress relief Feelings can float to the surface during times of stress. Taking a moment to pause, breathe, and reset helps your body process all the emotions that you may be feeling.

This is an opportunity to find clarity and peace in the midst of chaos. This pose can be done seated at a chair and draped over a bed, or kneeling on the ground. Props: Bolsters, bed pillows, and a large stack of blankets or towels that can be folded to adjust for deep comfort as you move into this pose. Let's begin. Therapist: You want to help me, Dick? Dick: Yes, I do. The therapist thanks him and he leaves, skipping down the hall. This is the first time that he has ever made any effort to clean up after his painting. In this excerpt, Dick has overtly stated that in therapy he has some time which can be truly called his own. It seems as if the therapist's willingness to let Dick be silent was experienced by him as an opportunity for psychological privacy, yet without loneliness. Whether this is true in other silent contacts remains unknown. Experiences of this kind prompt one to ask, What is the essence of a therapeutic relationship? It is apparent, too, that one of the more important personal qualities of a client-centered play therapist must be an ability to tolerate silence without embarrassment. A therapist who feels rejected when the child fails to pour out his troubles will only add to the child's anxiety by his display of his own. I have all the money I need right here and right now. I live in an abundant universe that supplies all of my needs. I easily receive more money and abundance and freely express my gratitude. The right thing shows up at just the right time and I experience more abundance. I spend my money in loving and healthy ways. I buy wisely.

I save money with ease. I enjoy work that rewards me financially. I charge for my services an amount that reflects my true worth. My money supply is constantly growing. You may also use a bolster or bed pillows. Make sure that you have your pile close at hand as you begin. Stay here a moment, readjusting your knees and feet so that you're completely comfortable. Invite feelings of compassion and tenderness to move in through your tissue, bones, and blood vessels, and then into your core. Restorative Legs-Elevated Pose Good for: chronic pain, headaches, releasing tension, stress relief In this pose, the legs rest while the whole body releases tension. This pose can relieve anxiety and mild depression, and regulate blood pressure while gently stretching the hamstrings, torso, and neck muscles. This is a wonderful way to increase diaphragmatic breathing and open up the chest muscles. This exercise is modified to use a couch or chair--the same exercise can be done 12 inches away from a wall with a bolster beneath the small of the back and the legs up the wall. If the therapist cannot feel comfortable, it might be better for him to avoid offering therapy to children over ten or eleven years of age. A Contrasting Case Although the therapy process need not involve a great deal of verbalization on the child's part, an occasional case presents a striking contrast to the silent case. An example is that of eleven-year-old Henry, already briefly cited above (article 243). Its further presentation may indicate a child's capacity for sophisticated insights. Henry was referred for therapy because of his nervousness.

He had an assortment of tics, including rapid and continuous blinking of the eyelids, twitching of the lips, mouth and jaw grimaces, shoulder-tossing, feet-kicking, and gasping for breath. He suffered from constipation, wept easily, stuttered, was a social isolate, and was failing in his schoolwork. In short, there seemed to be no area of his life which afforded him satisfaction. During his first therapy hour, he told of often running all the way home from school in order to escape the men waiting in alleys to kill him. I have a six-month rainy-day fund that is invested wisely. I accept the good that flows to me. I am clear-headed about my finances. I spend money wisely according to my spending plan. I am open to guidance from wise advisors. I shop carefully for major purchases. I know and write down the essence of something before I begin shopping. My abundance allows others to prosper. I open myself up to receiving more money. I value myself. Contraindications: Serious neck or back conditions, menstruation, pregnancy after first trimester, glaucoma Props: Chair, couch, or ottoman; Let's begin. If getting on the floor is difficult, you can use pillows to support your legs while you lie in bed. Rest your legs on the chair, couch, or ottoman, making sure they are supported and comfortable. Your head should be neutral with your chin, just slightly moving toward your chest.