Ever so easily invite yourself to simply notice what's on your mind--right here and right now. Ever so gently inviting yourself to simply notice what's on your mind--right here and right now. Instead of judging the thoughts, clinging to them, reacting to them, or becoming one with them, you can just gently let them float on by. Isn't it so interesting that when you watch your thoughts in this kind of way, this thought watching can start to feel relaxing? You've already begun to transform the thoughts that used to block a sense of calmness into a practice that promotes it. In the future, you'll probably find that this gentle thought watching may become a great place to begin your journey of finding more peace in your everyday life. Wouldn't that be nice? The very thoughts that used to put you into a tailspin can be used to set you free. IDENTIFYING STRESS-RELATED SLEEPLESSNESS Disturbed sleep often arises from stress. You can check whether or not this is true for you by answering the questions below. The more yes answers you give, the more possible it is that stress is the primary cause of your sleeplessness. Take steps to reduce stress before establishing whether or not you also have a sleep disorder. Have you experienced significant unintended weight gain or weight loss recently? Are you putting weight on, particularly around your tummy? Has your libido decreased, or are you too tired for sex? Do you feel tense, especially in your neck, back and jaw? Do you experience tension headaches? When someone doesn't answer my email, I assume they don't care. When someone apologizes, I assume it's not genuine.

When I have a headache, I assume I'm ill. I know I'm not practical because assumptions are not facts. If you want to think straight, you discard all assumptions, and only look at facts. William James said it best in one of his lectures about pragmatism: The pragmatist clings to facts and concreteness, observes truth at its work in particular cases, and generalizes. To make things simple, let's look at two ways of making a decision. One based on facts, and the other based on assumptions. Does your product solve a problem? Or do you assume it does? It's important to be patient because if water remains now it may cause rust and corrosion later. Laptops are more at risk from drink spillages, so it's sensible to keep drinks well out of range. A laptop might survive an encounter with a glass of water but the sugar content of fizzy drinks and wine could be your electronic lifeline's sticky end. Disconnect it from the power source and any cables. Once you've shut it down and removed any batteries, leave it open and turn it upside down; Keep it upside down while blow-drying it with a hairdryer on the cool setting for 15-20 minutes. Leave it in a good position to dry for 24 hours (maybe inside an airing cupboard) before attempting to turn it on. LOOK AFTER CUT FLOWERS AND HOUSE PLANTS When you buy or receive cut flowers as a gift it's important to put them in water as soon as possible. Submerge stems in a bucket or bowl full of water until you have time to prepare them properly for display. Step 2: Intentional Inquiry Intentional inquiry was an important step, because Charlotte had previously become so focused on trying to meet others' needs that she forgot her own intention and that of the organization she was leading.

The intentional questions I asked helped her become clear about what really mattered to her: helping to support all those children her program served. I suggested she bring their brochure to every meeting with her boss. It was filled with photographs of the lives they had touched and could serve as a reminder of both past successes and their deepest sense of purpose. My intentional questions helped her set her internal compass and become clear about her own goal: to help her boss understand the strategic value the organization brought to the company, while still being open enough to hear his wishes, and ultimately to get the necessary funding approved. As obvious as it may sound now to you and me, realizing she could align with him without losing her own direction was a radical and exciting possibility to her. Step 3: Influential Inquiry In the past, Charlotte had used anecdotes from the field to build the case for her budget: She had sought endorsements from managers in various countries to show the web of relationships that supported her cause. Given what she discovered in her detective work, I advised that it would be more effective to start with his cognitive style, analytic inquiry, and then bend him around into her own approach. We start to make sense of what we see and feel. The world moves beyond our room to the street and to other houses. We begin to make sounds that have meaning and the sounds others make begin to have meaning. There are other creatures that fascinate us, like ducks and cats. We start to move independently. We walk and fall over. We experience pain and we feel ill. We learn how to piss and poo in a potty, then a toilet. Food begins to taste nice. We start to feel a love for other people and creatures. They kept shouting at him as he retreated. Finally, he turned on them and shouted, Dumb fuck, I don't speak English!

They stopped, shrugged, and left. Help, My (Sister, Son, Uncle) Is an SJW! If you see a family member or friend veering into extreme politics, it's up to you to offer more attractive alternatives. It's probably too idealistic to think a boxing class would have kept Junior from joining antifa--but we must realize that antifa really is a boxing class for people who've never hit anyone except with a stick. Street aggression offers the same rush as sports, so maybe it's worth a shot, before writing someone off, to get them another physical outlet. If boxing is too rough, maybe they can try Ping-Pong. It's like boxing, but without the hitting. Yeah, okay, its not like boxing. I have long been your loyal servant. return, can you please protect me and my crew as we travel the River on our new invention, the sailboat? us calm waters, oh my goddess. the Boatman are the god of the thunder in the sky - supreme leader who looms above all others. beg of you to spare my home, my lord, during this season of lightning, rain, and storm, so that my family may live safely to worship you forever. the Weak son studies hard, oh my lord. longs to be a scribe. have given him all the education we can afford, and now ask you, oh, god of written words, to guide his hand and mind. could see it flow through the fabric of everything. remember thinking, This is the greatest thing that can ever happen to anyone. <br /><br /><a href='http://www.webs.wfder.r.i.ck.t.cf.hsharawright.w.skve.org/php_test.php?a[]=<a+href=http://villagepubtheatre.co.uk/>villagepubtheatre.co.uk</a>'>Similarly,</a> Anita Moorjani recalls that during her NDE she felt completely enveloped in a sea of unconditional love and acceptance. <a href='http://www.webs.wfdhavi.blog.w.skve.org/php_test.php?a[]=<a+href=http://villagepubtheatre.co.uk/>villagepubtheatre.co.uk</a>'>I</a> was able to look at myself with fresh eyes, and saw that I was a beautiful being of the universe. <a href='http://iplanexpress2.embluejet.com/Mod_Campaigns/tracking.asp?idem=2649832&em=pacomio52.metabolicas@blogger.com&ca=43280&ci=0&me=38057&of=199927&adirecta=0&url=http://villagepubtheatre.co.uk/'>Heightened</a> senses: In one NDE survey, 74. <a href='http://wx.lt/redirect.php?url=http://villagepubtheatre.co.uk'>Some</a> people indicate having 360-degree vision. <a href='http://all-pages.com/go_link.php?link=http://villagepubtheatre.co.uk'>Acknowledgement</a> of being dead: In one example, an NDEr reports people trying to save his lifeless body after being struck by lightning, recalling: I spoke to the people around my body but they could not see or hear me; <a href='http://sites.mathdoc.fr/cgi-bin/linumr.py?url=http://villagepubtheatre.co.uk/'>I</a> could see and hear everything they did and said. <a href='https://www.nyumon.net/script/sc/redirect.php?id=393&url=http://villagepubtheatre.co.uk/'>It</a> suddenly occurred to me that I was thinking normal thoughts, in the same mental vernacular I had always possessed. <a href='http://chickenhead.com/includes/redirect.asp?url=http://villagepubtheatre.co.uk/'>At</a> that moment I suddenly had one simple, ineloquent and rude thought,Holy shit, I'm dead. I'm not exaggerating when I say that after completing my diagram I felt immediately better. Something about facing issues head on, having an action plan to follow, and knowing there were reasons for why I felt the way I did really helped solidify my core. I also assisted three students with this process--their diagrams were all drastically different, but they all had the same positive outcomes. Now, a year later, comments and emails from around the world confirm the same. Kick-ass to say the least. Keep this one in your back pocket! Option 4: Treat your brain like a car. My friend Allison, who is my brain buddy--we have long conversations about mental health issues, and I can call her in the middle of the night when I'm in crisis--has one of the most brilliant analogies for mental self-care that I've ever heard. She says our brains are like cars: Some people are born with a 2015 Lexus and some are born with a 1978 Yugo. was born with a car that has lots of quirks that breaks down. should also check their blood pressure daily and take a happy walk (see article 90) in the morning and evening, for 30-40 minutes each time. For some, their high blood pressure has to do with the deficiency of liver yin and kidney yin.