Although some health-care professionals do not advise liquids before bedtime due to the disruption of sleep with a trip to the bathroom, ayurvedic medicine believes warm milk is a remedy for sleeplessness. I personally enjoy an occasional cup of Moon Milk8 before bed when I have trouble sleeping. A good night's sleep is critical to weight loss and the health and well-being of the brain and the body. Two trees meant that God gave them a choice and He gives us this same choice. We don't have to choose to become less. We don't have to let the enemy win. We can choose differently. God has given us a plan to win and we can choose to implement this plan. It is a plan driven by love and love always wins. I know you don't have school tomorrow but I'm here if you two want to come over. I have cheering practice from 10 am to 12, said Kay. My band practice is from 9 to 11 am, said Jay. Okay, how about we meet at 1 pm, said Mr. Many individuals follow others almost automatically. Sometimes they do so because they desire to take the path of least resistance. Other times they fear rejection. Or they believe there's wisdom in doing what everyone else does. But if you want to succeed, you need to think about what's best, not what's popular. Challenging popular thinking requires a willingness to be unpopular and go outside of the norm. Following the tragedy of September 11, 2001, for example, few people willingly chose to travel by plane.

But that was the best time to travel: crowds were down, security was up, and airlines were cutting prices. About a month after the tragedy, my wife, Margaret, and I heard that Broadway shows had lots of seats and many New York hotel rooms remained empty. Popular thinking said, stay away from New York. Of course, I understand that my readers follow a variety of spiritual paths. That is why I want to make one thing clear: anyone can make changes to the spells and add the spiritual powers to which they feel connected. It does not matter if you prefer to work with Jesus, Mary, the great goddess, Cernunnos, Isis, your spirit animal, or angels. Just do it. The possibilities are endless. We can approach this the way our ancestors did. They spoke to the powers they considered holy. A change like this will not weaken the spell, but make it more powerful than one involving a force that holds a negative connotation for you. You can come up with your own spells, as well. We will discuss this later on. Remember me when the world feels colourless and grey and I will bring new colours to your life. When we re-engage with the power of real presence in our dreams, a healing touch becomes available to us, no matter if the dream occurred many years before! Consider the words of the Taoist master Lao Tzu, written over 2,500 years ago: The Way itself is like something Seen in a dream, elusive, evading one. In it are images, elusive, evading one. In it are things like shadows in twilight.

In it are essences, subtle but real, Embedded in truth. Nightmares: From Fear to Freedom Sex is the basic, hard-wired instinct that prevents the human race from dying out. The attraction between men and women flows in and around us all the time. It provides a little electricity when we are socializing, and giving and receiving appreciation is part of the pleasure of socializing. The strength of our desires and of other people's attractiveness varies over time, but we tend to go for the same types. Even though we talk about fancying someone or looking for a partner as though we are making choices, a good deal of our sexual behaviour actually happens instinctively. We experience it, just as we experience hunger for food. There are some kinds of people we find attractive and others we don't; We can see that some people are very beautiful, yet we don't find them sexy. Others are not so obviously beautiful, yet very attractive indeed. We all simply have our own preferences. Thinking of these three interactions all together, consider how true each of the following two statements is for you: Rate the truth of these two statements on a scale from 1 to 7, on which 1 = not at all true, and 7 = very true. You may record your responses anywhere, for instance in a notearticle or computer spreadsheet that you create. Or you can use the online recording tools on the website that accompanies this article by visiting www. PositivityResonance. One benefit of recording your responses online is that you can also choose to rate your emotions each day, and thereby, as the weeks progress, you can see whether your positivity ratio rises in step with your greater attention to social connections. Donna's Story

Not long ago, I shared this preliminary finding on the impact of merely reflecting on social connections with Donna, a friend of mine who for years has been trying out new tools for increasing well-being. At the time, Donna had been facing a series of setbacks and disappointments at work and had lost some close, work-based friendships. Being single, she also felt emotionally isolated. Immediately, I boldly affirm, My thoughts are God's thoughts, and God's power is with my thoughts of good. Continue to identify with and to meditate on the above affirmation and you will rise above the discord, confusion, and extremes and tragedies of life. You will no longer experience the ups and downs, but rather, you will enjoy a constructive, vital, and active life full of creativity and the rhythm of life. How to Get in Tune with the Infinite Some months ago, a woman from North Carolina wrote me, saying that the world is going to the dogs, that our morals are at a low ebb, that corruption is rampant, and that teenage violence, crime, and scandal are the news of the day. Then she added, We may be annihilated by an atomic bomb any day. How do we tune in on God in the midst of all this degeneracy, pornography, and the cesspool of iniquity in which we find ourselves? I answered her along these lines and admitted that what she mentioned was true, but that the Bible says, . Come out from among them, and be separate (II Cor. She must have the ability and capacity to rise above the world negation and to lead a full and happy life right where she is. A third stanza came with a little coaxing after tea. One more was needed, but it did not come: I had to turn to and compose it myself, and that was a laborious business. I wrote it thirteen times, and it was more than a twelvemonth before I got it right. The creative mind possesses a dynamic, integrated balance between deliberation and contemplation. It is able to swing flexibly between its focused, analytical, articulated mode of conscious thought, and its diffused, synthetic, shadowy mode of intuition. But the mind may lose its poise and get stuck in one mode or the other. And if its balance has been disturbed in this way, it takes time and effort to free it up again.

This process of rediscovering the complementarity of the mind's different modes has been graphically charted in a study of women's ways of knowing' by Mary Field Belenky and others. <a href=''>In</a> the early stages of this development, they claim, many women, particularly those who have previously had little successful experience of formal education, start out feeling very powerless and inept in the face of the rational, articulate way of knowing. <a href=''>They</a> feel as if they have novoice' of their own, and are in awe of others (principally but not exclusively men) whose d-mode voices sound loud, self-confident and authoritative. You may not have colleagues but Doris could be your teachers, your mentors, your counsellors, your lecturers, your coaches, your team mates. The more we all lift each other up, cheer each other on and create an environment where we all want to work together (men, women and non-binary), the more we'll all thrive, achieve and grow. You don't need to get on with every single person in the office, but if you are struggling with a work colleague or you're in a situation where you feel undervalued and it's affecting you, this may help: there is not one person on this planet who is entitled to treat you like shit. Please remember that and please talk to someone you can trust about it, outside of your work. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF What advice would you give your best friend if she were in your situation? Wait, who's your best friend? Did I hear you say I AM? Yes, I'm a-talking 'bout you. Call a meeting and be honest with them. The maintenance of your organic machine is dependent on adequate sleep. Addressing and exploring the root causes of insomnia will only add to the long-term benefits of the Data-Driven Fueling lifestyle. Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us. Macmillan's Dictionary defines the verb to sabotage as to deliberately stop someone from achieving something or to deliberately prevent a plan or process from being successful. Sabotage is a serious issue for some embarking on the journey toward weight loss and improved health. Friends, coworkers, and, yes, even loved ones can be threatened by the emerging new you. A friend who has given up on losing weight due to yo-yo dieting may not be supportive of your decision to Forget Dieting!