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Someone who cares about you Someone who knows that making mistakes is part of the process Someone who is not scared of calling you out when you stray An accountability partner could be a friend, colleague or family member. It could also be someone who has gone through what you are going through presently. Once you finally settle on an accountability partner, you should go through a few initial steps: Set up guidelines State your expectations Go through your goals Being overweight and out of shape, severe coughing, poor sleep, and high levels of stress can also trigger chronic lower-back pain. Chronic lower-back pain may also result from bulging or ruptured discs between the vertebrae, issues with the joints between the vertebrae or with the joints between the spine and the pelvis, narrowing of the spinal cord canal (stenosis ), wear and tear on vertebral joints (osteoarthritis ), and other structural and hereditary issues. There is a square muscle that attaches to the ribs, spine, and pelvis and causes much of our lower-back pain (the quadratus lumborum ). It is responsible for helping lean to one side and, more often, hiking the hip on one side to hold something heavy (like holding a baby on your hip). Massage can help by relaxing the back and neck muscles, releasing adhesions caused during the healing process, addressing deeper muscle tightness in the lower back, pelvis, and abdomen, and improving symptoms of stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Stretch your lower back daily to increase your flexibility and range of motion. Lie on the floor, bring your knees to your chest, and rock from side to side to loosen your lower back. Put your left foot flat on the floor and bring your right knee to your chest, then cross your right ankle over your left knee and lift your left foot off the floor, hugging your left leg into your chest. Repeat on the other side to fully stretch the lower back. A kneeling lunge will soften the front of the hip and release tight hip and abdominal muscles, which contribute to lower-back pain, particularly when there is poor posture or limited core strength. Right here and right now I recognize the God-Power, the God-Presence that is my very life, my very being.

I am unified with this Presence. Something cries out from the depths of me: I am what Thou art, Thou art what I am. With complete confidence I call forth the perfect peace that passeth human understanding. I know the people of all nations, the leaders of all nations are wrapped in that peace right now. I announce to all, Peace, be still. The all-knowing Spirit is uplifting, healing, and transforming the lives of all people and the leaders of all nations. This prayer is even now healing the global family, activating peace, loving kindness, and unity. Meditation of an Emissary of Peace Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, religions of indigenous peoples--all have their techniques of meditation. Pigmentation issues include melasma (see here) - also called chloasma and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) - or PIPA (post-inflammatory pigment alteration), which is extremely common in darker skin tones and usually happens after an injury to the skin. If you have pigmentation issues of any kind, you need to use a high SPF daily and invest in serums that target this condition. SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector Zelens Z Luminous Brightening Serum The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA or Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% KERATOSIS PILARIS (aka chicken skin') is thought to be associated with, or in the same family as, eczema and ichthyosis. <a href=''>It</a> presents as bumps most commonly found at the top of your arms and thighs, giving the appearance of goose bumps. <a href=''>It</a> is harmless, and not contagious, but it can be annoying for the sufferer. <a href=''>You</a> can help remedy it by body brushing and using dedicated acid-based moisturisers on the area. <a href=''>My</a> readers have found that taking their acid-soaked cotton pad over the areas of keratosis pilaris on a daily basis after using it on their face helped with thechicken skin' on their arms. Focus your attention on the love in your life.

Think about those you love most, and those who love you most. Get yourself in a positive mindset by wrapping yourself in their warmth and affection. Open yourself up to receiving all the good that your loved ones have to offer. Think about a recent compliment someone gave you. Pick someone close to you, since the closer they are, the more meaningful the compliments tend to be. Repeat the compliment in your head a few times, and see how it feels. If it still feels unnatural or uncomfortable, remind yourself that your loved one genuinely cares about you and would want you to accept the compliment fully. Revisit this process periodically and/or whenever you get a compliment that you find difficult to accept. Getting a hug seems like a pretty easy thing to do, but there is a caveat: You can't just get a hug; Remember that the best students always get the toughest problems. Love the problems you have, and their priceless gifts will he yours. Affirmations My prob lems strengthen and bring out the best in me. I face my problems courageously. I welcome new challenges into my life. I uncover hidden blessings in difficult circumstances. When a crisis arises, I acknowledge the danger but embrace the opportunity. Your own ____ Words to Consider In life, the difficult periods are the best periods to gain experience and

As a result, my mental status is much The Dalai Lama The Future Is Not What It Used to Be With the pace of change continuing to accelerate, the future is not what it used to be. From one moment to the next, no one can be certain of anything. Your job, your marriage, your relationship to your childrennone of these may be the same next year, next month, or even next week. How does one survive this changing landscape? First, by being flexible and adaptableready to change course at any moment. Be prepared to roll with the punches and release your old attachments or current expectations. We need to do three things: we need to change how we see, talk, and behave in the world. In other words, we need a new conversation. The Weight of Words Changing the conversation, unlike most things in life, is actually easier done than said. Believe me, I've done it. I was brought up living the same story most of us have been told. That's the problem--that story is negative and depleting. Too many tell a tale of working hard, fighting over scarce pieces of pie, measuring themselves against the rulers of others, living in fear of others, and settling for good enough. This is the wrong story. But again, that's good news. I can be responsible for my words and actions only, and other people have to take responsibility for theirs.

I feel guilty when I'm out with my friends, or at work, or otherwise away from my child. I shouldn't go out or spend time away from them. Spending time with friends helps me manage stress and is self-care. I have to figure out what amount of time feels like the right amount to be away. When I take care of myself, I show up for my family with more energy and am able to connect more. I can't believe I reacted that way to my child. I feel horrible. I'm an awful mother. My child is still learning about the world and how to be, and reading up on child development would be a great way to understand what they're capable of and what they're not. If you hug infrequently or often find it difficult to engage in a prolonged hug, this is the meditation for you! It will help you learn how to accept this loving physical act of affection. Follow these steps to work a hug into your meditation: Instead of preparing for meditation as you usually do, check in with someone you love and ask if they would like to take part in an important meditation exercise. Once you find your hugging partner, prep for your meditation either alone or with them. Walk them through how to meditate if they don't already know. Once you're prepped and you're both ready, incorporate the hug. Come together in a warm embrace. Put your head to the right of their head, which aligns your heart with theirs when you hug. Breathe deeply as you hug, keeping your mind calm and free of thoughts of shame, judgment, or discomfort. It is not so straightforward with our inner circadian rhythms.