For example, when you watch a certain advertisement, you will realize that you will have the desire to purchase the product that is being advertised. It means that you can be easily manipulated using some of these principles. When purchasing these products, you should be sure that you have been manipulated using the principles that relate to the psychology of manipulation. Our work was to allow Kathy to see the world, and all of the safe spaces in it, through new eyes. The Treatment Education was an important first step for Kathy. She had to come to the understanding that nothing that had happened in her life was her fault. Abuse, chaos, and danger were all she had ever known, so of course she didn't have the capacity to trust or feel safe. I have found that, in therapeutic environments, education often has the effect of making clients feel understood, and this was definitely the case with Kathy. It helped her to understand that she wasn't alone, which provided a sense of connection. This was a new feeling for her. Of course, our main work was in calming down Kathy's stress physiology so that she could learn to accurately assess safety and danger queues. I quickly learned that Kathy did not have a baseline for understanding how to feel joy; The men weren't wearing shirts and were deeply suntanned. The women wore robes of brightly colored cloth, and their extremely long hair was rolled into ropes and twisted down their backs. Without warning, a gong was struck. Michael grabbed his ears and watched every man and woman around him as they stopped talking, fell to their knees, and lowered their heads. Stunned, Michael just stood there, and suddenly he had a clear view of the room. Directly in front of him were six steps. On each side of the steps were statues of lions carved from dark marble.

But they were nothing compared to the sight at the top of the steps. Standing alone in the center of a granite pedestal was a throne made of ivory and trimmed in gold. The back of the chair was rounded at the top and had armrests on each side. When people act in a violent manner, the act of violence will be as a result of their beliefs. Also, it might be possible that these individuals may have been manipulated using social conditioning. When discussing the psychology of manipulation, things might get scarier with time. Since technology has advanced greatly, it is good to note that there are various forms of technology that can be used to alter the brain functioning of an individual using a brain scan. It is also possible to see brain activity through a screen as well as the thoughts of an individual. The current forms of technology are also set to improve. Eventually, it will be possible to implant thoughts to people using various forms of technology. Using such forms of technology, people can also induce an abnormal mental state in others using TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) or ultrasounds. The mentioned forms of technology may prove to be effective, and they might also be widespread eventually. To some extent, people may assume that all hope is lost and the psychology of manipulation will prove to be detrimental over time. The first thing we had to do was to help Kathy feel safe enough to experience a sense of joy. When Kathy had these small moments of joy, I made sure to point them out to her so that she could recognize she had the capacity for positive emotions. I made a point of using a lot of humor in our sessions as I introduced her to touch work. One of the things that amazed me about Kathy is the fact that, even though she hadn't had a lot of experiences with safe touch, it was almost as if her body was craving physical connection. I was surprised that she hopped up onto the table almost immediately. When I initially touched her, it felt almost as if her body collapsed. As a somatic therapist, one of the first areas to address in a client is the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis, or the HPA axis.

If we can slow the adrenals, the amount of stress hormones pumping through the body decreases. I did this, laying my hands on her adrenals and kidneys, and Kathy began to cry. It was almost as if her tissues were pleading to please give them relief and help them to feel safe. Two more lions, these also made of gold, stood silent watch beside the throne. The gong sounded again, and a man near the throne walked quickly to a curtain and parted the cloth. Stepping through the open space was the most radiant human being Michael had ever seen. He wore a robe of brilliant turquoise. Rubies and gems of every sort were sewn into the hems and sleeves of the garment. Around his arms and neck were bands of solid gold. The crown on his head, also made of gold, was dusted with small diamonds. Michael, the only person still standing, stared open mouthed at this awesome figure. He was a large man. Even in sandaled feet, he appeared to be a foot taller than Michael. It is not possible to identify how people can act in different situations unless they can seize a chance to act it out on their own. Most of the people may not know what to experience when they are subjected to different forms of stress. Some of the scenarios involving manipulation usually take place in a manner that the victim is somewhat unconscious. People usually pretend that their actions were as a result of their choices. It is advisable to ensure that you have learned more about your behaviors. Also, you should be disciplined and conscious about all your actions so that you may test who is in control. If you notice that you are tempted to act in a different manner, you should try and look into the matter in an in-depth manner.

Try and ask yourself whether you want to act that way. How to Understand That They Are Applying It and How to Defend Themselves Psychological manipulation usually breeds some form of healthy social influence, and it usually occurs between many individuals. A lot of heat began radiating from her body and, interestingly, early memories of her mom started to drift to the surface. Kathy remembered a moment when she was just three or four years old, alone with her mom, who was crying and holding her as they rocked back and forth. It was almost as if Kathy's mom had been using her to co-regulate for a sense of safety. Rather than Kathy's mom making her child feel safe, the tables were turned. As this came to the surface, Kathy spontaneously started rocking on the table. In the course of our sessions, Kathy experienced a lot of spontaneous movement and many memories came up for her, which allowed Kathy to cry and mourn them. This spontaneous movement serves a purpose: it allows people who have been traumatized to renegotiate their biological state, and the completion of trauma begins to settle in. Kathy expressed that she wanted to rock, and I helped her do that. It was almost as if Kathy was going back to that movement with her mom, only this time she was being comforted rather than having to fill the role of comforter. With this understanding of Kathy's past, it was clear how she had ended up in an abusive relationship. His thick, dark hair was shoulder length, parted in the middle, and seemed to be held in place by the heavy crown. Circling to the front of the throne, he sat down and said simply, Let us begin. Immediately, the crowd leaped to its feet, and the argument around the throne began again. As Michael got closer, he could hear the angry voices of two women growing louder. He is mine! You are a thief! Michael made his way to the front as the crowd grew wilder, taking sides with the women and shouting insults at them.

Michael found it oddly similar to those afternoon talk shows where people fight out all of their personal problems. But somehow, Michael felt, this was much more real. Silence, the man on the throne commanded, and a hush passed over the people. The relationships, in this case, are usually give or take. In psychological manipulation, one person will always benefit from the other by taking advantage of them. The individual manipulating the other always does it deliberately, and they often bring about an imbalance of power since they are exploiting other people for their own self-benefit. The characteristics of manipulative individuals are: They know how to detect the weaknesses of other people. Once they identify a person's weaknesses, they will always use these weaknesses against them. They will always convince the victims to give up something so that they may serve their self-centered interests. Once a manipulative individual manages to take advantage of another person, they will always violate the other party until the exploited person ensures that the manipulation spree has come to an end. Some of the causes of chronic manipulation are always deep-seated and complex. However, it is not easy to identify the main drive that causes a person to be manipulative psychologically. If a person doesn't experience a healthy attachment with their caregiver, how can they have any sense of accuracy in sensing safety and danger in their relationships later on down the line? We gravitate either toward what's familiar to us or what we have been conditioned to believe. Our system seeks a sense of familiarity. Kathy and I worked with sensory experiences. One week, I had her go to a department store and pick out perfume samples that she liked. We did many things like this to build what I called a sensory toolbox, some go-to items Kathy could use to bring herself back down and connect when she needed. Kathy sat outside on her back patio, a place that she loved, and I had her create a playlist of songs that moved her so that she could close her eyes and listen to a few songs out there every day, simultaneously calling upon multiple senses.