Their main aim is to ensure that they have marketed different products successfully and they may be manipulative so that people may purchase each of the products that they are selling. In such an instance, the manipulative individual will expect you to answer each of their questions immediately. They will also take advantage in different ways while also distancing themselves from the immediate influence that they have brought forth. Whereas depression makes it hard to mobilize, anxiety makes it difficult to taper down. I had a client named Anna who only had two gears: doing, doing, doing, and total exhaustion. Her anxiety was so bad that she had very little ability to be present with her kids without yelling at them because everything felt so out of control. Anna grew up as one of nine kids. While things appeared normal to the outside eye, there was actually a lot of emotional neglect in Anna's childhood home. No one ever validated Anna's experiences or cared about what she was feeling. Everything was black and white, with no acknowledgment for individual feelings or preferences. She always had to be doing something and, in the rare moments when she wasn't, Anna was scolded. It was definitively not a nurturing environment. So, Anna grew up with a lot of fear, and her way of dealing with life was to remain in constant motion; Then, please, join me. Solomon pointed to a big pillow, and Michael quickly sat down. You see before you the finest food available anywhere in the world. The food, and anything else you might need, is yours for the asking. Thanks, Michael answered, reaching for some fruit. By the way, my name is Michael Holder. Two names, Solomon noted.

And still, you speak my language well. Have you been schooled in Hebrew, or is your tongue a surprise to you? Michael, a bit confused, reached up and touched his tongue. Always exercise some sense of leadership by telling the manipulative individual that you will think about it and issue them an answer at an opportune moment. Some of these words always prove to be powerful, and since we have used an example of sales agents, the customer, in this case, is the one who is supposed to address the salesperson and tell them that they will think about it. Always take time to think about the merits and demerits that may be present depending on the current situation. Also, try to look into whether it is possible to come up with an equitable arrangement or you should say no depending on the present scenario. Always Learn to Say No It is not easy to say no, however, you should first learn the art of communication. When you effectively learn to say no, you will be able to stand your ground while also making sure that you have been able to maintain a workable relationship. Also, make sure that you are conversant with your human rights most importantly the area that involves making sure that you can set your own priorities while also ensuring that you have not incurred any form of guilt. After all, you have the right to choose your own happiness and a healthy life, too. Always make sure that you can resist while also ensuring that you have kept your peace. She was completely overly mobilized. This was her version of fight or flight: constant flight. As a result, Anna's adrenaline, stress hormones, and cortisol were constantly pumping through her body. Doing was the only way she could feel safe or even moderately okay. Anna came to me with the question a lot of people grappling with anxiety do: What do I do? How are you going to fix it? The Treatment

For about six months straight, Anna blew into each of our sessions in a flurry, saying, I'm so anxious, I'm so anxious, I'm so anxious. Okay, I replied slowly and calmly every time. Tell me what you're doing when you're anxious. You mean my language. I was amazed that I could understand every word being spoken when I got here, and I'm even more amazed that I can speak to you now. I mean, yeah, I made As and Bs in Spanish, but speaking fluently in an ancient language--that's unbelievable! Solomon chuckled. It is not so ancient to me, my friend, but I do understand your astonishment. Wherever you travel on this unusual journey, you will find that your mouth and ears have been granted a special ability to communicate and comprehend so that you may be able to understand the gift with which you are being entrusted. Michael asked. Yes, the scrolls, Solomon answered. I prepared this one for you only this morning. He gently placed his hand on a thin piece of leather that had been tightly wound around a small, wooden rod. Always Confront the Bullies A psychological manipulator tends to become a bully at some point. They will always intimidate or harm their victims. The most important point to note is that the bullies will always prey on the individuals that they may perceive as weak. The manipulative individuals will go ahead with the exploitation whenever they come across an individual who is compliant and passive. When you make yourself a worthy target, the manipulative individuals will not hesitate to pounce on you. It is also evident that a majority of the people who enjoy bullying are also cowards.

Whenever a person begins to showcase that they know their rights, the bullies will always back down. Various studies have also been carried out, and it is evident that most of the bullies have also been victims of violence at some point in their lives. Although the bullies have also been victimized at some point in their lives, it is not an excuse as to why they are bullying others. Each time, Anna would present the latest series of details leading to her anxiety. Each time, she ended that explanation by asking me, Well, what do I do with it? Let's do an experiment, I told her. Let's see what happens if we do nothing with it. For an anxious person, this is an almost incomprehensible suggestion because of the energy pumping through them. Anxious people tend to have the inherent (although often subconscious) belief that if they don't mobilize, they're going to die. They are moving for survival. So, the trick is slowing down. Shifting out of mobilization and into observation sounds easy enough, but for those with anxiety it's a process of tapering. For example, Anna might come to a session telling me she has eight things on her to-do list. It is the message that was placed in my heart for you. This is merely a part of what must be ingrained in your life before you will be able to pass the gift to others. How am I supposed to pass this . Michael shook his head. The king grinned as he reached for a bunch of grapes. Plucking one from its stem, he placed it in his mouth and said thoughtfully, That is something you may not know for yet some time. Then again, the answer could be revealed to you tomorrow.

Jehovah will move mountains to create the opportunity. It is up to you to be ready to move yourself. Michael leaned toward the king. Such information is meant to ensure that you can view bullies from a different perspective. When you confront a bully, you will be confident enough that you can protect yourself against various forms of danger. You may stand tall as an individual while also supporting other individuals when they are bullied. In an instance whereby a person has been psychically, emotionally, or verbally assaulted, always make sure that you have sought the services of a counselor and also report the matters to the legal authorities and they will take the necessary course of action. Always make sure that you can stand up to the bullies, and you may partner with some individuals who are fed up with practices such as bullying. Set Consequences When an individual who thrives on manipulation insists on violating your personal boundaries, always make sure that you are in a position to tell them no. Always make sure that you are in a position to assert and also identify consequences. Possession of such knowledge can ensure that you can handle difficult people. When a bully understands the consequences that may come about as a result of their actions, always make sure that they can learn more about the value of respect. I will ask her to practice doing only four of them, and then observe what it feels like to stop once she completes that fourth item. This wasn't easy for Anna. For a long time, she continued doing anything she could to avoid slowing down. Let's say she had a birthday party for one of her kids: Anna would become fixated on the decorations in an over-the-top kind of way that kept her going, going, going. There was always something to keep Anna running around until she finally reached the point where she collapsed from total exhaustion. Anxious people also tend to live in the past or ruminate about the future. Both of these are a way of staying out of the present moment, which is a place where people with anxiety have a very difficult time residing.