You know that you are capable of better coping with your problems on a regular basis and that is where NLP gets its power. When you learn to understand what you are going through and how to deal with it, you are better prepared in the long run to cope with everything that you are dealing with. N LP and Bettering the Self As we have talked about repeatedly so far, one of the more common uses of NLP, at least on a personal level, involves bettering the self. When you focus on yourself and bettering yourself, you are usually able to change your own mindsets. It was less about fun and more like I need this. I'd think about that first drink of the day all day. It would get me through all those stressful moments. I was all about getting the house ready, cleaned perfectly, dinner perfectly done, a kid perfectly prepared for bed, all so I could have my time. But then the wheels started coming off. I'd have to cut back on the amount of work that I could do the next day, because I'd need to sleep more. After I got my daughter off to school I'd just crash out for a couple of hours because I literally couldn't function. The last five to ten years of my drinking I was having probably on average about a bottle and a half to sometimes two bottles a night. I'd be pretty knackered the next day--touchy and teary and falling asleep on the couch. But I'd still do it again the next day. But now you know that you don't lack self-discipline or have some sort of psychological problem. Your lifestyle is no different from other people's. The problem is that you have a hormonal imbalance: Your body makes too much insulin when you eat the large amounts of refined carbohydrates typical of the modern diet. To turn your health around, you don't have to plumb the depths of your willpower and deprive yourself of satisfying amounts of good food. You just need to cut out a few starchy culprits.

Considering that starch is largely tasteless, replacing it with other foods actually increases the flavor and variety of your diet. As you've seen, you can eat better than ever, and if you have to have starch, you can use the sugar-blocking foods you've learned about in this article to blunt its effects. Now that you've learned how to recognize the culprits that cause sugar shocks and how to take advantage of the sugar-blocking effects of different foods, it's time to learn about other sugar-blocking techniques that will help you stabilize your blood sugar, reduce insulin demands, lose weight, and prevent or treat diabetes. SUGAR BLOCKING IN THE REAL WORLD Lost 4 1/2 pounds and 6 in 6weeks You are empowered by the use of NLP to ensure that, at the end of the day, you can better cope with anything that you face. You can better deal with your problems because you can better influence the way that you think. T his means that NLP then becomes a powerful self-improvement tool. You can slowly eliminate all sorts of negative problems that you may otherwise struggle with. You can learn to eliminate that negativity to ensure that, at the end of the day, you do live a life that you value. You can ensure that you do live a life that is highly supportive of everything that you want, such as ensuring that you can better control the ways in which you deal with your problems. You can eliminate problematic habits. You can erase thoughts that are sabotaging yourself or your relationships with others. You can effectively teach yourself to be the person that you have the potential to become. N LP and Managing Others My last night of drinking I had four bottles of wine in one sitting and talked a whole pile of rubbish to Mike, thinking I was being fabulous and clever. He went to bed and I had a strange and eerie sensation of being outside of my body, hovering over and watching myself. I felt nervous and shaky with a foreboding feeling of doom. I was scared. Something in me knew I was going to die unless I stopped drinking.

I went to bed, woke with yet another brutal hangover and vowed again that it would be my last one. I was finished. I had had enough of feeling sick and tired and mad. I wanted my life back, whatever that looked like, without alcohol. Mike said he would help and stand by me. MICHELLE NEWHARD I found that hummus is a great party food to use as a dip with raw vegetables. MICHELLE NEWHARD and her husband, Scott, are always on the go--and with both of them working full-time and raising two boys, they are always looking for more hours in the day. After 10 years of marriage, the couple realized that, between the demands of work and home, they hadn't been taking enough care of themselves, and they decided to join the Sugar Blockers Diet as a way to refocus on their health and stop the slow calorie creep before it set them back even further. As extra motivation, Michelle wanted to shed a few pounds as a present to herself. I want to celebrate my 40th in a big way this year, and conquering this weight loss goal of mine will definitely help! Plus, both Scott and I need to be strong and healthy into our sixties and seventies so we can spend time with grandkids! While Michelle and Scott were working on resetting their metabolism to keep up with current kids and future grandkids, Michelle's father, Bruce, saw a similar opportunity and joined the program with them, making it a real family affair! And everyone saw benefits: Scott lost more than 12 pounds, and Bruce shed significant points from his triglyceride level. When we were stressed, it worked. NLP is also commonly used in managerial situations. It can be used to help influence other people, as we have discussed. It can be used to ensure that, at the end of the day you do know how to motivate other people. You are able to play into team dynamics in just the right way to ensure that everyone around you is able to function accordingly. T he use of NLP and managing others becomes highly beneficial if you do work in any sort of a leadership role in which you need to be influencing the way other people work, whether that influence will play out in how you interact with them, how you approach situations or how you are able to keep people motivated.

These all matter and you are able to ensure that your interactions with those around you are always efficient in making sure that everything does work out the way that they should. N LP and Negotiations or Persuasion NLP also becomes a highly effective tool in negotiation, especially if the negotiations start off on a bad foot. If you notice that everyone around you is not really open to negotiations, you are able to make use of a lot of the methods of NLP to ensure that you can get people to open up and be willing to negotiate. You are usually able to do this with ease if you know what you are doing and if you can take control in these manners, you can ensure that the people around you are influenced in the right way to help with what you want. It was the first time someone had cared about me enough to hold my hand through the fire of giving it up, and it was his strength and resolve that helped me get back on the road to sobriety. I saw my doctor straight away and started taking Antabuse [a drug that blocks the effects of alcohol and makes you extremely sick if you drink it]. I believe it saved my life. I sweated through a few sleepless nights and withdrawal symptoms like electric fleas', which felt like my skin had been turned inside out. <a href=''>I</a> returned to recovery meetings and started seeing a drug and alcohol counsellor twice a week. <a href=''>Recovery</a> and staying sober was my dailyjob' for about six months. If I wasn't at a meeting, I was reading, watching and listening to recovery material. I needed to fill my head and life up with good, positive stuff to stay on the right track. I felt awful for the first six months. I was emotionally fragile and battling big time with massive untreated depression and anxiety. When we were relaxed, it worked. For big birthdays it worked. Takeout, comfort food, every situation . I didn't think it would ever work. And they all found something to eat on the Sugar Blockers Diet menu.

Michelle said her two young boys were very into the cheese sticks and Slim Jims--sugar-blocking snacks that weren't very hard on the family's food budget. And as a result, the boys' energy level changed, too. Before, they would fill up on starches and be hungry 5 minutes later, then another 10 minutes later, she said. But by following this plan, Michelle discovered changes even in her children--they're now focusing more at school. She put her own newfound energy to good use, too, finding it easier to concentrate at work and still make time to work out afterward. You can use methods such as the way that you frame your questions to naturally sway the way that people are thinking. You can use NLP to help yourself to frame the ideas or to ensure that you are tapping into the ways in which the other party sees the world around him or her. The powers of NLP can be highly effective when it comes right down to it if you know what you are doing and you ensure that you are able to encourage it. N LP and Relationships Likewise, in relationships, you are able to have high levels of influence with the use of NLP. You can usually ensure that you approach situations in ways that will naturally facilitate relationships to grow. You will be able to understand the ways in which those around you are working or interacting, meaning that you will be able to better work with them. W hen you use NLP in your relationships, you are typically going to be doing so in ways that will help you to better communicate. You may tap into these techniques in ways that will give you that insight that you need to understand what is going on, how to understand the people that you are interacting with, and why you should do what you must do to convince them of something. It allows you to open up that connection and that feeling of connection between you and the other person. I was also perimenopausal and had a lot of pain in my back. I didn't know what was going on for ages, and it's taken me a long time to address all of those things and learn that it can be done without alcohol. I had no idea how to look after myself. I didn't know even basic things like how much sleep to get or how to eat properly, let alone how to be strong, how to grow up, how to trust myself. You can't do those things when you're anaesthetised, which is basically what alcohol does.