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Odds are you are accustomed to being seen for your gender identity and aren't concerned that someone will wrongly project their ideas about gender onto you. It's common for people with privilege to believe that their experiences are universal and not be aware that others have very different experiences. Not everyone has the luxury of being seen or acknowledged accurately. This contributes to a feeling that we don't belong and a sense of alienation and wrongness. Rather than being a meaningless exercise in identity politics, asking for and respecting others' pronouns is an acknowledgment of a person's innermost identity, conferring respect and dignity. It is your opportunity to help others to feel seen, to know that who they are matters, and to widen the circle of belonging. It also helps remind all of us that gender is a social construct, which can help lighten the pressure we all feel to gender conform and measure up to gendered ideals like beauty standards. The benefit is far greater than merely showing kindness and respect. Consequently, she is shocked at the unmistakable realization that her husband has a problem. For Jacque, the signs that something was not okay sexually were blatant on the first date, but she readily doubts herself and gives her partner the benefit of the doubt. Jacque more clearly represents the woman who on some level is aware immediately, has profound moments of shame and fear, but works diligently to ignore them. What both of these women recognize in hindsight is how their original family dynamics influenced their frequently unhealthy coping skills. Partners of sex addicts are often raised in addictive, abusive, or otherwise impaired family systems. Turn on the TV, a commanding voice in my head said. I didn't usually listen to myself, and I wasn't often home to watch daytime talk shows. I always thought people who sat watching that drivel were pathetic, but the voice persisted so I reached over the sofa on my way out of the room to grab the remote and clicked on the TV. My premonition of drivel and pathetic people was immediately confirmed by the whining I heard from the woman describing her husband's affairs, viewing of pornography, and various other tawdry lowlife events. I didn't need to watch this crap. One of the things that nature provides and that manmade society cannot replicate is communion with something bigger than us that reminds us of our insignificance. Kai Lenny explained it this way:

The ocean is the greatest teacher ever, and how could you not become part of it at a certain point? Every time I'm in the water I feel like I'm becoming more and more one with it, in my movements, my attitude, and everything else. It has become a part of me as much as I've become a part of it because I'm immersed in it daily. And I'm allowing myself to be. It's this relationship that is as important as any one connection with another human. I probably think about the water more than I think about anything else. Society is a bubble, and every time I go in the water I step outside of it and it's literally the green pasture everyone dreams about. When people talk about heaven on earth, that's how you find it. Your world will be much richer for it. Consider, too, that while the practice of asking or announcing one's gender pronouns is well accepted as valuable in progressive and trans-friendly communities, it is not without controversy. The practice has backfired for me and many other trans people, forcing us to either lie or out ourselves when it may not be safe. A therapist friend, for example, participated in a recent conference where they were asked to provide their pronouns. This put them in an uncomfortable position. While they use they/them pronouns personally, they were choosing not to in professional settings, knowing that they would lose clients and potential referrals if this were more generally known. Please respect the choices that individuals make about whether to reveal their identities. Make choices about whether to ask someone's pronouns with respect and care. When you do ask, try to provide opportunity for someone to opt out in a comfortable way that doesn't disclose what the question might mean for them. It's becoming increasingly common for cisgender people to declare their pronouns, intended as an acknowledgement that you can't always know someone's pronouns and as a sign of solidarity and support for trans people. Yet my feet were cemented to the floor and my fingers refused to click the off button on the remote. I found myself leaning on the couch to listen and pretty soon I hopped over the back and made myself comfy, while with unbelieving ears I listened to several couples describe their walk with sex addiction.

Whew, the louder but unsteady voice in my head said, Thank God this isn't my problem. Yet a quieter, steadier, and stronger voice kept repeating, This is my life. I clicked the show off as it ended, hopped up, and kept hearing the voice that said, This is my life. And in my ever-present inability to listen to myself, I walked out of the room saying to myself, . I had been married for just over eleven years and had accomplished much in my career--accolades and awards galore. Yet I felt no joy. I only felt empty, alone, numb, and afraid. I didn't listen to myself. Right in front of you. You've just gotta look. Take Your Time Just as we've been taught to hurry in our jobs, our personal lives, and our workouts, we've also started reducing our experiences in nature to an exercise in time management. Most technology is designed to help us cram more things in by spending less time on each of them, exacerbating the problem. Consider four different ways to see Yellowstone National Park: Flying over in a plane or helicopter Rushing through on a highway at seventy miles an hour Taking a multiday ATV trip Hiking and camping for ten days Please be thoughtful about this practice and examine your intention. Is it because you sincerely want to include everyone?

Or is it about virtue-signaling (demonstrating your wokeness)? If you are cisgender, declaring your pronouns is rarely an act of vulnerability though it may be to a transgender person. Do be thoughtful about respectful practice. Have these conversations with one another. Providing safe, gender-inclusive bathrooms goes a long way toward expanding spaces of belonging--and to educating people that gender flows beyond the binary. You can help make change by advocating. Practically, you can encourage businesses to change their bathroom signs to a more apt symbol of a toilet/sink, or perhaps something a bit more playful like the sign I once saw in a coffee shop, WHATEVER. Just wash your hands. I looked outside of me to the things I did and the reactions of people around me to know how I was doing and feeling. As a matter of fact, if you had asked me to describe how I felt, I would have told you that life was good; I had a great marriage and an awesome family; During this time, my husband was working several miles away and was often gone three to five nights per week. We rarely talked on the phone, and when we did talk, it was superficial. We'd talk about the house and the dogs, and I can remember him telling me that he was attending events with a colleague from work. She's just a friend, he would tell me. I convinced myself this was normal. In time I would come to find out that she was not his first affair. When we were together, our only connection was through sex that was always initiated by my husband. Even between options two and three, which are the most similar of the four, it's evident that there would be a significant jump in the quality of your experience if you take an ATV trip. You'd get to go off the beaten path, see waterfalls and rock faces that aren't visible from the main road, and take your time to explore.

If you chose option four, you'd remove the noise of a vehicle so that you could immerse your senses more thoroughly, be able to climb trails unsuitable for an ATV, and have that special feeling of exhaustion mixed with deep satisfaction that only comes after walking all day with a pack on your back. The main benefit of option four, though, is that you'd be unhurried and could get in tune with the relaxed rhythms of being in the wilderness. One Finnish study found that it takes eight days to fully de-stress on vacation. While it's fun to bring friends or family along, you might want to consider leaving your gadgets behind. There's a reason that more and more resorts are going tech-free: they recognize the value in giving guests a digital detox. Of course, if you're in Yellowstone for ten days, you'll want to take some photos and have a way to contact the outside world if there was an emergency. But turning the trip into an Instagram-fest or focusing on your walking pace and mileage the whole time is going to diminish your enjoyment. If you're recording, you're not participating, and if you're capturing, you're not interacting. Some of the previous information is repeated on the sample handouts that follow. Consider sharing them with others. Guidelines for Setting an All-Gender Inclusive Tone at Meetings and Events For example, you can refer to people instead of men and women, or staffing instead of manpower. Or, if you really want to emphasize inclusivity, you can refer to people of all genders. For example, Hi, I'm Lindo, and I use the pronouns they and them. Please share the name you like to be called. Feel free to also share your pronouns, if you're so inclined. This sends the message that you are not making assumptions about anyone's gender. The addition of if you're so inclined may lessen the dynamic of putting people on the spot. It felt mechanical. It was all about arousal and strength and number of orgasms.