In talking about an area of our body that is out of balance, it either will be energetically empty (lacking energy) or full (has blocked energy); We can also have multiple layers of patterns in one area of our body. There is typically emptiness at the root of this, with a lot of fullness (and pain or significant imbalance) on top. Continuing on, we will discover more about the imbalance, or what is creating blockage or lack of energy in this part of your body: Consider if your body part either is empty/missing, has blocked energy, or both. If you cannot sense this, just use your sense of knowing for right now (if I could sense what was happening energetically in my big toe, what would I sense? Now, we are going to focus on the nature of the blocked energy. It is much more common for there to be some form of blockage, especially if there is pain in a body part, even if it has been disassociated from. If you do not sense any blockage, you can move on to the next section, but chances are, you will notice some form of blockage, especially initially. If you were to visualize this blockage, what would it look like? Erik Erikson, another psychologist known for his work in developmental theory, suggests that we are faced with tasks of development, akin to forks in the road on the path to maturity. Our environments, experiences, and perceptions affect us as we approach various developmental tasks. Erikson lists eight developmental tasks, including such areas as the development of trust versus mistrust, autonomy versus shame and doubt, intimacy versus isolation, and integrity versus despair. This theoretical approach is important in a discussion of DID because it offers a wonderful road map for ascertaining where trauma is likely to have occurred. In infancy, for example, a child learns whether the world is trustworthy based on the experiences of his little environment. At this time of life, abandonment or separation anxiety issues are likely to develop if caretakers are abusive or simply unavailable for some reason. If one of a person's issues is a fear of abandonment, it is probably related to this stage of development, in which nurturing from a caretaker was so vital. Attachment theory, described below, also speaks to this developmental issue. As a baby, a child is helpless and depends on the adults in her life for her very survival, but sometimes those adults are neglectful or have limits of their own that prevented healthy interaction. A mother who is dissociative might pick up her crying infant, but if she is in a dissociated state herself, it is highly unlikely that she will be able to provide comforting that is connected.

She pleaded with him to change his mind, but his decision had been made. She moved out in a frenzy of rage. She knew she had been right all along. She was just a number, another girlfriend. Nothing more. For the next few days, Vanessa found herself in a dark place. All of the thoughts and insecurities she had brought into the relationship had shaped her grief. Her negative thoughts continued as she angrily got her stuff out of his place and moved in with Yvonne, an old friend. After a few days, Yvonne said to her, Listen to yourself . I can understand why he didn't want to be with you. Zoisite with ruby: (-> Immune System, Detoxification, Power and Vitality) Ametrine: (-> Harmonization and Balance, Detoxification) Colored Tourmaline: (-> Immune System, Autonomic Nervous System) Amazonite: (-> Autonomic Nervous System ) Detoxification and Elimination Multiple stresses on the body due to exposure to other toxic substances can produce an increased sensitivity to electromagnetic pollution, for example, exposure to heavy metals from the environment or from amalgam tooth fillings. Detoxifying the body generally results in a noticeable decrease in the symptoms caused by stress and the crystals described in the following articles can help to set this process in motion. We have chosen those crystals that tend to have a gentle effect, one that stabilizes us physically and mentally and will not usually produce a severe reaction to the detoxification process. That said, take care if you are already suffering from serious illness or if you know you have been exposed to toxins at a high level. Existing symptoms may worsen drastically during detoxification, or even cause the symptoms of previous illnesses to return.

Immediately, magic was cool, and I thought I might perform it for the rest of my life. I was hooked. Wonder began to work its magical power. Wonder switch on. The Birth of Possibility I didn't realize it at the time, but that contagious experience of wonder with my parents turned my wonder switch on and began to change what I could see. In the days that followed, we would eventually pack up our stuff and drive back to southeast rural Tennessee, but this time I wasn't going home with only a few Christmas gifts in tow--I was going home with a dream. Wonder gave birth to that dream, and I was still naive enough to believe it might be possible. When wonder is reawakened, you begin to see opportunity everywhere. My newfound wonder gave birth to a whole new story of possibility. A weak fella can't fight a bad guy. A tired fella can't work all day and have energy to play with his kids before bedtime and then resume work nightly. Increased capacity in strength, conditioning, and energy, like martial arts, is mastered through discipline. By living a disciplined life, you open yourself up to more opportunity in every sense. Life isn't fun when you're broke and in debt. The fastest path to financial freedom is to make more money and to spend less money on crap you don't need. Both are achieved through discipline. The examples are endless. The scenarios never cease. Discipline liberates you from whatever holds you back.

How did the ants communicate with one another so quickly that so many of them appeared almost at once? It turns out that the primary way those ants are communicating is through pheromone molecules, the same kind that your body uses to communicate with other humans. Pheromones work the same way in all species. The feeling pheromones your body creates are meant to communicate with other people near you, just like tree pheromones communicate with nearby trees. If, for example, an oak tree encounters a disease from a bug that has recently hatched, it will send pheromone molecules that match up to certain cells on other nearby oak trees, giving them a warning: Danger, danger, put up your cellular defenses. While a pheromone is defined as a molecule that communicates with others of its kind, I found myself wondering if we can detect the pheromones of our pets. One day a delivery man at my home came out of his vehicle and immediately stiffened and backed away from our dog, Comet. Comet, surprisingly, started barking at the delivery man. It seemed clear to me that both of them were exchanging fear pheromones. One was afraid, which caused the other one to feel afraid. You must be well aware of the incident where a journalist flung a shoe on President George W Bush. In public speaking, emotional outbursts are quite common. Emotional outbursts give a hint to the speaker that in the discussion he or she has mentioned a point that contradicts the listener's values or strong beliefs. Emotional outbursts reveal emotional and intellectual information as well as beliefs and values of the listener. Some of the tips to avoid emotional outbursts are as follows: Identify the emotion: Sense the restlessness of the listener early and avoid it to come into its full bloom, otherwise you will face difficulties in controlling the emotional outburst. There are apparent gestures implying unrest or discomfort of the listeners such as clench fist, striking the fist on the palm of the other hand, and other common signs of discord. You must observe the body language of the audience to avoid problems. Response: When you listen to the audience's response carefully you will decipher the facts, values and feelings. You may also observe the voice, language, gestures especially repeated words and actions to sense the restlessness.

Why did it have its onset precisely when it did? What does the illness do to my body? What course is it following now, and what course can I expect it to follow in the future? What is the source of improvements and exacerbations? How can I control the illness, its exacerbations, and its consequences? What are the principal effects the illness has had on my (our) life? What do I most fear about this illness? What treatment do I wish to receive? What do I expect of the treatment? What effects of the treatment do I fear? How large or small is it? What shape would it be? Our bodies may reveal an image that takes us back to a particular time. For example, a pen that we had when we were twenty years old. By noting this, we can receive insights as to when in our timeline this energy became frozen, allowing us to move into inner child work. Is this blockage dark, light, or a specific color? If you are not getting answers by sitting and quietly observing your body, you can call up the body deva and ask these questions as well. If you are used to mind-body work, you may further inquire as to what issues are being created in your body due to this blockage, whether there is an emotion that can be sensed that goes along with this blockage, or even how long the blockage has been there. One way of doing this is to ask your body deva to heighten or show you what this imbalance is doing to your body. If you ask this, simply feel this heightened imbalance and note what effect it is having on your body.