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Our close relatives, the chimpanzees, use an intermediate form of bipedalism, where they walk using a combination of their hands and feet. This adaption is known as `knucklewalking', and it is not an especially efficient way of getting around.5 Many birds also walk on land on two legs - but they do not walk with an upright spine.6 Their spinal columns are not perpendicular to the ground with a mobile head on top. For humans, walking bipedally has involved dramatic modifications and adaptations across the whole length of our bodies, from the top of our head all the way to our toes. In fact, when you think about it, is everything you do in life is to seek more pleasure or to move away from pain? If there are things in your life that you find painful you will tend to avoid them. It is when you are seeking more pleasure that you may end up being irresponsible. In what areas of life do people cause themselves problems? Some of the common ones are drugs, sexual obsession, procrastination, carelessness with money etc. Many of our hormones, such as growth hormone, testosterone and estrogen decrease dramatically with age, while others, such as dihydrotestosterone and insulin, increase. Time and time again research points to the fact that we will be burdened with diseases that affect the aged if our hormones are not kept in balance. If you think you are consuming 1700 calories a day and you do not understand why you can not lose weight, add 170 calories to your estimate. There is a good chance this number will be closer to reality. Adjust your eating habits accordingly. Make sure you know how many calories you consume a day to lose weight. You will be pleased to hear this is not about struggling with willpower. It is about gaining the freedom to choose what you do. Frequently we cause ourselves problems with the choices we make. Life is not about avoiding pleasure, it is about choosing the best ways to get pleasure for you. If you can change the ways you choose to get pleasure, you can improve the quality of your life. And this is how to get more of what turns you on.

So, how do you do this. What does walking on our two feet give us that makes us different? In evolutionary terms, bipedalism enabled us to walk out of Africa and to spread all over the world - to the far distant glaciers of Alaska, and the sun-baked deserts of Australia. It's a unique ability that has defined human history. Baby boomers are more than a little interested in staying healthy and vibrant as they age. They want to stay active physically and continue to look youthful and healthy as they grow older. They want to look and feel at least a decade younger so that "sixty is the new fifty". The boomer generation is economically and socially powerful. Because of their interest in staying healthy and active, much discussion has taken place and many studies have been done on hormones and how they affect our health. There are ways to change your inner world - your convictions and beliefs about what is possible for you and even the way you feel about yourself can be changed. These changes in your inner world will then reflect in your outer world - what you manifest through the Law of Attraction in your life. A popular misconception about the Law of Attraction is that you just need to think a lot about what you desire and it will come into your life. While changing your thoughts is an important part of the manifesting process, it is only the first part of it. If you think about manifesting more money, but you feel that you do not deserve more money, then those feelings (inner world) will reflect in what you manifest in the outer world. So what you think about a desire (more money) and how you feel about having more money can be in conflict. For a quick and powerful manifestation, your feelings and thoughts regarding what you desire should be in alignment and as free of mental and emotional blocks as possible. Not all family doctors have caught up to the research on hormones. Sometimes doctors themselves believe that these changes are just part of the normal aging process. It is essential for your health and well-being to search out a physician who is knowledgeable and is willing to do the regular testing required to keep your hormones in the correct range. Each person's blood chemistry is unique and needs to be tested in order to evaluate the proper course of action.

Two people of the same age could have very different blood chemistry. Many diseases could be prevented by keeping hormones in a healthy range - as opposed to being given multiple prescription drugs to treat symptoms after years of improper hormone balance. A study from the University of Vermont found that an online companion can help motivation to lose weight. The researchers followed the study participants for 18 months. Those who had been assigned an online weight loss companion were more successful in maintaining their weight loss than those with a support group that they could only meet in person. Have you heard an inspiring phrase recently? Get inspired! If you focus on things you can not do, such as standing up to a pastry shop or going out for a walk each day, chances are you'll never be able to do it. Instead, whether you believe it or not, repeat a positive sentence, like a mantra. "I'm going to resist dessert today. Or "I'm going out for a walk". By repeating it, this sentence will become reality. At lunch, you can choose to drink a juice or a sweet drink. For the rest of the day, stick to water instead of juice or soda. Check out the list of the best and worst ways to hydrate. An average American would consume 245 calories a day as a soft drink. That's about 90,000 calories a year or ... 25 pounds! Studies show that in addition to calories, sugary drinks are not as satisfying as less sweet drinks or a healthy snack. Think of something irresistible that gives you benefits longer term.

Walking upright has also given us all sorts of other physical advantages. Bipedal walking frees our hands, meaning we are able to carry food, weapons and children. Shifting locomotion to our feet, stabilising our balance along the spine and hips, has allowed us to throw stones and spears, to creep along and attack others with primitive stone axes, to gather up the stolen spoils of assault and combat, and to quietly disappear into the night. We have been able to carry our young - often over great distances - by simply putting one leg in front of the other. Walking upright makes our minds mobile, and our mobile brains have marched to the far horizons of our planet. Talk to yourself and build a large dream in your imagination of what you will get. By practising this more often, you shift your habitual ways of thinking. It is only by shifting your habitual ways of thinking that you will change your actions. The ability to do this is only a skill and like all skills it needs repeating until it is automatic. As you are reading through this book, you will be improving your skills to apply in the areas you want. You can change! Where is it written in tablets of stone that you can't change human nature? Like so many questions, this is a question about beliefs. Becoming aware of and changing some of our limiting beliefs is one of the most fundamental of these skills. But the benefits of walking aren't solely confined to our evolutionary history - walking is hugely beneficial for our minds, our bodies and our communities. Walking is holistic: every aspect of it aids every aspect of one's being. Walking provides us with a multisensory reading of the world in all its shapes, forms, sounds and feelings, for it uses the brain in multiple ways. Walking together can be one of the best experiences of walking. Social walking - marching in concert and with purpose - can be an effective goad for real change in society. Walking is so vitally, centrally, important to us, at both individual and collective levels, that it should be reflected in the way we organise our lives and societies.

Our public policymaking needs to fully embrace why walking makes us so distinctively human, and should feed in to our urban and suburban planning. I look forward to the day when physicians the world over write prescriptions for walking as a core treatment for improving our individual and aggregate health and well-being. In fact, GPs in the Shetland Islands have already started prescribing beach walks as a preventative treatment against maladies of brain and body. It's not only the baby boom generation who should be interested in hormones. More and more, doctors are diagnosing "middle-age" diseases like type 2 diabetes in young people in their teens and twenties due to high insulin levels. Every age group needs to be concerned with their hormone levels. The good news is that correct hormone balance can often be achieved with only an adjustment to diet and the amount of exercise we get. We need to take control of our health and take a more individualized approach to our health issues. Sometimes, people accept "feeling out of sorts" as part of the aging process. They feel this way for years not knowing that changing hormone levels are the culprit to their malaise and that their vitality could be restored by simply adjusting these levels. Furthermore, your general level of energy or personal power plays an important role in determining how much of what you want you will actually attract. This fact is usually omitted in books about the Law of Attraction. Raising one's energy level is usually deeply connected to personal growth and conscious spiritual evolution. We will talk more about this. A study of 76 university students showed that the more people watch television, the more likely they are to nibble and eat a lot at meals. So try to sacrifice a show (there are probably some that you do not particularly like, anyway ...) and go out for a walk instead. Whether washing a floor, some windows, the shower, kitchen tiles or your car, a 150-pound person will burn four calories per minute of household cleaning. If you scrub for 30 minutes, you could lose up to 120 calories, the same amount found in half a cup of frozen vanilla yogurt. It is impressive to see how much you eat when you feel bored, nervous, out of habit or frustrated. This happens so often that many people have even forgotten what feeling of hunger does to our body.