If action is applied to a problem, then solving the problem becomes more likely. But what also becomes more likely is stumbling across a new discovery! The decision to act toward a goal creates Adventures of our choosing. The rewards for the majority of our Adventures is a greater sense of satisfaction. Adventure compresses time. If you combined regular exercise of your slow-twitch muscle fibers, a low-glycemic load diet, natural sugar blockers, and medicinal sugar blockers, you would optimize not only the beneficial effects of sugar blocking on your blood sugar and insulin levels but also your chances of attaining a healthy body weight. Of course, the idea of staying on a medication for the rest of your life probably doesn't appeal to you. However, you can look upon medications as a bridge to a better lifestyle. Weight loss by any means improves insulin sensitivity and can initiate a virtuous cycle. Restoring insulin sensitivity promotes weight loss, which in turn increases insulin sensitivity. Even if you stop taking the medication, your body won't need as much insulin as it did before. Lower insulin levels will help relieve the internal starvation that causes you to be overly hungry. Also, when you lose weight by any means, exercising becomes easier, which improves insulin sensitivity and encourages even more weight loss. If taking the medications results in positive changes in your lifestyle, chances are there will be no need to continue taking the drug. SUGAR-BLOCKING SUCCESS STORY You need to ensure that you are able to make those proper bonds with other people. When you want to develop those bonds with other people, you simply need to know what you are doing. They are not too hard to force into existence if you are able to ensure that you know what you are doing. No one can fault you for needing someone else to get into your skillset at some point in time or another. When you need that rapport, however, there has to be a solution that will work for you, and you must be able to find what it is to ensure that you can get that rapport rolling when it is needed the most.

T he quickest way to develop rapport is through mirroring. will allow you to really push that rapport to build up the way that you have been needing to see it. When you can develop that rapport through mirroring, you can usually do it during the course of a conversation, especially if you and the other person already seem to be on the same article to begin with. W hen it comes down to it, building your rapport is crucial and it all begins with mirroring. Remember, mirroring is all about empathy. At least, experiencing Adventure creates the impression of more time because more of your brain has to engage with the new experience compared to engaging in a similar experience every day. Travel is usually what people associate with Adventure and often people return from travel refreshed because not only have they applied action to time, but they have also applied action to solving problems both of which can be frustrating experiences during the moment, but add so much to our lives after the moment. After travel, we can return to our routine with a new perspective which itself is another form of Adventure. This leads to a new formula. New perspective When we apply new perspectives to time, we can see the world differently. With both the action/time and action/problem formulas, one key element is adaptation. It is the hidden ingredient in both formulas because it comes very naturally when we give ourselves to Adventure. Our bodies and brains adjust and modify to make the processes suitable for us. The threshold for suitable can differ for everyone but simply by taking the first step we increase our sense of Adventure and sense of purpose. RENEE MARCHISOTTO A Cure for the Common Crankiness My saving grace was 1/2 cup of very dark, very rich chocolate ice cream. Height: 5' 3 Pounds lost: 8 1/2

Inches lost: 12 3/4 Major accomplishments: Learning to adapt to proper eating habits and starting a regular exercise routine. DURING PREGNANCY, Renee Marchisotto experienced gestational diabetes, a form of the disease that occurs only during pregnancy. Having gestational diabetes was quite a surprise to me, and unfortunately I was one of the small percentage of expectant mothers who had to take insulin via injection, as well as [be on] a very controlled, restrictive diet, said Renee. I was told by my obstetrician and my endocrinologist that [because of this] I was at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Mirroring is triggering those same mirror neurons to ensure that they are working for you so at the end of the day, you will be able to properly mirror someone else to get them willing and able to mirror you as well. You can make this happen somewhat simply as well if you are able to pay closer attention. T o begin, you must firstly engage with the person that you are hoping to mirror. Who are they? What are they doing? What matters the most when it comes to that interaction with them? How can you really facilitate that interaction with them in the first place? Recognize who they are and sit down for a conversation. Ideally, they should be the one doing all of the talking. If you can ensure that they are the ones talking, you can usually just nod your head along with them while really working hard to facilitate that bond yourself. Applying action to time quickly helps you Discover Your Human Algorithm. Adventure, Adaptation, and Staying Ahead of the curve In the article Adaptive Leadership, authors Alexander Grashow and Ronald Heifetz (2009) borrow from evolutionary biology which has three parts: preserve, discard, and create. Successful adaption requires that we preserve DNA essential for our survival. At a behavioral level, when we enter into a new Adventure, we preserve virtually everything that makes us unique.

This is critical for survival. When we go to a job interview, we endeavor to show our best selves, but fundamentally we have to be ourselves, otherwise the interviewers will notice a lack of authenticity. It is crucial that we recognize and preserve ourselves for whatever the Adventure. Successful adaptation also requires discarding DNA that no longer serves the species' needs. Similarly, during Adventures we have to discard our behaviors that don't help us in our Adventures. Renee had other factors pushing her toward the Sugar Blockers Diet--her weight and polycystic ovary syndrome also put her at risk. She had had some success with other weight loss plans but found it more and more difficult to stick with them afterward. Between work and motherhood, carving out time to exercise seemed harder each day. But as her daughter grew more active (she's now 3), Renee wanted to grow more active with her. I wanted to be able to keep up with my daughter physically, especially as she gets older. I love the outdoors and want to be able to share this with her, without any limitations due to my lack of physical agility, she said. Soon after, Renee started the Sugar Blockers Diet--and 6 weeks later was well on her way to achieving that goal, having lost 8 pounds and more than 12 inches. How'd she do it? I really enjoy exercising. I had missed it . To do so, you must go through a few simple steps. A s your conversation continues, make sure that your body language says that you are listening. Face the other person. Ensure that you are square to them and nod your head as you listen to them speaking. These nods should come in series of threes--this usually can hint to the mind of the other person that you are listening, paying attention, and recognizing that you are in agreement with them.

This is important to establish--remember, people like those that they agree with because there is a common ground that is present. Y ou should then focus on convincing yourself that you like them. Make sure that if you are trying to convince them, you are spending the time necessary to ensure that you are able to better process your need to relate to each other. When you can ensure that you relate to the other person or that the other person is likable for you, you can usually convince yourself that the rapport is there, and that rapport gets mirrored back to you. As you listen to the other person talk as well, you will naturally engage with them. Watch any reality television show such as Survivor and you can see for yourself when someone's stubbornness, when unconquered, can lead to a quick dismissal from the island. Think about a time you found yourself in a new place. Sometimes the routine developed in your daily behavior is counterproductive. You may have to temporarily discard a habit in order to achieve a certain goal. Successful adaptation also means that we create new DNA arrangements in order to flourish. When we preserve and discard, we are ready for the next challenge because we have created a new way to view things. Think of a rookie quarterback who comes into the National Football League cocky and ready to conquer. Only when he has preserved his belief in himself, discarded behaviors that don't help him or the team succeed, will he be ready to succeed having created a new arrangement of self. If you want to take only three things away from this article, learn the principles of preserve, discard, and create to Discover Your Human Algorithm. Adventure and Regret If I didn't take a break away from my desk to get out and walk or do something, I didn't have as clear a head, I wasn't as refreshed, and the afternoons seemed longer. And she's not the only one who saw the difference that movement made in her day: My boss would even tell me to go for my walk or go do what I need to do because he noticed I would come back feeling better, she said. If I don't exercise or walk, I'm cranky. Renee also recognized how certain foods affect her moods and how diet and exercise are linked through more than just weight. I'm much more conscious of what I eat now.