Understand the needs and let the employees express their ideas and concerns. Maintain a straight posture, with your back straight and your head high (which will also allow you to see yourself a few inches higher), but without looking too arrogant. Try to offer a relaxed image. While walking, try to offer security, confidence and also command with each step. As body language experts recommend, avoid taking too long to answer a question, as it will denote insecurity. Nor do we must project the sense of choosing the right words to give our interlocutor what he or she wants to hear. As far as possible, expressions of the type Ahhhh, Mmmm, which may transmit nervousness and even insecurity in our message, must be avoided. Before answering, experts also recommend to look straight, and avoiding looking to one side or low the eyes, since these gestures can be interpreted as shyness or lack of confidence. Body language in men and women presents very different behaviors, generated after centuries of imposition regarding certain educational and cultural guidelines. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but signs of power and leadership are associated, in part, with masculine gestures mainly. Therefore, women managers must learn new nonverbal habits which allow them to claim authority with the body as well. We can't constantly live in the past. There's a wound in you that was created by your narcissistic mother, but you have to be able to know that this is where the wound is, this is what it looks like, and this is what you need to do in order to heal it. And just like any wound, you must take the band-aid off after a couple of days, clean it again, and re-dress it so it can fully heal. That's the kind of work that goes into healing and if you really want to heal. It starts with accepting your narcissistic mother for who she is, accepting that she was your past and working on creating a better future for yourself. Moreover, the only way you can do that is learning to have that relationship with yourself, giving yourself those things you wished she had given you, to allow you grow up and not be co-dependent and have this emotional wound. It might be a very long journey, but you need not be alone. Ask for help and you will get it. Therefore, it is important to state that there are many invisible wounds, because when you grow up in a narcissistic family there are toxic dynamics that are not very apparent.

It's so difficult to live with these invisible wounds because you can't quite pinpoint what happened. Let them be heard even if their ideas aren't used. The simple act of acknowledging them will keep them loyal and happy. The company has to be true and clear on the vision they have. When the company knows where they want to be, it is easier to let the employees know as well. The employees will have a clear path of what they need to do to get the company to that vision. A good leader will have empathy and compassion for the employees. The leader will understand what the employees need. This will instill support and trust between the leader and the employees. When a leader gives to the employees, the employees will give back. If the leader is giving gratitude and support the employees will respond by giving the same back. Women occupy only one in four of managerial positions worldwide, despite representing almost half of the population, according to recent studies. It's also perceived as a sign for lacking of authority or submission. Therefore, the body language of women leaders is very important in order to curb that image of weakness. Body language in female leadership There are two types of signs in body language regarding leadership: the person's warmth, and on the other hand, the authority. In the case of the female group, the first factor is common and well known, while demonstrating the second is quite difficult. Women must take advantage of body language movements to be projected as powerful and self-confident leaders. In body language, tilting the head denotes interest and concern towards the sender, but is also associated as a symbol of submission. For this reason, this gesture -particularly feminine- should be limited to those situations in which you want to demonstrate that active listening of the interlocutor, while the head must maintain a more neutral position when you want to demonstrate power.

Authority, at the level of nonverbal communication, is linked to height and space. It could be a series of small but repetitive traumatic events in your life that have made you feel continually worthless, have silenced you, or made you feel like there's something wrong with you and that you are somehow damaged. This is the message you get from growing up in these dysfunctional families. You can't even think for yourself because you are over-reliant on the opinion of others. You suffer in silence and sometimes don't even admit this to yourself. The healing journey will be long and difficult, impossible without seeking for help. What Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder? The concept of narcissism has a long history. People can trace it back to the ancient Greek myth of Narcissus, which is how the personality disorder received its name. Narcissus was handsome, arrogant, and self-involved--and in love with his own image. The first time therapists started viewing narcissism as a mental illness was in the late 1800s with physician Havelock Ellis. The jobs they do on a daily will reflect the respect they have for their leader. A genuine caring attitude will take a team a lot farthing then, an attitude of resentment and lack of respect. So, just be a good person and listen to the employees. They will tell you what needs to be addressed and what is working. Trust them, and they will trust the company. There are several areas that mental models are created and can be changed. In this article, we will explore the different areas and start to understand how we develop mental models and why. Changing mental models is a process and will take time. Some models will be easy to change, and some will not.

Understanding how they work for us or against us is essential. For instance, at first sight, a small person is perceived as less powerful than an average height one. Consequently, women must learn to cover more space with their bodies, stretching their shoulders, separating the arms from the body, or spreading their belongings on the meeting table, instead of making a neat pile next to them. In stressful situations, boys rub their hands or touch their necks and faces, but women twist strands of hair or play with the necklace or ring, giving the image of a little girl. To show more power, women leaders need to forget these gestures and choose to keep their hands still in their lap or on the table. When women make an affirmation, they usually end the sentences with a high tone, as if asking or seeking approval, which is an indication of submission. The solution is to make sure that the tonal arc of the statement begins on a note, increases through the sentence, and descends at the end, rather than rising. Women smile more than men as a way to please and, although the smile is a great ally when it comes to empathizing with others, overused, it can become a credibility thief, especially in situations where there is some tension. The men agree to let their interlocutor know that they agree, but the women use this gesture continuously: to say that they share the idea, that they understand it, they want the other person to continue. In a meeting of women and men, men are more likely to intervene more frequently and continually interrupt their partners. For this reason, the author advises women managers not to be afraid to raise their voices, to be heard without wait for men to give them the floor. In the early 1900s, psychologist Sigmund Freud explained narcissism as a self-psychological theory. However, it wasn't until close to the 1980s when Narcissistic Personality Disorder became a well-discussed topic in the psychological world. There are several steps therapists when diagnosing a client with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Because it is a mental illness, it does require a psychologist's expertise. This means you should never directly diagnose yourself with a personality disorder. If you believe you could be narcissistic, you need to start by seeing your primary care physician, who can discuss your concerns. From there, you will receive a referral to see a clinical psychologist. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is one of the several personality disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) which therapists use in order to diagnose their patients with certain psychological disorders. While there is no cure for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a narcissist can learn strategies by undergoing therapy to help them create a better life for themselves and their children.

Of course, they must recognize they have a problem, which is nearly impossible for someone with this disorder. If we are aware of the mental models, we can change them. Improving these areas will enhance your life and give you new insight into changing the mental models you need to change in order to provide you with the amazing life you want. The brain is a fantastic tool to get what we want and to understand the world we live in. Create mental models that serve you. Knowledge is the power to move forward. Trust that you can create what you want for yourself. Whatever that looks like for you. Tools to sharpen your mind now can help you ward off Alzheimer's later in life as well as living your best life now. There are different things you can do to improve your memory and thinking process. Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water fuels the brain and helps it function properly. Some women flirt as a weapon to achieve their ends. However, a study from the University of Berkeley showed that people preferred those professionals who were correct and competent in their body language over those who tried to flirt during a sale. The female group has less ability to control emotions and is usually excessively expressive in their behavior. If the objective is to motivate or involve, this passion can be positive, but it is convenient to avoid it when you want to give an image of authority. Women who shake hands softly are viewed as passive and insecure. A firm squeeze, coupled with a look into the other person's eyes, is a simple change in body language which will help to improve the perception of a woman manager. Job interviews are often a delicate time for most people, especially when it comes to nonverbal language: if you are not able to communicate fluently and calmly, you could transmit everything from insecurity to rejection. Luckily, there are certain psychological tricks to relax yourself and making a good impression, but there are things that can never be ignored, such as the fact that your body language also speaks about you. And it's not easy to control.