The amount of disease was similar between the groups eating monounsaturated and saturated fats. So, if all groups, despite the food being primarily full of mono- or polyunsaturated or saturated fats, developed heart disease, is oil ever really a good thing? Interestingly, atherosclerotic plaque was lowest in the group eating polyunsaturated fats, which actually had the lowest levels of that good HDL cholesterol. This was likely due to changes in LDL particle composition and higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Jeff Novick, when he was at the Pritikin Center, also noted a University of Crete study. It was more information supporting the notion that oil of any type causes heart plaque. More information was found when looking at the work of Dr A's former mentors, Robert Vogel, MD, and colleagues at the University of Maryland. Physicians Vogel, Coretti, and Plotnick did a study in which they looked at dilatation of blood vessels by giving subjects food that emphasized different portions of the Mediterranean diet (olive oil, canola oil, and salmon). What about vacations? We're so used to unplanned interruptions and taking breaks that planning our time effectively sounds impossible. So, here's what you do. Just think about today, every day. In Matthew 6:34, Jesus provides some holy insight. So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today. Do not be overwhelmed by the magnitude of great people. They all started where you're starting. Just plan for today, every day. It is common that many therapists associated with the above clinical techniques have such training or are familiar with clinicians to whom they could refer you. You don't have to be familiar with these modalities as much as to not be surprised and to be open to them when suggested.

Be open to exploring specific twelve-step programs for partners of sex addicts. S-Anon and COSA groups are more prevalent than the lesser known Codependents of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (COSLAA). The focus of these groups is specific to partners of sex addicts. Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA) is also a viable twelve-step program for couples to attend together. Because these meetings are held primarily in larger urban areas, and thus unavailable to some, many women will need to find a program of recovery in the programs of Al-Anon, Codependents Anonymous, and Adult Children of Alcoholics. Al-Anon offers a strong basis for staying on your side of the sidewalk--taking responsibility for yourself without being preoccupied with your partner's behavior. The latter two groups will help you focus directly on codependency and family of origin issues. Twelve-step meetings are peer led with no professional facilitation and no fees. On the other hand, olive oil caused a reduction in the opening of the blood vessels. In their conclusion, they noted that a diet full of antioxidant-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, vinegar, and canola oils, are the important parts of the Mediterranean diet, rather than olive oil. Here again, the findings point out that perhaps olive oil is not the wonder food that it has been purported to be. Olive oil is not the wonder oil. There is no oil that is good for us. Having no oil is better than any of the oils. All oils have the ability to cause heart plaque. All three classes of fatty acids (saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats) increase HDL when they replace complex carbohydrates in the diet. This increase is slightly higher in monounsaturated fats than with saturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are believed to lower cholesterol more than saturated fats when replacing saturated fats on a pound-per-pound basis. You will get better, trust me. No One Knows How to Plan Their Time or Where to Start.

Nir Eyal, the best-selling author of the article, Indistractable, shares research from PPAI that, only a third of Americans keep a daily schedule, which means the vast majority wake up every morning with no formal plans. Even if we write down to-do lists or say that we rely on our calendar, Nir continues to give some perspective. We write down all the things we want to do and hope we'll find the time throughout the day to do them. Unfortunately this method has some serious flaws. The keyword is we hope to find the time. Well, congratulations, now you know! It really is this simple. There isn't an app that makes time management more magical. Confidentiality and anonymity are strongly enforced. They are structured on the traditions and recovery steps of the original successful model of Alcoholics Anonymous. See Helpful Resources to find a list of websites that will be helpful in seeking professional and/or self-help services. In the beginning I drove two hundred miles round-trip to find a self-help group for partners of sex addicts. After several months in both this group and in Al-Anon in my hometown, I started one group in my own community. I practically ran to a group looking for hope and help with how to live with this problem. I was looking for connections with others who would validate my feelings, women whose lives looked like mine. Reflect back on the women who introduced themselves in article One. In their journeys all of them found a place in a group. Some of them entered a specific therapy group for spouses and/or partners of sex addicts; As such, it is not that these oils were thought to be healthy; When the components of the Mediterranean diet were carefully analyzed, a few important points were realized.

When the components of the Mediterranean diet were analyzed three main points were derived. Consumption of fruits, vegetables, and legumes decreased mortality; With respect to dairy and meat, a positive association was found between consumption and mortality, so the more consumption, the larger the mortality risk. While the Mediterranean diet has an emphasis on olive oil, it is not clear that olive oil is good for you. Calorie Density of Oils Caloric density refers to the calories per gram or pound of a substance. Oils, pound per pound, are some of the most calorie-dense substances, and one tablespoon of oil typically provides 14 grams of fat (just over 120 calories, all from fat)! People are always surprised by how much fat is in oil. There aren't hacks, tips or tricks that finally break people from dysfunction. Just plan your day, every single day. Block times in the calendar for every important activity. Print out a paper to-do list to track your progress throughout the day. There is nothing else you need to add. You Don't Understand How it Works. You're not a tech-savvy person, you haven't done this before, your environment is dysfunctional, yeah, we get it, this won't be easy. Shut up and just figure it out! Force a young person to teach you how Google calendar works. Fire idiots who work in your company. Initially the only thing they knew about these groups was that there would be other women and possibly men there who had spouses and/or partners who identified as sex addicts. I couldn't believe that I was so desperate that I would take myself to this group of people who supposedly had the same type of problems I was having.

How could that be? When I felt my whole family disintegrating, with pressure from my counselor I was willing to do anything that might take away my horrendous pain. To think that life is full of so many hidden secrets. And then I began to hear others and realized they were the mirror image of me. My pain was at least temporarily set aside as I felt both shock and relief to know I was not alone. I was so scared, confused, and uncertain of my marriage. I was intimidated by the words sex addiction. How strange to be intimidated. Think about this when you are sprinkling oil and vinegar on your salad. Let's talk about the avocado for a moment because it has come under a great deal of scrutiny. Avocados are highly potent fruits. They are full of potassium, magnesium, iron, B vitamins, and vitamins C and E. They possess the carotenoid lutein, which is good for our eyes, and folate, which is crucial for cell repair. Avocados are high poly- and monounsaturated fats. But they also contain saturated fat and are calorie-dense fruits. Overall, an avocado is a filling and primarily healthy food. But eating too many can cause weight gain and potentially increase cholesterol. For people with known heart disease or multiple risk factors, avocado intake should probably be restricted. Kick out dysfunctional family members who shouldn't be in your life. You cannot afford to let your environment determine how successful your life will be.