If you have nostalgic memories of cold winter days during your childhood, those emotions might be positive. If, on the other hand, you went through a period of life where you couldn't warm up, you might feel negative emotions. You can think of emotions as your body's interpretation of a sensation. He had forgotten all about the scholarship scouts coming next week. That's just great, he said to himself. Another devastating blow to the future of Michael Holder. He blinked away a tear as he turned into the hospital parking lot. He rounded the corner of the ICU waiting room and found his mom staring blankly at a magazine. Michael asked. Oh--Michael, how was school? She looked relieved to have someone to talk to. Great, Mom. How did the surgery go? With that said, we live in a world filled with challenges where people have abstract issues that need to be solved urgently. As such, these individuals may end up trying to find various solutions from cults. The same people may look for solutions in the wrong places. In the world dark psychology, people are seeing clarity based on the issues affecting them. According to one Dr Adrian Furham, who describes the issue in Psychology Today, humans are known to crave clarity in all forms possible. Therefore, it has become apparent for such people to address the impending and underlying issues that humans are facing from different world parts in order to help them in leading better lives. These people are blinded by those who would like to take advantage of them in several ways.

They are also focused on improving their lives in every way they can. People with low self-esteem are always more focused on learning what cults are about. For the better part of it, the average person is intrigued by the whole idea of a cult and its impact on people's lives. We think of emotions as existing in our head, and they don't. Consider this for a moment: when you experience anxiety, is it a thought or a feeling in your body? In a healthy, fully functioning nervous system, we experience the emotions as they are connected to our present situation; And when we are unwilling to fully feel our sensations, the emotions associated with them are not processed, which keeps us reliving the past over and over again each time we are triggered by a sensory event. Detaching from Our Bodies Most of us think of our bodies as a primary element of being human, so at first it can be a strange idea that we would detach from them. How would that even happen? It happens all the time, in ways that we are largely unaware of, and it can happen at any point in our lives for any number of reasons. Let's take the case of a child who grew up in a house where, for whatever reason, she didn't feel safe. Maybe that sense of safety was the result of abuse, neglect, or even something more mundane like general chaos. It went well. Dad's in the ICU, now. He'll be there overnight, just so they can make sure he's stable before moving him to a regular room. We can see him in about fifteen minutes. Michael took a deep breath and sat next to his mom. At 3:30, a nurse poked her head inside the waiting room. Holder family?

Holder looked up. You can see him now, the nurse announced and motioned for them to follow her. They approached a heavy, wooden door labeled Intensive Care Unit. Many people have also successfully recruited others into their cults in order to maintain the life of the family tree. Generally, these individuals in the cults don't look to recruit individuals with health issues such as handicaps or the depressed. People with low self-esteem are recruited since they cannot properly defend themselves in any of life's most challenging scenarios. And, where possible, these cults tend to take advantage of other people who are in dire need of community support when it comes to matters of physical and mental well-being. Most of the time, such individuals are compromised in one way or the other. The people also come from various backgrounds, including tax brackets as well as zip codes. Eventually, the idea is to recruit several people and grow the number of people following the cult in order to extend its life and relevance. Cults generally don't get motivation from recruiting the best of the world's brains since it may be challenging to control such people. However, the cults will select a few people who seem confused about life and all it has to offer. These individuals can be controlled since they don't have a clue what the manipulative people can do in order to have control over their lives. That child is going to feel unsafe and failed by their caregiver, whose primary job is to keep them safe. That child will do anything possible to stay attached to that caregiver in hopes of a sense of safety, including giving up their autonomy. Let's say that this same child is told, Be a good girl, don't cry. In order to stay in relationship with her primary caregiver, that child will likely give up her own emotional experience when it veers into territory that the caregiver has deemed out of bounds. In order to survive, she begins to believe she can't cry or express her feelings. She can't develop into the person who she naturally is because her caregiver says not to, and that attachment is critical for safety. So, to stay attached to the caregiver, the child detaches from herself.

To detach from herself, the child has to detach from her sensory body. Or let's say that an umbilical cord wraps around an infant's neck during birth, causing them to lose oxygen. This child will never consciously remember that this happened, but the event lives on in their body. The nurse pulled the shiny, metal handle and allowed Michael and his mom to pass in front of her. He's in bed four. She pointed to a pulled curtain in the center of the wall. Michael and his mom walked toward him as the nurse explained quietly, He has an IV, a Pleur-Evac, telemetry, and oxygen, so don't be alarmed at all of the tubes and wires. They're just to help get him back on his feet again. A ploor-what? Michael wondered. Just hearing her describe it all is alarming enough! But when he pulled back the curtain, he realized that nothing could be as disturbing as what he saw. His dad--the guy who had wrestled with him, played basketball with him, and occasionally turned Michael over his knee--was lying there, helpless. In the long run, they end up submitting to such individuals. Once people have been admitted to the cults, they are usually bombarded with love and care. This is an odd trait and strategy that's commonly used in describing someone with low self-esteem since they are often flattered and complimented or seduced in order to help in training their brain to get used to the issues associated with the cult love as well as acceptance. In the current world today, there are more abstract issues that most people seek to identify themselves with. Such are the problems that need to be addressed by the professional psychologists who understand how cults are. Cult leaders are known to promote messages that simply make sense at that moment in time. Past the scenario or in real life, such messages do not make sense.

They do not contain any great content that can be substantiated. With that said, in certain research by the department of psychologists, it was disclosed that women would make up to about 65 percent of cult members across the world. Why, you may ask? Their first experience in the world in their body is not a safe one, so why would that person want to exist within that body? Take it back even further, and we can even detach from our bodies before birth. Because a mother co-regulates her baby as it is in utero, the baby can sense when its mother is in a state of stress. Not only that, but the stress is passed along to the baby, who will go on to either freeze in overwhelm or replicate the stress (fight or flight). When we detach from our bodies, we are reacting to fear. We are trying to avoid fear and pain. Fear is a sensory, body-based experience. To avoid fear, we have to avoid our body. This avoidance is just a survival mechanism from our caveman days kicking in. It is a mechanism that was meant to serve us in acute situations, not as a way of life. His face was swollen and pale, his eyes seemed to be plastered shut, and there were tubes everywhere. Tubes up his nose, a tube taped to his arm, and a tube running from his chest to a machine labeled Pleur-Evac in blue. It helps to empty the fluid from his lungs, the nurse explained, noticing Michael's look of horror. Oh, right, Michael answered quickly and turned to look at his dad. His mom was holding his dad's still hand. A single tear rolled down her face. Charles, can you hear me?