It may take time, but with perseverance (and an understanding teacher or boss), you'll get there. The issues for lack of sleep You might ask whether or not it really matters if a teenager or young adult has a sleep deficit. The answer is yes, it really does. This emotional attachment we have to our own stuff is the reason it's so much easier to help someone else discard their possessions than it is to do it for ourselves. It can be really effective to get someone else along to help you out. Perhaps you could offer to return the favour, too? Asking that stylish friend who is hilarious at dinner but then goes all Mean Girls when presented with your wardrobe is certainly one of the most effective ways to declutter Ms Fashionable Funny from your life forever. You need someone with whom you feel comfortable discussing any feelings that bubble to the surface, but who will chivvy you on through the tears. For perfection, some sort of latter-day Mary Poppins. Be specific. Do you want someone who will be quite strict with you? Someone who will just hold your hand and keep you going while you make most of the decisions yourself? How do you want them to handle it if you really disagree about something? Then beef up your knowledge, add to your capabilities and include some new life skills in your repertoire. Whether it's to save time and money, impress your friends, help someone out or to get yourself out of a jam, this article is made for you. There's a whole range of skills here to help you with both the down and dirty and the finer points in life. Pick up a handy tip you might have missed, refine your sketchy understanding of a subject or try tackling some simple DIY. Learn how to handle yourself in a tricky social situation and how to secure a pay raise. Keep this article on hand for when you need it, or check out the sections that appeal to you most.

Whichever way you use it, start to build up your skill set now! Master these recipes and food storage basics and you'll do nicely. There are also nifty tips on choosing wine and opening beer and champagne bottles, as well as advice on how to deal with a kitchen fire. BOIL AN EGG In fact, I will just call him Alexander. He was just a beggar. He conquered and conquered and what was left for him? I remember reading of how fascinated he was with Indian holy men who appeared to have nothing, but who had had everything. No wealth, no luxury, no army. And for some, not even clothes. When Alexander killed them in the search for his immortality, some died smiling because they had conquered the purpose of their lives. They had no fear of death because they were fulfilled. They had arrived at a state of no-mind where there is no fear of death. They literally died smiling. For instance, if you're unsure which career to pursue, interview one or two people in each of your fields of interest. Ask them what the pros and cons of their jobs are. What do they like the most and what do they hate? Action step Using your action guide, answer the questions above to help you identify the major project to focus on. Increasing your energy

Many people have difficulty retaining their focus and look for tips to become more productive. However, the problem is often more fundamental and cannot be solved with simple tips. Getting the basics right In most cases, people would be more productive if they improved their diet, exercised more regularly and went to bed early. If you aren't aware specifically of the talents you bring to the game, how can you ever develop them to serve others? That's not self-promotion or selfishness. It is simply, as author Parker Palmer says, good stewardship of the gifts you were put on earth to offer. He unconsciously pulled on that right ear again and shook his head sheepishly. What can I say? I was raised to believe that tooting your own horn meant you were a conceited jerk. But I do understand where you are coming from. Okay, one of my thinking talents obviously is mentoring, right? He went on to enchant me with one compelling example after another. He had inspired the sales force to beat last year's numbers in spite of the financial downturn and proved that growing people could help grow results. With time the shape of the human life curve has gradually changed. Infant mortality has decreased and most young and middle-aged people can expect to live for a few more decades than our forebears. Indeed, most deaths now occur in old age. The curve has become more rectangular as a greater proportion of the population, and a greater absolute number of people, live into old age. The `rectangularization of the life curve', as it's known, is shown in the graph below. If we were to superimpose a curve of disability rather than death over this life curve, what would we see?

In the animal kingdom, and for our ancestors, these curves would be roughly similar, with the onset of disability just slightly to the left of the life curve. Animals and humans suffering a disability would die within a short time. It was a hope of medicine that we would begin to see these curves running almost parallel. Illness would be prevented, we would live long and healthy lives and then, at the first hint of failing health, we would rapidly decline and die. So wait until the fascinating drama part of your bad day ends, eat something, snooze, and when the fog lifts, start again, carry on. I know this is mind-numbingly simple, but it has the advantage of actually working. The rule of thumb plus: When you're in trouble, don't look back. Look forward. Replace dread with curiosity. Imagine Dumping an Idea Sunk costs based on past ideas are an emotional investment, just like anything else. Look at ideas like investments. If it's looking bad, cut your losses. Don't feel any regret about changing your mind. Numbers and equations and formulas aren't actually about squiggles or markings; If we can observe the reality first, then we can use numbers just as we use letters and words and sentences to describe a real flower or a real rainbow. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Shakespeare wrote. Speak rosa in Latin or loke'ula'ula in Hawaiian, or write the letters r-o-s in Gaelic, and we are all using abstract sounds and squiggles to signify the real, concrete thing - an actual flower. The Cherokee nation, my daughter has learned, was one of the few Native American groups who had their own syllabary, or written recording of the sounds in their language. But, I asked her, does that mean that other tribes - like the Inuit - couldn't speak of whales?

Or that the Mohawk couldn't sing of battles? Of course not. Without writing, words still exist; Similarly, without numbers, equations or formulas - like the binomial expressions she was about to learn - quantities still interact. Research on psychic phenomena (sometimes called psi) such as telepathy tends to be underfunded. Psychologist Dr Imants Baruss and cognitive neuroscientist Dr Julia Mossbridge elaborate: Psi research has been relatively poorly funded, with one researcher calculating the total worldwide expenditure on psi since 1882 as equivalent to less than 2 months of spending on conventional psychology research. Given this trend, file-drawer accusations seem even less likely. If we reject the file-drawer accusations and accept overwhelmingly statistically significant effects across decades of such studies, then we should conclude that telepathy is real. And remember what that would mean. As biologist Richard Dawkins commented, it would turn the laws of physics upside down. This is a huge deal! So huge that we can expect controversy and accusations to continue. But the ganzfeld experiment is only one of many experimental demonstrations of telepathy. Telepathy in dreams Well, I do, too. WE SHOULD PROBABLY BECOME FRIENDS. And after we become friends, I'm going to point out that I just tricked you into saying that YOU deserve to love YOUR body no matter what it looks like. You're part of everyone, my love, and if I deserve to love my body, and she deserves to love her body, and he deserves to love his body, and they deserve to love their body . No matter your shape, size, shade, sex, or age, YOU deserve to be glorified. You deserve that happiness, too.