Help them grow, expand, gain knowledge, and this attitude will spill over into the work-life as well as personal life. Obesity and insulin resistance have also been linked to the common herbicide known as Atrazine. Meanwhile, according to a 2008 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), diabetes has been connected with BPA. Another JAMA article linked BPA with avoidable mortality in the adult population. These reports are just the tip of the iceberg of new research on the health impacts of toxicity, showing me just how big the problem is. What I know from the science and from my patients' stories is that we have a problem. It's up to you to decide what you're willing to do to decrease your body burden. The good news is that it's possible! My 28-day plan--including organic food and filtered water as much as possible--can begin to combat these environmental stressors. A number of hormonal conditions are associated with environmental toxins and xenoestrogens. Although no one knows exactly what causes fibroids, they are generally associated with increased estrogen levels. They were giving warnings for minor infractions and tickets for major ones. A big digital sign greeted people in both directions in advance of the intersection: Slow down! Pedestrians are worth stopping for. The elders had made real change in their communities. James and I shared what we learned in Milwaukee with the Age-Friendly Pittsburgh initiative, which in turn staged several Crossings in that city. The elders' ideas and experiences rippled outward to affect the lives of people of all ages across the country. What other changes could elders make? Why do so many people assume older people are only interested in or capable of sharing memories and stories of their experiences? While these are certainly valuable, the impulse to harvest the stories of elders rests on the notion that they are no longer interested in or capable of engaging in the world around them, or in making changes to the world they will leave behind.

Perhaps there is also an assumption that politics is best left out of care settings. That makes for a happy employee which in turn will be loyal and productive in the workplace. Trust and understanding from both employee and management create an open and honest environment that will strengthen over the years. Mental models are thoughts. A way of thinking and making sense of the world. A certain way you do things. What was learned as a kid or beliefs that have been developed over time. In the business world, mental models can determine how a company will stay in business or end up failing. The models have to change with the times. They can't stay the same because the world is always changing, and the company has to change with the times in order to stay in business. Old mental models can only get the company so far. Some research suggests that fibroids may be at least partially the result of an inability to detoxify estrogens. If so, increased exposure to xenoestrogens would likely make the problem worse. Likewise, in many studies, endometriosis has been associated with dioxins in the environment. As we have seen, endometriosis is a condition in which tissue from the uterus implants outside the womb: on the fallopian tubes, on the ovaries, or in the abdomen. Then the tissue sloughs off and bleeds with each cycle, bringing blood into places where it doesn't belong. In theory, a woman's immune system should protect her from these effects. But as we saw with Angela, many young women are struggling with so much stress that the excess stress hormones partially compromise their immune systems. Indeed, some research is beginning to link endometriosis and autoimmunity. My own personal speculation is that the tremendous stress that young women undergo puts their immune systems on hyperalert.

Sometimes, some of the normal tissue from the uterus backwashes up the fallopian tubes, which we call retrograde menstruation. But working toward social and community change doesn't need to divide us. Instead it can be the very thing that brings people together, out of isolation and into purpose and belonging. One foot out, you hear a rumble and a roar. You don't want to be a blob of gore, So one foot back for the speed you lack. Oh, what a bore. Oh no, not again. You move back with all your might. You look to the left--more traffic is coming. Of course the Neverlands vary a good deal. A past mental model for a company could be that they aren't willing to advertise on social media of any kind. Business experts know that social media is a perfect inexpensive way to reach new clients or customers. So, this mental model wouldn't serve the company well and could cost them a lot of business. If the advertising department came together and created for the social media platforms, the company would see the positive results that social media would have for them. They would have to be willing to change the mental model in order to reap the benefits. Mental models can change throughout a company's life, but the vision should be the same, just a different way to think about what the company wants. Even when a company decided to go in a new direction (this is a mental model) they changed how they see the company and made an adjustment. Mental models for the company should be expressed with all the employees of that company. This way, everyone is on the same path to reach the goal of the company.

The best way a company can grow and expand in a new positive habit is by shifting and adapting to new mental models. This can happen during a normal cycle, and the immune system should be strong enough to cope with the intruder. But sometimes, weakened by stress, it is not. As a result, rather than being zapped by the immune system, the tissue implants and the disorder begins. Time will tell whether my theory is indeed part of this complicated puzzle. Interestingly, I've never seen a woman suffering from endometriosis who was not also plagued with yeast overgrowth in her intestines. Often, women are suffering from gastrointestinal pain caused by the yeast, though they assume the pain is caused by the endometriosis. Finally, women with endometriosis tend to be estrogen dominant. I suggest that my patients with endometriosis avoid red meat and dairy products from conventionally farmed cows; these animals are typically treated with hormones, which tend to increase a woman's estrogen levels, further throwing off her estrogen-progesterone balance. Another solution is for them to eat organic as much as possible, since organically farmed cows are usually hormone-free. John's, for instance, had a lagoon with flamingos flying over it at which John was shooting, while Michael, who was very small, had a flamingo with lagoons flying over it. John lived in a boat turned upside down on the sands, Michael in a wigwam, Wendy in a house of leaves deftly sewn together. Never put me in a nursing home. She had the best job title I could imagine. She was director of cultural transformation for sixty of Signature HealthCARE's rural nursing homes. Angie had heard of the Penelope project and emailed me asking whether I had thought of replicating it in other homes. Of course I had. The way to truly transform care would be to get creative care practices into every care setting--but how? A thorough evaluation of the Penelope project had confirmed our instincts about which elements of the project were crucial to building a strong sense of community.

1 The TimeSlips team had just begun folding those lessons into our training on a large scale, teaching the core elements of creative care and walking staff through the planning of celebration events. Understand adopting new mental models and seeking new, more efficient ways of doing business will only make it a better company that will last for years. Growing and learning to expand as individuals, as well as a company only spells success. The world of business is always changing, and the company has to be ready and willing to grow and change with it. This is where new mental model changes can happen. Willing to change the way it operates to accommodate change is a way to last for many years to come. Here is an example of mental models in business. If sales are down in a company, the company will research why this is happening. The data is in, and the company sees the sales have been down the last two months. The company decides to have a meeting with all the salespeople. In a company that practices organization systems, no finger-pointing or shaming will commence. If you can't eat organic, at least eat grass-fed rather than corn-fed beef. A few years ago, some legislators in my home state of Maine began to wonder about all the talk they'd been hearing regarding environmental toxins. They decided to conduct a study, which became known as The Body Burden Study, in which they had themselves tested for heavy metals. To their astonishment, they discovered that every single one of them had abnormally high levels of these toxic compounds. Even the 26-year-old woman who had initiated the study, young as she was, had accumulated quite a body burden already. These results confirmed what I already knew: environmental toxins are a problem for virtually every single one of us. Now the question becomes not if I am affected but how I am affected, and to what degree. And what should I do to protect myself? As I told Angela, individuals have a remarkably wide range of resiliency resulting from many factors: genetics, the particular place where we happen to live, the location where we spent our childhoods, diet, exercise, sleep, and stress.