Lie down on your back. the trunk with both hands, lift the body up to a vertical position. The head and shoulders remain firm on the ground with the chin pressed against the chest. the posture for a few seconds, and breathe normally. After the desired duration, bend legs and lower the hips, and lie down in Shavasana. No matter what you want to do and achieve, having an Inspirer in your network will change everything. They create a picture of a future possibility you can almost see, feel, hear and touch. They inject you with so much enthusiasm and energy that you believe you can take on the world. The Inspirer awakens you to new possibilities. They transform your belief in your own capacities and capabilities. Of course you can. Who is telling you you can't? I know you can. If I can, you can! In a study conducted by psychologist Marina Milyavskaya,5 students were asked to set three goals that they wanted to achieve by the end of the school semester and to report in, three times every month, on their progress. Revisit 25 or 50 of your lifetime dreams and see what three emotions keep coming up time and time again. After reviewing a few of your dreams you will notice a trend. When you feel you have the three positive driving emotions that you most connect with and relate to, and that just feel right to you, then move on to part two of this exercise, which is to determine what each driving emotion means to you. It's not about finding the right definition out of a dictionary; Your definition could be a few words, a number of sentences or a list of bullet points.

There is no right or wrong answer; For example, these are my three driving emotions and what they mean to me: I have energy to burn every day. I have an endless supply of energy for my family, my clients, my audiences and my friends. I am upbeat, positive and seek out ways to move forward. I had accepted this gig six months earlier, when it was warm and sunny. Now it's early December and I'm on a plane, mentally gone but holding on to a ticket and a change of underwear. After many hours and a few internal transfers, I realize we're going way into the Arctic Circle to a place I didn't even know you could travel to without a husky. When I get off the plane it is pitch black (it always is, I found out later). Then, when I leave the airport, my luggage is torn out of my hands by the wind-chill factor (78,965,463) and the skin on my face is ripped off. It's like having dermabrasion with a chainsaw. The town they take me to is not made up of cute, white clapboard houses but is a hard-core industrial oil/ fish refinery-looking thing that reminds me of Chernobyl. I'm placed in a minimalist hotel, and when I say that, I mean no furniture and long rooms like in The Shining. They'd given me an all-white suite with a white runway which ended in a dead plant. Did I mention that the heating didn't work and the restaurant had closed, never to be opened again? As you make these interior efforts you will no doubt hear your own thoughts tell you that what you ask is impossible, that you can't hope to succeed at separating the darkness from the light. To disarm any such disturbance in you, you need only ask yourself one thing: what else would you expect bats to tell a farmer who intends to pull down the dark and useless barn in which they live? The thought that nature does not know its own captive state any more than a barnacle on a boat knows that it can't move itself from the hull of one ship to another. Its darkened nature can only imagine freedom--never know it. But our True Nature is created to know the very movements of heaven within itself, which is why we need to discover what is working within us that has us so anchored in time and space.

Perhaps the analogy that follows, a simple situation common to us all, will help us better see into our present situation as well as show us how to escape its hold. Have you ever sat in your living room with sunlight streaming through a window and seen, suspended in the light, all of those thousands of dust particles? If it helps, imagine this scene now. Before you, actually all around you, is this light. Within it, suspended, are countless tiny particles of dust. I can't breathe! I can't breathe! She was about seven meters from me on a packed train. the time, I thought that the distance was great enough to absolve me of any responsibility. But when the people standing closest to her did nothing, my inner Kantian kicked in. Is there a doctor on the train? I'm a nurse, a woman farther down the carriage replied. Then a doctor joined her. They took the suffocating woman to the platform, laid her down and called the station staff. As the train moved away from the platform I felt guilty for not doing enough. Courageous self-scrutiny and a dedication to healing furthered her emotional freedom, the freedom of her daughter, and of future generations. Similarly, in situations large and small, you have the choice to evolve past your parents' limitations. This choice and the changes that ensue exorcise the unhealthy habits you're unconsciously reenacting. When you refuse to be afraid because your father is fear-ridden, or reject being the victim your mother has become, that's real emancipation. The flip side of freedom is also accepting your parents' positive emotional legacy, the smarts and goodness they've handed down.

With parents it's nearly always a mixed bag. Freedom comes from going with the good and striving to shed the rest. Emotional Action Step APPLYING THE FOURTH SECRET: MAP THE PSYCHOLOGY OF YOUR EMOTIONS TAKE AN EMOTIONAL INVENTORY OF YOUR PARENTS Often without oversight or basic safety. I asked about what drugs she'd used. Her response was reminiscent of the men's substance-riddled timelines in the Thinking for a Change group at the Cook County Jail. I pretty much used every drug you can think of at one point or another, she told me. Crack was the thing that got me into the most trouble, though, she said, and on and off some heroin. She'd tried to get clean a handful of times but without any sustained success. I've really been using all along. All along since when? I asked her. How old were you when you started using? The next minute, it's back to mom in a panic. That is where mothering comes in. Mom understands these primitive parts and can help the child grow up so that he or she functions together without conflict. THE SPECIFICS OF CONTAINING Whether we're talking about emotions or parts of oneself, containing is a mother's task to help her child mature.

Below are some of the ways mothers contain their children. Have you ever watched a mom pick up her frightened child and gently rock her back and forth while she murmurs soft words of reassurance? The terrified child gradually cries less and breathes more slowly. The little body relaxes from its agitated state and folds into mother's body. The child may then either go to sleep or wriggle out of mom's arms and go off to play again. Try not to lift the head while you return to the floor. Gurushankhprakshalana should be performed once a year to wash out the intestine and the harmful substances lodged in the body tissues. This practice also rests and rejuvenates all the over-strained organs. Laghoo Shankhprakshyalan should be practised at least once a fortnight if not every week, to maintain cleanliness. Not many may be aware of the fact that the physical, mental and psychological health of a child, to a great extent rests with the pregnant mother. It is her health that determines the child's health and it is her thoughts and emotions that shape the mind and psyche of her child. I have experienced it personally. In my small peaceful hometown, communal feelings are totally absent. All religions are treated equally and there have never been any riots or communal violence. But strangely, I developed an intense fear for a particular religious community which I never discussed with anybody. The study found that those who were more inspired in their daily lives set more inspired goals, which were then more likely to be achieved. The researchers concluded, This suggests that goal progress and goal inspiration build on each other to form a cycle of greater goal inspiration and greater goal pursuit. <a href=''>THIS</a> IS THE ROLE YOUR INSPIRER PLAYS. <a href=''>ARE</a> AMBITIOUS, BIG-PICTURE, OUT-OF-THE- <a href=''>BOX</a> THINKERS WHO NEVER GIVE IN TOI CAN'T'