Looking at her precious face brings me back to the years of raising her Mommy, which went by way too fast. I am filled with pride and gratitude that my girls will continue my legacy when I can no longer walk this earth. Little things, such as helping her with her kids, as my son was not with me at the time, helped. She taught me how to cook new dishes. She gave me attention that I had been lacking for so long. I was always the one to hop up and help people--with money, time, gas, whatever. She didn't give me material things, but she did give me some of my self-esteem back. She made me realize true friends don't ask for things. They just want to spend time with you. Encourage you. Cheer you on. She helped me when no one else would. They were reminiscing about working together in the past when David helped Kirk design his line of signature amplifiers for Randall Amplifiers. They decided they should do something new together and chose to start an effects pedal company. Do something new together is a great goal, but it's only one goal. Start an effects pedal company is a nice addition. But Kirk extended it a lot further. He doesn't want to just make pedals--he loves the process of dreaming up new sounds and seeing them come to life. He loves asking other guitarists for feedback. He loves asking other guitarists what sounds they would like to hear, and then finding ways to make those sounds come to life.

He loves applying new sounds to the music Metallica makes. Starting a business was also a way to express his creativity, connect with other people, and dive even deeper into something he loves--music. This is much more fun when you've won than when you've lost, but either way I think it's a good idea. It allows jurors to get a better sense of the legal process and to ask the questions they aren't allowed to ask at trial. I've had many such discussions and learned a lot about what I can do better. I've learned that jurors are human, and that the fact that I'm a woman elicits different questions. After one particularly long trial, the jurors had questions like Why do you always wear your hair up? don't often ask such questions of men. While I'm happy to answer (both are due to convenience and ability to move quickly and unencumbered), I don't learn much from those questions. Other times the jurors have given me gold, and the biggest nugget was this: credibility is everything. Time and time again, jurors have said they believe me, even when they don't believe my clients or my witnesses. They trust what I say, and that is the greatest compliment I could receive. I am grateful for my sister, Michelle, and for my brother John, who is now my angel above. The Grateful Soul: The Art And Practice Of Gratitude of growing up together. I am grateful that even when we would fight as siblings do, we still always had each other's backs. I am grateful for my supportive husband, who taught me that love has no expiration date, for the many laughs that he gives to me each day, and for loving my daughters like his own. I am grateful for the home we have made together, as it's my sanctuary at the end of a tiring day. Having a roof over my head means I have shelter, which I am thankful for. I am grateful for my stepdaughters, Christy and Jessi, for welcoming me into the family and for giving me the cutest grandkids to love and dote on. I am grateful for my extended family, who has made my heart so full, and for always surrounding me with a tremendous amount of love and laughter.

I will always cherish the many holidays spent together building memories. I am grateful for Momma G, the best mother-in-law that I could ever ask for, for loving me like her own and treating me like family. She loved me unconditionally. While I was with her, I got back on my feet. I got a job. I got a room to rent. And I saw my son for the first time in months. And she never asked me for anything! Not anything. Good seeds boost you up. Bad ones tear you down. And I'm no longer being torn because she showed me what true friendship was. I've totally become obsessed with pedals again, Kirk told me. What I would love to do is to create a pedal that's like the wah pedal or the Whammy pedal--something that becomes a go-to for a certain sound. That's what I want to find, and I believe we can do that. Want to land more media opportunities? Developing a better delivery and presence will help, but who gets media opportunities? Become an expert in your field and you'll have something original or insightful to say--and your delivery and presence will naturally improve. Content trumps delivery every time. When you're an expert, you'll find it a lot easier to get articleed--in fact, the media will seek you out.

Want to build an amazing network? Don't think in terms of building a network. When I stand to give my opening, I know that everything I'm about to say can be proven with evidence. If I tell the jury what I expect a witness to say, I have to know that witness will say it. Now, in our case, that expert will either have to say it or contradict himself. Either way, it's a win, which bolsters my credibility. If I tell them about a medical record, I have the record. If I tell them about a medical issue, I've researched the issue. I have the literature. This is crucial, because at the beginning of the case the jury doesn't know me. They don't have to trust me. I have to build that trust, and it starts at the opening. I am grateful for each of my amazing friends. You have held me together during times when I thought I would crumble. You love me unconditionally and set me back on course when I falter. I love you all more than words and will always cherish the memories we continue to make together. I am grateful for my fuzzy blanket and steaming cup of hot chocolate, which makes cuddling on the couch that much more fun while watching my Hallmark movies. The Grateful Soul: The Art And Practice Of Gratitude I am grateful for many road-trip adventures because it means I get to see new parts of the world and broaden my horizons. I am grateful for my many scars, as they remind me that I have persevered through many storms, that I am alive, and have a purpose. I am grateful for the sun, the moon, and blue skies because they remind me of the beauty that God created.

More than anything, I am grateful to you for reading this article, as it means that I'm fulfilling one of my many dreams. And now, my friends, it's time for you to start building your own bouquet of blessings. This isn't to say that good seeds always feel good when they're planted. Some of the best seeds you can get come in the form of constructive criticism. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not always thrilled to get criticism of any kind. Sometimes, I just want people to tell me that what I'm doing is great, especially if I think it's great. But when someone points out a flaw in something you're doing, and he or she does it with love and respect and without making any effort to tear you down, that person is planting a good seed in your life that is important for you to cultivate. It will not only sprout up and beautify your garden, but if it's the right kind of criticism, it can make your garden better forever. The moment it's planted, it might not feel so good, but you know it's going to help you grow. This raises a question: If bad seeds can sometimes feel good and good seeds can sometimes feel bad, how can you tell the difference? This involves a certain amount of knowing yourself and a certain ability to predict the future. Let's look at a good seed that might feel less than good at the start. Build a list of key individual contacts. Think about every key area your business depends on: supplies, products, professional services, marketing, media, etc Then work hard to build a strong relationship with one person in each of those areas. Build a connection with a lawyer. An accountant. The shipping clerk at your supplier's warehouse. Your FedEx driver. An influential analyst. Make it your goal to establish a key contact in each area of your business--with a person who won't just return your calls but will also enjoy hearing from you--and you'll naturally build an amazing network.