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We don't think in terms of calendar or financial years, we think in terms of quarters, which are 12 weeks long, giving us just 90 days to design, prototype, test and execute a new business offering in the market. In other words, we frame time in a way that makes it useful and actionable. A capacity to choose a frame of reference that inspires urgency and action is critical to making us appreciate time, money, energy and even tangible resources. One of the reasons we avoid this kind of prioritisation exercise is that it can often be uncomfortable to consider how limited our resources are. Even our very lives are an example of a limited resource. We may not like to think about it, but we are all hurtling towards our eventual demise. Not a cheery thought but hopefully quite motivating! Google has actually developed a clock within their Chrome platform that runs a countdown on your life based on average life expectancy. I swam in the swimming hole where now the kids of the farm go swimming. I find there the continuity which existed in France, that growing of one thing into another, the succession of generation by generation, which is the rich, satisfying rule of Nature herself and indeed of all civilization. I think the dream of that house was there long ago in the days when as a small boy I knew every tree and spring and pasture in the Valley. Bromfield sounds prophetic when he foresees the time when his house would receive visitors as a state park: Perhaps one day it will belong to the state together with the hills, valleys and woods of Malabar Farm. Like Aldo Leopold, Bromfield believed a farm was the best teacher. He begins article 11 of Pleasant Valley with the Confucian saying that The best fertilizer on any farm is the footsteps of the owner. In an acre, Bromfield asserts, there is the whole of the universe and the answer to most of man's problems. He held good farmers to be among the most intelligent citizens and among the best educated people because they had to know more than any other professionals: A good farmer must be many things--a horticulturist, a mechanic, a botanist, an ecologist, a veterinary, a biologist and any number of other things--but knowledge is not enough. There must be too that feel of all with which nature concerns herself. Agriculture was the most satisfactory and inexhaustible of the sciences because it included so many other areas of study. Don't offer promotions of vacations or dinners--give promotions that are going to cause that person to grow instantly. Advertising that works.

My mind still boggles at everything that transpired once I finally learned the simple rules of marketing. The same set of rules that thousands of successful people and companies had been using for hundreds of years. I became successful and made millions in just a few years. I had done well, in spite of my friends and family telling me that I was a dreamer, despite their predictions that I would go into debt. Even though they said that starting my own business and working from home was impossible. Don't get me wrong, I was scared when I finally made the decision to try another business. Like many people, I had tried different avenues, been taken advantage of, promised success if I invested my money. I lost not only my money, but my confidence. But playing Big Buck Hunter as a grown woman, with a Twizzler between her teeth like a cigarillo, cursing and laughing, cheeks flushed with merciless ambition--that's also a proper unloosening. Win or lose, arcades are a bing-pop-pow purple-red-orange-lights nasty-sweet anti-uptight time. You can go into an arcade feeling awkward, but you'll always leave undone. You can stay up late and still get up the next beautiful day and feel not just good but great. Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves--slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Sometimes we want it because we feel under the weather, and sometimes we want it because we feel good. We have a big stoneware mug for this one. We also have a mohair blanket or a terribly behaved and darling puppy or a lover or a very good novel to read. In between loving or reading (or both), we sip our hot toddy. Like many drink recipes, the hot toddy can be broken into basic components so that you can recombine and play with ingredients and create your own mugful. Apple Watch has a Life Clock app that works like a reverse activity tracker. Rather than giving you a readout of actions you did in the past, it tracks all your actions, both positive and negative, throughout the day, and constantly adjusts the estimate of when you're going to put foot to bucket!

Tick, tock, tick, tock. In other words, choose a frame that encourages you to manage your resources wisely. of course, is relative. After the end of the American Civil War, millions of dollars in Confederate currency was worthless. The same holds true for expensive wine that has corked (a term for a wine that has become contaminated with cork taint). Of course, the quality of our people, of community engagement, of our brand value and even what our balance sheet refers to as assets can fluctuate and change. Getting this wrong can be catastrophic. A lesson Tsar Nicholas II learned at the end of a firing squad's rifles. The good farmer knew and appreciated tradition but also kept an open mind, ready to absorb new ideas, and therefore he was a stimulating conversationalist and companion. Even so, the knowledge was being forgotten, as many farmers in America used up the soil until it was worthless and left the area. Exceptions to this pattern were the Pennsylvania Dutch, the Amish, and the Mennonites who lived closely among themselves. Farmers whose ancestors had immigrated long ago turned out to be poorer farmers than the more recent arrivals, Bromfield observed, because older European methods of farming were unsuitable to the American soil and climate. The more recent immigrant farmers, however, had learned from scarcity that they must conserve, and this experience put them ahead of the farmers whose families had long been in America. Slowly a system of sustainable agriculture suitable to the United States had evolved, not primarily from Europe but from Asia and the Near East, of using terraced crops, cover crops, proper drainage and forestry, natural fertilizer, diversified planting, and crop rotation. Writing only fifteen years after the Dust Bowl, Bromfield advised readers that America is not a land of limitless resources and that the American method of mining the soil for its fertility had become bankrupt. One of Bromfield's suggestions was that farmers learn from garden clubs, to which he gave many lectures, because gardeners often knew more about soil. Sounding very contemporary, Bromfield lamented that the sickness of American agriculture was due in part to the gradual disappearance of the family farm and its replacement with mechanized farms more like industries. He lamented that the high cost of machinery prevented young people from going into farming, much as the high cost of land prevents many from pursuing farming today. There were mansions and large homes in every single city in the world, and some of those were people's second and third homes. I was angry with myself because I couldn't figure out what so many other people were doing to be successful.

What was wrong with me that I couldn't even earn enough for one home? That feeling made me ashamed and frustrated. Traveling to more than seventy countries, and teaching these principles, I have helped tens of thousands of people. Men and women from every conceivable background. Each person with their own special set of circumstances. All of them with one goal in mind, to build a business within a business that earns a residual income. I have known brilliant doctors with strong practices who weren't able to take off an afternoon to attend their child's big game or important event. These same people are now applying the marketing principles in this article, not to just make more money, but to make more time. Most hot toddies call for hot liquid, a spray of citrus, a sweetener, and spice (and many include alcohol, but to be frank, they're delicious without it). How you configure your cup is up to you. For the foundation, you can use hot water, hot tea (Darjeeling, chamomile--whatever you like), or even hot cider. And for citrus, we use Meyer lemon, or blood orange juice, or lime. To sweeten, we can add honey or brown sugar or agave or persimmon syrup. Why not add something special too--grated fresh ginger or star anise, a pinch of red chili flakes or cayenne, turmeric, juniper berries or juniper extract (although not for pregnant women), a lavender sprig, cranberries, a cinnamon stick for stirring--or, as a Welsh grandmum's blessing--a pat of butter. Amanda has never been to Ethiopia, but she's obsessed with the country. She peruses photographs of the art deco buildings of Asmara, dreaming of lingering outside the futurist-style Fiat Tagliero service station at sunset. Closer to home, she's thrilled to be invited to her Ethiopian friend's coffee ceremony. Most Ethiopian restaurants also host coffee ceremonies (called Bunna). The head of the Russian Imperial Romanov family had many failings, including a lack of military experience and strategic skills, an obvious blind spot in terms of whose company his wife was keeping, and poor decision making. This poor decision making led to escalating tensions between himself and the government, resulting in increased hardship for the general population, including civilians and soldiers.

In other words, despite having incredible resources, wealth and dynastic wisdom at his command, he was fatally unaware of the temperature of the culture over which he presided. It was a lack of quality in resources, not quantity, that would ultimately cost his family so dearly. This is a pattern of behaviour we see play out in modern corporations and government departments. Leaders who are either too arrogant or too ignorant of how change is affecting the relative value of their product, their people or the sector in which they operate very soon find out that quantity does not equal quality. What can we learn from this? Principally, that traditional stocktakes or asset audits are incomplete methodologies for managing resources. The nature and value of resources will change over time, and occasionally overnight, if we are not vigilant. This is a difficult process for an algorithm to predict, partly because of the fickle and fractious nature of human behaviour and fashion, but also because what is seemingly unrelated can take us by surprise. Modern economics thus subverted the dream of the self-contained family farm, which Bromfield believed represented the heart of social harmony. Bromfield echoes Henry David Thoreau and precedes Wendell Berry when he states that a nation is based on its natural resources, forests, and agriculture. In the preface to Pleasant Valley, he writes that agriculture is the keystone of our economic structure and the wealth, welfare, prosperity and even the future freedom of this nation are based upon the soil. The nation was beginning to pay for the destruction its greed had brought, Bromfield warned. A tremendous job of restoration and reconstruction awaited the country, greater than the job of subduing the wilderness. Later in the article Bromfield sounds again his call for a new type of pioneer farmer: What we need is a new courage and a new race of pioneers, as sturdy as the original pioneers, but wiser than they--a race of pioneers concerned with the physical, economic and social paradise which this country could be. These new pioneers will have to be men who sit not in libraries working out theories, but men who understand the people of this country and the illimitable wealth of its natural resources and beauties, and above all the fact that there is wealth for all and a good life and that it is founded, as is the wealth and well-being of every sound nation, upon its soil, its water and its forest. When the soil was gone, the nation would be gone, even its crude materialistic and mechanical manifestations. Short of war, there was no greater human folly than allowing soil erosion. While they are enjoying their families and attending these important functions, their income doesn't stop. This is significant no matter who you are.