The Tree of Life represents our right to be fully alive and vital in spirit, mind, and body. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolizes the separation of life into concepts of good and evil, seen arrogantly through the limited rational mind asserting that its heavily-shrouded perception is the sum of wisdom. The moment we introduce judgment into a situation or relationship, its purity is plundered. Perhaps you have had the experience of meeting someone wonderful, to whom you were deeply attracted. You enjoyed a blissful honeymoon period during which you saw them as a fantastic person, perhaps even faultless and godlike. Then you began to notice little flaws about them. At first their foibles seemed tiny, perhaps even cute or lovable in the face of their overall magnificence. Social Stories One method used primarily in the field of autism is social stories. These stories are intended to give the patient direct access to relevant social information. Social stories are intended to be used independently by the learner so that he does not have to filter the competing social information coming from the teacher. Consequently, the lessons of the stories are internalized more readily. In addition to the social information, the stories specifically highlight the perspective of others as well as the expected behaviors. Often these stories are developed to help the patient deal with major social or behavioral issues and are sometimes used in conjunction with other approaches. And while this therapy relies primarily upon rote learning, it can promote subtle and simple changes in a short amount of time. Dr Stanley Greenspan, in his article Playground Politics, advocates the use of floor time to help your child enrich and broaden whatever she wants to communicate. Dr Greenspan describes floor time as a special period--at least 30 minutes a day--that you set aside for . Without Steven, it could have all been very different. I'm sure you think you know counterexamples where nunchi is not synonymous with success: But my boss is a David Brent clone, and yet he somehow got to the rank of CEO of an international corporation! First, though, are you sure you're not confusing no-nunchi folk with people who are intentionally oblivious to other people?

These two are not quite the same thing. A powerful business executive can have good nunchi and be rude to certain people by choice, just as one can be born with a naturally fast metabolism yet still become obese through poor eating choices. Of course, there are many nunchi-deficient people in power, but for how long? And who knows how much further they would have got with better nunchi? It's likely that an executive with poor nunchi will run into some irreversible scandal or difficulty at some point. Sometimes this happens when people think they are so important that they don't need nunchi, and their colleagues are afraid to tell them the truth. That's when they crash and burn in a spectacular way. Then the voice of judgment grew louder and stronger, until their faults seemed overwhelming, and the good you originally saw in them diminished to a mere trickle, or disappeared. You complained that they had misled you, changed, or they were not the person you thought they were. Then you parted angry, or disappointed at least. Afterwards you retreated to loneliness or self-protection, wondering how you could have made such a mistake. This is the fall from the Garden of Eden. The expulsion from the Garden did not happen historically millions of years ago; It was not God who expelled us; The Creator told Adam and Eve exactly what they needed to do to stay in bliss: enjoy life and avoid judgment (in other words, Don't worry, be happy. To keep separating life into good and bad, right and wrong, friendly and threatening, life and death, is to continue to take poisoned bites from the apple that cast us out of paradise. The fruit of judgment is not forbidden; You are to follow rather than lead, engage rather than detach. What emerges from this interaction over time is a heightened sense of trust and acceptance as well as support for some very important developmental processes: sharing attention, self regulation, two-way [or joint] communication, emotional ideas and emotional thinking. An important point that must be made about floor time in relation to the other therapies discussed is that it does help children comprehend the why underlying the interactions.

By having the child in charge of the interactions and the parent following, the child is not in a situation of being taught or having to imitate. Instead, as the child leads the interaction, he oftentimes discovers for himself the why or the underlying motivation for the behavior. Parent Advocacy and Individual Counseling So many articles on ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders tell parents that the first thing we must do is educate ourselves about the disorder so we can help our children. This may seem redundant, but it is imperative that you seek out all of the support groups that you can to learn about your child's (or your) disorder. Parent advocacy is our first line of offense against the ignorance and misinformation surrounding these disorders. For more information about advocacy and support groups, see Appendix A. This appears to have happened with Elon Musk, the technology entrepreneur, engineer, and cofounder of the all-electric vehicle company Tesla. He will never live down a series of poorly thought-out tweets from 2018, including one in which he used the word pedo to describe a diver who had rescued Thai schoolchildren trapped in a cave. To call those tweets a nunchi deficiency is an understatement. In August 2018, Musk tweeted, Am thinking of taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured. First of all, this is not how you make a huge corporate announcement, before even clearing it with your own board or with the U. Securities and Exchange Commission. Second, he later explained that the $420 figure was a reference to the fact that 420 was slang for cannabis. This was further proof that Musk's nunchi had taken a holiday. If he thought that tweet would make him seem hip, this was a failure to read the room; But no one would believe that rotten fruit is always sweeter. Born of one source, we will find our way back to the Garden only by seeing through the single eye of love. The Journey Home

Since we ate the apple with the worm in it, we have spent most of our time trying to find our way back to the Garden. It is said that we spend nine months trying to get out of the womb, and the rest of our life trying to get back in. The womb to which we are seeking to return is not a physical one; We all know that it is there; The good news is that our expulsion from the Garden was in consciousness only. Even while we have labored under the onus of judgment, we have carried heaven within us. We have had it all the time; Because the symptoms of ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders are biologically based, traditional psychotherapy does not significantly alter them. However, therapy that focuses on real-life issues and addresses goals and concrete strategies for attaining them can be very helpful in helping the patient cope with the disorder. Other ways that individual therapy can help are by offering an arena in which to discuss the struggles of living with these disorders and by promoting reflection upon the relationship between the actual disorder and its impact upon the patient's sense of self. However, we must note that it is imperative to find a therapist who thoroughly understands these disorders and their symptoms. PHYSICAL APPROACHES AND THERAPIES Numerous physical therapies are associated with the treatment of ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders. Some therapies focus upon diet, others on occupational therapy, and still others on exercise. It is important to understand that while all of these areas are integral to the treatment of these disorders, none offers a cure. The best we can hope for is a reduction in the symptoms that interfere with daily life. DIET AND NUTRITION In September of that year, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Elon Musk with securities fraud and fined him $20 million. According to the SEC's official press release, the fraud was for a series of false and misleading tweets about a potential transaction to take Tesla private. Everyone makes mistakes.

The hallmark of a nunchi- deficient person is that when they are wrong, they double down. This is what Musk did. In October 2018, after his disgrace, he tweeted that it had been worth it--not plausible and legally ill-advised, since the investigation was still ongoing at that point. I'm not too worried for him, but it goes to show you that even though someone lacking in nunchi can get far in life, if you play stupid games, you will win stupid prizes. What's the Political Landscape of Your Office? Anyone with good nunchi understands that the office is not a trust-based environment. It is the epicenter of doublespeak and passive-aggressive communication. The cure for hell is not geographic; We don't need to go anywhere; Hell is not an eternal dispensation from which we need to escape; As Emerson noted, We may search the world for happiness, but unless we carry it within us, we will find it not. Your awakening is already in process. You have begun the journey back to the Garden, and you are well along your way to reaching it. The final step to enter paradise is the recognition that you never left it. All external journeys but reflect our inner longing to remember that we are eternally free and infinitely loved. Once you recognize your identity as a spiritual being, nothing in the outer world can give you more than you already have, or make you more than you already are. You already live in Eden, and going anywhere else will not get you any more here. Much has been written about the role of diet and food sensitivities in ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders. Much attention has been given to the roles of gluten and casein as causes of autistic and ADHD behaviors such as aggression, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness. Both gluten and casein are proteins found in everyday foods.