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When you hear your alarm go off in the morning, do not press the snooze button, and do not stay in your bed even for just one minute longer. Get out of bed right away and do something to keep your blood flowing. Splash your face with cold water, make coffee or tea, prepare breakfast, and just do anything to wake yourself up. This is all just mind over matter. And you will feel a lot better later on when you realize how much you were able to finish in a day because you woke up early. Sleep on the floor You can also try sleeping on the floor once in a while. You don't necessarily need to give up your comfortable bed for good. Just do this from time to time to help you build your mental toughness. Never again is it okay for someone to mistreat or abuse me. I realize when we first got together we were both desperately in love and saw ourselves as soul mates, star-crossed lovers. Then my love became conditional in the height of our addictions. Today I can say I love him, and I love him forever. Now that does not mean he can live with me forever. If he acts out and doesn't do anything about it that is mistreating me. I realize today I had my husband on a fairy-tale pedestal from the day we met; Today I am very aware of his faults and they can irritate me, but now I don't need him to be an illusion for me. Being in recovery means every day belongs to me to express who I am in each thing I do. It means when I make the inevitable mistakes in that day, I have a way to set my conscience straight, no matter what the rest of the world says or thinks about my behavior. We often think such forgetfulness is a memory issue, but that is not completely true.

Memory is not the problem. It is our lack of mindfulness--focusing on the moment and being present in the moment without letting distractions get in the way of the current moment. Technology has changed our lives. The advent of smartphones, tablets, and other devices helps get us information quickly and stay connected to one another. We have a wealth of guidance at our fingertips. However, these high-tech toys also serve as distractions and cause us to be less mindful. The constant buzz of incoming texts and social media messages takes us away from our thoughts and tasks. Multitasking is a misnomer and suggests efficiency; Bob Sullivan and Hugh Thompson, in their New York Times article Brain, Interrupted, describe research done at Carnegie Mellon by Alessandro Acuisti, PhD. For a really tough challenge, sleep without a blanket. Use a thin sheet if you are not ready for the difficulty level. Do small exercises This will not be your regular full-blown workout. That is another thing that you should be doing even if you are not trying to lose weight because it will keep your body strong and healthy. These mini workouts are workouts that you can incorporate in your everyday life. Move slowly You might think that this tip is counterintuitive, because slowness is often not associated with success and achieving goals. But this does not literally mean working at a slower pace. It just means that you do not make impulsive actions and snap decisions. I know my heart and I know who and why I love.

It is because of honesty and trust in my judgment and motives. I know my job is not to save anyone. I don't want to interfere with their beautiful but sometimes painful path. I do take great delight in being of loving service in this world. I sometimes quake in my boots from fear, but I know it can be shared with God and my trusted friends. I swirl and delight in the delicious joy and challenge of life. I am beginning to trust that what I put out into the universe comes lovingly back to me. I am in partnership with those I choose, including my spouse. If any relationship becomes toxic for my well-being, I will be there for myself and take care of this precious life of mine. That multitasking and constant toggling between tasks worsens performance. We think we are being more efficient, but in the long run, our efficiency is less, and we actually perform poorly. It's also important to incorporate technology-free times into your day, so you can focus on family, relationships, and calming the mind. Have you noticed how often your phone dings during the day or during an hour? In response, how often do you stop what you are doing to check the message? Consider how disruptive that is to your focus. For the person in case 2 at the beginning of the article, Dr R did recommend he try to practice mindfulness--do things with a focus on the current task, and don't get sidetracked by cell phone calls or texts while he is working on a specific task. It worked wonders for him Bottom Line: We need to take time to recover our bodies. Plan for technology-free time, focus on getting restorative sleep with yoga nidra, and practice meditation at least five times a week. Some people are so afraid to get themselves dirty because getting dirty is way out of their comfort zone.

Although being clean is something that we should all strive for, there is nothing wrong with getting yourself dirty from time to time. Reading a article can make you tougher mentally because it helps you improve your mental focus for a long period of time. Read a article for a couple of hours every day; Reading is also an activity that allows you to use your mind actively and learning new words and information is always a welcome bonus. Take a break When something doesn't help you achieve the desired results, go on a break or change your strategy rather than giving up. Tackle the task with True success and glory come to people who do not quit. Build a mindset People ask me how I live with knowing he could relapse. Well, there have been relapses and he could have more. I hope he doesn't. What I do know is that whatever comes about, it is not about me. His behavior is not about me. And I will handle whatever comes my way. Nothing is guaranteed. When old habits and fears arise, there are friends whom I talk with through situations, disagreements, and challenges. Being in recovery means reaching out for this support when I feel myself lapsing back into the old patterns that made my life so miserable. My recovery friends are willing to call me on my stubbornness and control issues, or point out when I'm being self-righteous or self-centered. That could mean doing anything mindfully--staring at a candle for five minutes, ironing, swimming, or taking a yoga class.

In the end, it does not matter which type of activity it is; Make mindfulness a daily practice. Just take a deep diaphragmatic breath, and swan dive into it! YOUR PRESCRIPTION Whatever method of yoga or meditation you decide to do, do it every day. Learn deep breathing techniques. Make technology-free time every day. Focus on each task individually and avoid multitasking. The Euphoria of Exercise When faced with tough situations, brainstorm. Think of solutions, ideas, alternatives, and possibilities for resolving the situation instead of giving up. There are various ways to work out a solution strategy by keeping your mind more open, flexible, and fearless. You may require a change in the approach or a slight strategy change. Recognize various ways to deal with a challenging or overwhelming situation. Develop a sense of humor This is a simple, easy, and enjoyable hack for people to develop mental toughness, yet a good number of people fail to see its virtues. When you experience challenges, humor can help you sail through the situation with ease. Look at the lighter side of things. This helps us overcome stress, disappointment, and anxiety connected to it. The one area I think I have needed to stay most vigilant is my jumping to an emotional response.