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You may spend kind money: think about where and for whom an additional ten pounds may bring most happiness. You may show healthy kindness: do a run for a good cause. Offer someone a night of freedom by helping them out with babysitting or by cooking meals they can put in their freezer. Develop trust by being the kind stranger who makes someone believe that there is still good in this world. In other words, start putting the pieces together. But these are not the days when we can afford to reach for fear, mistrust and cynicism. That will never bring us towards a happier place. What will bring us forward is a spirit of trust and cooperation and the realization that we are each other's keepers. What will bring us forward is being freed of fear and showing kindness to strangers. What will bring us forward is redesigning our cities to ensure health and happiness and removing the price tag on quality of life. Now is the time to look for the good in the world - and, for that, I need your help. For that, I need you to be my eyes, to continue this pursuit of happiness. To show the good that does exist in this world and to bring it into the light so that, together, we can help it spread. Feeding your mind is as important as feeding your body. A starving mind eats anything and believes it tastes good like a person, if driven to extreme thirst, will drink salt water or motor oil in an attempt to stay alive. If you don't feed your mind what makes it stronger and healthier, it will feed on anything and you will suffer. Just like eating a healthy breakfast to give your body energy and make it stronger and healthier, it's crucial, as early as you can in the day, to feed your mind something healthy. I'm not talking about social media, television, death metal, rap, negative radio shows, etc. A healthy mental breakfast is listening to, watching, or reading what moves you closer towards your goals. That makes you think.

That makes you mentally tougher. That makes you smarter. That helps you make wiser decisions. That helps you learn and grow. That wakes you up from your dumb mindsets and habits. That helps you recognize your faults and weaknesses. It's listening to intelligent and successful people talk about what they know and what they've learned. People who have something to offer and are genuinely interested in helping you. People who want you to become greater than they are and to achieve more than they have. It's learning something you've been wanting and needing to learn. It's listening to podcasts designed around helping you become better, wiser, and stronger. It's feeding your mind anything that causes you to have higher-value and higher-quality thoughts, emotions, and habits. You won't learn anything or become better from looking at social media news feeds. You won't learn anything or become better from listening to the newest # 1 song on the radio over and over as loud as you can. You won't learn anything or become better by watching the latest Instagram and Snapchat models show off their asses and titties. You're only teasing yourself. You have to feed your mind stuff that makes you better. Always keep the promises that you make with yourself. I promised myself that I would remember my appointments, but when the time came, I couldn't. Try not to "Compare and Despair." I compared myself with my co-workers.

Avoid giving yourself vague or conflicting instructions for accomplishing tasks. I wrote reminder notes to myself, but kept them unorganized in my wallet. Respond to your tasks in a logical way. "Unfortunately, this led to my having a wallet filled with unorganized notes, which in turn, led to ever-growing paper mountains rising upon my kitchen table." The primary goal of accomplishing your tasks is to increase your self-esteem. "This way of life led me to feel depressed, as well as helpless and hopeless." Be wary of making harsh or inappropriate self-statements. Instead of focusing on my own happiness, I would silently mock my co-workers whenever they took their appointment books out during mid-conversation because I felt they were covertly showing off. Originally a part of Buddhist teachings, mindfulness deals with the process of focusing attention on the here and now without worrying about past experiences or having fears about the future. Among the different mindfulness-based treatment approaches available are mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), and mindful-oriented recovery enhancement (MORE). For that matter, there are also a growing number of "third-wave" behavioral treatments that have included mindfulness training as modules in their programs. These include acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Despite the numerous different approaches using mindfulness training, they all involve the use of meditation, guided imagery, or mental visualization exercises to allow people to focus on those specific thoughts, physical sensations, and desires that might be undermining their mental or physical health. This means that participants can learn how to take in and accept all incoming thoughts and feelings without resorting to automatic thoughts and beliefs that might be destructive. Also, much like with CBT, participants are given regular homework assignments so that they can regularly practice what they learn in the treatment sessions. This allows them to become more comfortable with the techniques as well as use them on a daily basis. Now widely used in the treatment of a range of mental health issues such as depression, stress, and social anxiety, mindfulness training represents one of the most promising approaches for people to come to terms with emotional issues and negative thinking. Let's put a positive spin on the phrase `If you see something, say something.' If you see something that increases the happiness of you, your community or the world as a whole, talk about it, write about it, film it, photograph it - and pass it on. At the Happiness Research Institute, we will be following the hashtag #Look4Lykke on social media. Tell us what works when it comes to improving quality of life. In what ways are people and societies paving the way to happiness? We are looking for micro-libraries, community gardens and all those things which we may have had no idea even exist.

We are listening to the people and the ideas that have a positive impact on you and on our world. Most importantly, find out how you can have a positive impact on your world. On our world. We need more dreamers and doers. We need more creators of kindness, heroes of happiness and champions of change. This is the outlook that each and every one of us needs and can feed into. The way the world is going, some might call this false hope - but there has never been anything false about hope. And remember: there is no point in being a pessimist - that shit never works anyway. Targets are your goals for the day, week, month, year, etc. They're what you're focused on. The things that have to be done as part of your schedule They're the things that come back and make your life harder in the future if you don't destroy them now. You don't want to only hit each target, you want to destroy them. There should be nothing left of the target by the time you get done. Each target should look like you drove over it with a tank or shot it with a missile. There are no excuses for not hitting your targets but it does happen from time to time - especially if you're on a strict and tight schedule. Time flies, you're moving fast, and the target is approaching so fast that you don't have enough time to aim or get a shot off and you miss it. That's ok. Once again, it happens. You can get it tomorrow. What you never do is back up to go get it.

It'll be there tomorrow. You let it go and keep moving forward at the same pace because if you back up, it means you're stopping and backtracking. Stopping means losing time, killing momentum, and slowing down progress. When you move backwards, you multiply the amount of time and progress you're losing. It's just extremely counterproductive. Simply add the missed target to your list of goals when you go to bed and be sure to circle it and not miss it again. You know why people don't make progress, seem to be standing still, and nothing is happening in their life? Because they don't have targets and if they do, they don't have enough. They don't have goals. They don't have anything to stay focused on, move towards, and to destroy. They're not getting up and moving through their targets with aggression and precision. They don't have the blinders on. They're walking, checking out the birds, stopping for water, talking on the phone, complaining about the weather, and finding excuses for why they're not completely focused on getting things done. Every day, hit your targets. No excuses. Understand that there will be consequences for your inaction. I never took the consequences of this lifestyle into account, especially the effects it had upon my feelings and emotions. Remember that procrastinators are great at finding excuses. I was always prepared with an excuse, like saying that the trains ran poorly, or that there was a problem in my apartment and the building's super just happened to be nearby and fixed it on the spot." Learn to face your overwhelming emotions. Instead of facing my emotions, I rebelled.