I am trying my best, but the people, the government, and the situation do not allow me to be successful in life. These kinds of people eventually blame their fate by saying I cannot be successful because I have bad luck. Being this type of person is you cannot use the options to change because this type of person is busy complaining, blaming, and cursing others. People with this mentality don't care where their circumstances are, and they decide to change it and goes for it. You might have seen many people where all the odds were against them, but they destroyed all the excuses and obtained the things they desired. They continued to move towards their goals, no matter how hard, impossible, challenging success was for them. You can't experience fear and gratitude simultaneously. Gratitude comes naturally to the Authentic Self. And when your Authentic Self has conscious control of your thoughts, you have access to a new part of your mind. A part that is already at peace. A part that is not dependent on other people or any goals in order to feel good. What emerges is a different self. A new and improved self that is redirecting your mind, because you are practicing unhooking from your IC. When an event or person triggers you back into the clutches of your Inner Critic, you can simply shift into that new mind, right in the moment when you catch your IC engaging in her small, limited, fearful thoughts. The voice of your AS will become louder and louder until it predominates. The more you catch yourself in the limited beliefs and fears, you can interrupt its old programming of your Inner Critic. As these examples show, when people talk about the future, the language they use is all wrong, as if the future is an end destination. As if it's a place we're all moving toward. But it's not. They talk about the future like it's Des Moines, Iowa, and we're all going there.

But we're not. Don't get me wrong, lovely city, I've been there many times, but you get the point. Just as we think of the future as a specific place, in the same breath we talk about the future as inevitable. You're going to Des Moines, like it or not. Again, this is not true (and again, no disrespect to Des Moines! There are many possible futures out there. One example would be Thomas Edison, who fails 999 times but continued to work on to light a bulb. If Thomas Edison wanted, he had 999 excuses that lighting a light bulb is not possible, but he never used all those 999 failures as an excuse. The benefit of being a do it mentality is that you see opportunities and options to change. You need to decide what kind of person you would like to be in life. It took me many years to figure out the right way to program my mind for productivity and success. I kept asking myself how I can program my mind for success and then make that programming permanent in my mind? I have kept asking this question for a very long time myself, and with the help of my many great teachers, I have found the answer to this question. Programming your mind requires daily persistent actions in a positive direction. It would be best to program your mind almost daily to get positive results. You need to feed your mind daily with something positive and productive. It is a process of unlearning. Instead of blindly following your IC's mind chatter, you are gaining conscious control and interrupting the knee-jerk IC reaction created by some circumstance or person. Waking up to your IC is part of creating a new self and a new life. You are breaking the addiction to the habitual emotional reaction your Inner Critic has been whipping up for forever.

Step Four: Rewrite Your Past from the Perspective of Your Authentic Self The more time you spend ruminating over your past, the more your past will determine your future. Your IC assigns a lot of meaning to the circumstances of your past. But if you continue to believe all the lies she's told you about what happened, you will continue to literally recreate that past. That's by design. Since her intention is to keep you safe from her perceived threats, she actively thwarts your growth by keeping you from taking massive action and moving forward. So the future isn't fixed and we aren't powerless in moving toward it. That prompts the question, what should you do with that information? Short answer: become an active participant in your future. You can't sit back and let the future happen to you. If you don't want to go to Des Moines, don't go to Des Moines. More important, don't let other people define your future for you. That never ends well. You have the power to shape your future. It's up to you to use it. This can sound like a monumental task. Because if you do not provide your mind with something positive, your mind will find a way to keep itself busy. It will engage in anxiety, stress, over thinking because you are not giving it a direction. Your mind will wander around if you do not provide it a direction. You can feed your mind by listening to a great article, reading an excellent blog, reading a article, reading a positive post, being in a positive community of people, and meditation.

The Formula To Achieve Your Goals Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass. Napoleon Hill When you drive your car without knowing where you want to go or where your destination is; You will not reach the goal that you desire to get. You will reach somewhere, but that will not make you fulfilled. Your brain is filled with records of the past that were actually written by your IC. But when your Authentic Self is in charge, you're able to look not to the past but toward the future you are designing. You can see what's possible. That means letting go of all that has happened up until this very moment. Successful people need to be willing to sacrifice the mind they have been using for a different mind. Your Inner Critic thinking is what has given you your current life. Her thoughts are old, familiar, and repetitive. And because of this, her thoughts are in some way comfortable. You don't have to do any conscious work to change them. Your mind can just stay asleep. Most people don't spend their days and nights thinking about the future. Why should they? It's not their job. We're all busy.

We all have work or school or family to think about. For most people, just thinking about what to have for dinner is a big enough act of futurism. And that's okay. The problem is, people are not given the platform or the permission to think about the future. That's where I come in. My wife likes to say that I live my life ten to fifteen years in the future and commute home on the weekends. It would help if you gave clear direction to your mind. Once you provide clear direction to your mind, it will guide you to reach that destination. Below are the five steps that will help you to achieve your goals. You need to decide what do you want to achieve. Once you decide what you want to achieve, your mind will become clear about the direction. The action plan needs to include all the actions that you will take daily to achieve the goal. Make sure you take action daily towards the attainment of your desire. You need to make sure what you are getting as a result of your action. It is excellent to know the results that you are getting from your efforts. You need to be flexible because flexibility is power. Designing a new life, on the other hand, can get very uncomfortable - because you have to wake up. Letting the habitual thoughts go will cause your IC to scream from fear. Your IC only likes predictability and control; Of course, when we are creating a new life, we have to sit in the unknown - and stay in the unknown.