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Whenever you are dazzled, grabbed, arrested, compelled, wandering, lost, late, or blind to your own reason, you can suspect that an archetype is present and has something important to tell you. It is imperative that you slow down, breathe, recognize its presence, and listen carefully. Recognizing Their Presence Perhaps your heart stands in disbelief: I don't think this can ever be true for me. I used to feel the same way. For years I tried to make it a reality by my own effort. To use an little bit of Texas language. I thought I could pull myself up by my own bootstraps with determination and grit, and make myself who I thought God wanted me to be. Instead I set myself up to only to fall on my face again. Let me give you an example. I would commit myself to never binge eat again, then in what felt like the next minute I would find my head buried in a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. I felt like a total failure and the shame and guilt rolled over me like giant, ocean swells. In those moments, I lost sight of God's love and power. You might also want to write down why each one is important to you as a reminder. These will be invaluable guides for the future. Here are some principles that former clients have shared: Never give more energy out to others than I am currently receiving into my life. Give others a chance to give back. Don't try to fix anyone else's life. Don't try to do the emotional work for others (eg, read articles for them, call a therapist for them, make excuses or apologies for them, give them more chances than you would give yourself, or say it doesn't matter).

Don't deny or ignore any feeling that comes up. Don't blame anyone else for my feelings. Never go along to keep the peace. This presents a real conundrum for parents wanting to slow down the years without slowing down their child's maturation. How can you avoid helicopter parenting, hovering around them all the time, while still enjoying as much time together as you can squeeze in before they're off on their own? The Calendars section in Part 2 of this article guides you in using your kids' schedules to help set your own--prioritizing their events and their schedules, and trying to work your commitments around theirs so you can be there for the important adventures in their lives. But, although your goal should be to never miss their big karate matches or class plays, you should miss those times in your kids' lives when they need space to grow and learn independently. School, of course, gives them plenty of time away from you--but those hours are highly programmed and less amenable to independent exploration. Give your young kids downtime with toys or TV when they come home from school, and plenty of playdates with friends during which you, or their friends' parents, are in another room keeping an eye and ear on them from a distance. Let them play and explore in the fenced backyard where you can see them through the windows, and at the playground with you watching from the nearby park bench. Youth sports programs help your kids develop independence and social skills. At the right age, and with appropriate safeguards, wandering on the Internet and Facearticle is a very today version of independence. When they're adolescents, the closed door to their rooms should be respected--privacy for teens must be indulged and endured by parents, within limits, of course. Always focus on the results. Make sure you know the desired result you want someone to achieve and see that the person actually achieves the goal. Focus and Communication The more focused your message is, the more it has an impact. The next time you facilitate a meeting, make two to three points that truly stand out in your presentation. You want people to come out of the meeting fully understanding the intent of your message. In a hallway, when a person stops someone who attended your session and says, Hey, you just went to Eric's session.

What did he talk about? The attendee can say, He talked about these two points. They've got them. When we finally believe and know we can overcome any challenge that life throws at us, we're free. Be patient and tough; We lie so much it becomes a habit. We don't even know we're lying so much. Not only do we lie to others when we say we have a doctor's appointment to get out of something, but we also lie to ourselves when we deny our desires. No, you're not. Be honest about that. When you lie, you live in deception. To be free, you need to give it up. Tell the truth and see everything for what it is. Combining these exercises, bring awareness to each cycle and rhythm of your day as you experience it. These are your routines and your habits. Identify which ones you love--there are bound to be some--and give expression to your feelings. I love putting on my socks and shoes in the morning because I always give myself a little foot massage while I'm at it, and the massage feels good. I love watching the steam coming out of the teapot. I love the first time I step outside in the morning and the way the air feels on my face. I love starting down the road on my way to work.

I love the way I come alive as soon as I start moving. I love sharing stories with my clients. I love being silly and productive at the same time. Turmerone has anti-inflammatory effects, particularly against microglia. In addition, turmerone has been shown to promote the production of neural stem cells, which have the capacity to generate neurons and repair nerve damage, as discussed later in this article. Lion's Mane This medicinal mushroom (Hericium erinaceus), which is also known as sheep's head, gets its name from its resemblance to these animals. If you can imagine a large mushroom with long flowing white hair, that is what lion's mane looks like. Lion's mane contains many bioactive compounds, in particular hericenones and erinacines, that potentially have neuroregenerative and neuroprotective effects. Research indicates that these compounds help reduce amyloid-beta plaque deposition and help reduce neuropathic pain. One of the benefits of the compounds is that they can cross the blood-brain barrier, making them directly available to act on the central nervous system. Lion's mane has also been reported to promote the production of NGF in nerve cells and to protect nerve cells against damage from neuroinflammation caused by oxidative stress. Neurotrophic factors such as those found in lion's mane are particularly important for maintaining the structure of neurons that produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. You know an archetype is present not through your mind but through your body and your emotions. You feel a primal, instinctual energy come into your life, something entrances, seduces, attracts, repels, confuses. You fall in love with the fireman who rescued your cat from the roof of the house. You can't stop watching the royal wedding on television. You blow up at your mother-in-law every time she calls. Your jaw clenches when you hear the word priest, or you feel anxiety creeping up your spine at the sight of a cemetery. Notice how the energy shifts when you read the words Republican, liberal, immigrant, homeland, black, and white.

Mother, father, lover, child--you feel these experiences as a tug of emotion, a rush of anger, a driving desire, an inexplicable fear, disorientation, or longing. The response surprises you. You feel it in your throat, your chest, your churning stomach, the heady rush of excitement throughout your entire body, the compelling need to say something you already know you will regret or an unexpected loss of words. But He wouldn't let me stay in my defeat. He let me find the end of my rope so I could realize my powerlessness without Him, let go of my pride and thinking that I could save myself, and then run into His powerful arms. Day by day, He pulled me up from the mire and set my feet on the rock. Eventually those days strung together into a week and then a month, until I found myself forgetting how many days had passed since my last struggle. Slowly and steadily God led me to victory as I surrendered to Him. Can this freedom eventually become real and true for you, too? I know it can because if God can set me free, I know He can do it for you. Though our journeys and battles might look different, the principles of God bringing victory and freedom are the same. There is another side to this story about our bodies, weight, and health. It is essential to know that if our number on the scale is too low, our bodies are impaired and we cannot stay healthy enough to accomplish all God has made us to do. Better to deal with the problem now than later. You could also create a collage of images to represent each principle to anchor it more strongly in your mind. Ask a trusted friend or loved one to remind you of your standards when she or he sees you getting off track, if you feel comfortable doing that. When you keep in mind what you have learned, no one else can mislead, scam, or threaten you into acting any way other than what is right for you. When you know you're living by your Code, you'll be less anxious because you are ready to handle whatever comes up. Finding Your People For thousands of years, humans lived in clans and villages, where nearly everyone was related in some way.