In the past century, however, this compartmentalization has started to change. Researchers began to study the MBC and demonstrate the scientific links between the body and mind. While working as an army medic in World War II, anesthesiologist and ethicist Henry Beecher witnessed the power of placebo. When the supply of life-sustaining morphine ran out, he replaced it with a simple saline solution. But since the soldiers thought that it was morphine, their bodies responded as though they were being treated with the powerful drug. In the late twentieth century, neuroscientist Candace Pert, Ph. Even so, the greater medical community--and society in general--has taken its time embracing MBC as true, preventive medicine. According to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal EMBO Reports, in the 1980s, when doctors began emphasizing lifestyle changes--meditation, yoga, stress management, and a low-fat diet--to prevent heart disease, that approach wasn't taken seriously until further studies could confirm the efficacy of the theory. Luckily, these MBC techniques were shown to improve health, and are now considered the hallmark for preventive medicine to maintain good heart health. Fast-forward to current times, and we now see the country's leading medical institutions and medical schools all incorporating some type of MBC solutions in their treatment plans, including Yale, the University of California System, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins. Well, this summer -- I'd been to camp once before -- and I think I'd decided that I was going to be one of the popular girls at camp. So I went to camp with these children that I didn't know too well. And I don't remember what I did that summer; What I do remember, though, is when I got ready to go to camp I -- and I don't know how old I was then -- I was not thirteen, I don't suppose; I just decided I was going to be the most popular girl at camp. So I went to camp with that decision, and I did the things that needed to be done. Whatever they were, I'm sure I don't -- I mean, it was probably a lot of drudgery too; But anyway I went through a set campaign and came home and was actually chosen the most popular girl at camp (laughing). And it seems that what I've done is do things like that instead of developing a real self. C113: In other words it's been kind of a planful campaign in each case rather than because you really felt that way or really wanted to be that kind of person.

Do they assist you in moving forward toward your heart's longings? Are there any things around that you use to arm yourself against experiencing your emotions and body sensations? Do you love them? Do they represent creating abundance with an open heart? Would you be willing to streamline your life and space, release any of them, and create more alignment with your heart's desires for abundance? Both dragon and detour energy are very powerful. You can feel and sense both when you are willing to look at the symbols and metaphors in your life and environment. Inviting your own dragons out to dance and play releases your own energy to go after and obtain the treasure you are seeking in the unknown. When you experience a detour, you're right at the edge of immense creative energy. Lean into and embrace that flow. In fact, you may have already heard of some of the terms used in MBC techniques: yoga, Pilates, meditation, and even simple long walks. In fact, you may already practice these MBC techniques--you just didn't know it! Benefits of the Mind-Body Connection One of the biggest benefits of the MBC is that it's free and at our fingertips anytime and anyplace. It's a vital--and affordable--tool for pain management. Awareness of your MBC can help you cope better with illness and chronic pain, and speed up your recovery. Research tells us that our emotions impact the chemicals in our body, which impact our ability to manage pain and stress. What we do with our physical body--such as posture and exercise--influences how we perceive our well-being and livelihood. Take a minute to notice your posture right now. Are you sitting up straight?

Is that it? S113: Well, yes. I think so. It seems that it's more -- that it's not realistic, or it's not honest, or not -- it's not sincere, maybe. The shift in locus of evaluation in this case was profound and far-reaching. For a brief example, a minor experience will illustrate the type of change we have been describing. In the eighth interview this passage occurs. S346: Now -- one of the things that I was doing, ah, something that -- that had worried me was getting, well, living at the dorm, it's hard -- not to just sort of fall in with a group of people, ah, that aren't interesting, but just around. Well, I, ah, found that I had been spending a lot more time with a group of people that I didn't find interesting -- All of them are pleasant people, and there were certain activities I enjoyed with them, but well, there were a lot of things that I didn't have in common. And we had gotten in the habit of eating breakfast together, and lunch together, and dinner together, and sitting around a lot, probably in the evening. Allow yourself to vibrate at a new level of intensity and enjoy the dance! To summarize, water hazards on the River of Gold represent moving energy and issues regarding money and creating abundance when things are moving. There are also challenges on the journey when energy comes to a standstill or in standing waters. Let's see what adventures await us there. The Doldrums: Overcoming Personal and Professional Obstacles These games rob us of energy and money, and most of all they detour us from our cherished dreams and goals. With these games we are very successful at distracting ourselves from the main flow of the River of Gold--sometimes for months or even years. Playing these games results in the doldrums where energy comes to a standstill. These games, and their slow or stuck vibrations, are so common that we forget that we are playing them.

If so, slouch down. Notice how that feels. Now, sit tall and take a deep breath. Feel any different? You have an intricate connection between your body and your mind that can easily be shifted with your awareness and attention. Good health impacts your brain, which impacts your sleep. A lack of sleep can negatively affect your gut, which in turn affects the production of the chemicals that course through your body. This change in your hormones can influence how you manage pain and stress. Being mindful of how the MBC influences the different aspects of your life helps you move closer to managing your pain in the most impactful ways. Take Charge of Your Healing So, now I find that I'm, ah, able to, ah, at least I am getting away from that group a little bit. And ah, being with people who are a little bit more stimulating, and people that I really find I have more interests in common with. C346: That is, you've really chosen to draw away from the group you're just thrown with by chance, and you pick people whom you want more to associate with. Is that it? S347: That's the idea. I -- I, ah, I mean I'm not doing anything drastic. I haven't taken any great steps by leaps and bounds. But, well, one of the girls lives on my floor and she would come and knock on the door and say, ah, that she wanted to eat lunch, or let's eat lunch at twelve, or all of us are going down to eat at twelve. Well, it used to be hard for me to say, Well, no. I would like to eat at twelve-thirty, ah, so I can eat lunch and go to my one-thirty class.

They become natural to us, and we think that this is real life. Most of us, me included, are stunned as the rules are explained. Once we begin to realize our part in creating the game and how it serves as detour, we can open up to how to get back into the flow. The first game is Preserving Old Money Dramas, a game that represents our part in the common money dramas found in every family and business. The other major game is called Waltzing on the Sticky Triangle of Life, or playing the role of the victim, rescuer, or persecutor--or all three! How do these games impact your abundance? Let's take a look. THE SEA OF SALT The first game, Preserving Old Money Dramas, is located in the Sea of Salt. Why do I call it the Sea of Salt? Knowledge is power. The techniques that you'll learn to use for pain management give you control over how you heal and how you feel. Research shows that mind-body medicine can help rewire your nervous system, helping you steer yourself away from pain and into comfort. Of course, that rewiring takes time, but that time is your own. You don't need to go to an appointment to practice MBC techniques. Even better, you can do the exercises in the comfort of your own home, and even in your pajamas if you like. Even so, before you get started please talk to your doctor or therapist about any plans to integrate MBC techniques into your care program. There's no right or wrong way to do any of the exercises that you'll be learning. The beauty of using these techniques is that you can be as creative as you want. If you're a morning lark, you can do these exercises as soon as you get up.